Argus: Jay Williams to announce as Dem for US Senate. Williams quoted as saying ” Americans aren’t taxed enough.”

I can’t stop laughing at this article, as I couldn’t have written it better myself regarding tomorrow’s roll out of the Dem’s sacrificial lamb against US Senator John Thune. From the Argus Leader.

Williams, reached by phone Thursday, declined to comment but said he would be in Sioux Falls on Friday for an event at the VFW. Democratic Party spokesman Michael Ewald said the party would unveil its U.S. Senate candidate noon Friday at the Sioux Falls VFW.


A lack of name recognition and an unsuccessful track record in legislative elections has some questioning Williams’ viability as a candidate.

Charlotte Gilson in 2010 ran against Williams for a pair of House seats that ended up in the hands of Republican Nick Moser and Democrat Bernie Hunhoff. A Republican, Gilson laughed when she heard Williams would be challenging Thune.

“It’s surprising. I don’t know what he’s thinking. He’s gotten trounced in everything he’s ever run for,” she said, speculating that he’s too liberal to resonate with South Dakota’s conservative voting base.


Williams has a history of supporting higher taxes and has said Americans aren’t taxed enough.

“Look at yourself. If you have property, ask for your property taxes to be raised. If you have income, lobby for a state income tax. If you buy lots of things, go for sales tax,” he said during a presentation called “Tax is NOT a dirty word: A call for rationality” in Yankton in 2011. Video of his comments remain online.

Read it all here.

There was a part of the article that was a blatant lie from the Democrats, as they said Williams has not been running for office for the last 20 years like Thune has.

#1 – Thune hasn’t had to run all that much. They haven’t put up a candidate. 

And #2 – Just because Williams has gotten trounced is not an indication that he hasn’t run. Williams has ran, he just hasn’t won.

“Williams has a history of supporting higher taxes, and has said Americans are not taxed enough.”

You can probably kiss the Dem’s golden candidate Williams goodbye on that statement alone.

This might not be pretty to watch.

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  1. crossgrain

    Eesh. Dunno who this guy is at all, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and at least listen to what he’s got to say. Perhaps if he changed his name to “Anyone But Thune”…


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