Argus Leader: Kristi Noem has strong voice to promote South Dakota issues

The Argus Leader has a nice article today about Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s influence and ability to make sure South Dakota issues are valued in the Republican Congress:

noem“The choice of her on this committee says something about her, that she is somebody they have come to value her opinion and value her ability to work with others in the House,” Blanchard said. “The speaker of the House is a very powerful position and so nobody is going to be on that committee that he hasn’t picked.”

Ryan said he chose Noem because of her keen ability to see how policies in Congress impact constituents outside Washington.

“Kristi may be South Dakota’s lone representative in the House, but she has given the state a prominent voice, building the relationships and coalitions she needs to get things done,” Ryan said in an email. “It’s why I asked her to serve on my advisory council, and one of the many areas where I look to her for insight.”


Noem came into office in 2011 with a challenge common among the seven members who are their state’s only representative: how to make an impact without the opportunity to join forces and gain support from other members in their state. As a result, Noem has focused heavily on reaching out to other members, depending on the issue. This has enabled her to develop relationships with a wide swath of members.

“That education process during that year-long, gutting-it-out-battle to get the farm bill done, I think, had a big impact on Paul,” Noem said. “He recognized that I knew policy and was willing to work with people and would spend time to try to educate other members.”

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2 Replies to “Argus Leader: Kristi Noem has strong voice to promote South Dakota issues”

  1. Kelly Lieberg

    The Argus and Paul Ryan’s endorsement of Kristi Noem’s strong voice for South Dakota has left the DWC readership speechless ? Not entirely unexpected, a counterpart in Paul Ryan trillion dollar budget leaves one’s mouth full with plenty of tough chewing !