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I think many of us had a good time discussing last week. Jonathon Ellis did a good job discussing the rankings in the Argus and also gave the SDWC some props for our sleuthing.

People wanted to know who was behind it, and the blog Dakota War College did some investigating. Turns out the site was being hosted by a server linked to Rep. Stace Nelson, the first-term Republican and retired Marine who hasn?t been afraid to challenge his party?s leadership.

But Ellis’ article highlighted one thing the party and its leaders might want to consider. Is it a good idea to have a Chairman who is also a legislator? Now those of us who know Tim Rave know he is a nice guy, but his dueling roles as Chairman and legisator at some point could cause a conflict as highlighted by his statement in the Argus:

Rave says the rankings are subjective. I think he was holding his tongue. ?I don?t remember midwifery in the party platform,? he said.

Regardless of whether or not midwifery is supported in the party platform, many conservatives do support it. I am passionate about the issue. Honestly, why is it anyones job to tell a woman she can’t be assisted in having a baby in the comfort of her home?

It is a party leader’s job to unite the different factions among the GOP in order to have the strongest party heading into the upcoming election. That task is likely much more difficult for a sitting legislator who will have to take positions on divisive issues.

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  1. Steve Hickey

    Yesterday in Pierre I joked I would be wearing an “I am the 60%” button around the Capital and around my district to reflect my subjective GOP purity rating in this foolish report card. Until you pointed it out here I hadn’t bothered to notice the specific 20 bills they chose which supposedly reveal who’s Republican and who’s not. Midwifery equals Republican values?? That’s crap. I’m as pro-life as they come and I voted against it for a variety of reasons one being it smacks of the pro-choice mentality that a woman’s rights trump the well-being of her child. Personal freedoms do not trump the right to life. That kind of comment outs me as a non-libertarian, but it certainly is well within the bounds of Republican orthodoxy. My view is, if unnecessary, a child’s life is not something to risk. In the abortion debates of 06 and 08 (and even in our most recent legislative session) we’ve been saying women need real docs and not the vacuum technicians and untrained staff at Planned Parenthood,,, but suddenly non-nurse midwives are just fine for delivery?? I will not re-argue all that here as elsewhere I’ve written all that out and more and have been battered with the counterpoints to my raised objections ad nauseam. My point is to illustrate this scorecard is meaningless and the resulting percentage misleads voters.

  2. anon

    I don’t think this scorecard is worth the paper it is written on but it’s good to know that Mr. Hickey believes he is the one who has authority over all children rather than their parents.

    When else do you believe you have the right to tell parents what is acceptable to you?

    If memory serves me right Mario Cuomo was born with the assistance of a midwife.

    I also can say that Mr. Hickey doesn’t understand the Republican base. Most of them are in favor of midwifery and if he or Rave had to run for the Chairman position like Jensen or Randall did for their committee positions it is very unlikely Rave would have been approved.

  3. name

    Kristi Noem was a supporter of midwifery when she was in the legislature she should tell Rave to stop being such a Nazi when it comes to parental say.

    Hickey doesn’t understand it is parental rights not a woman’s rights.

    I want to know why Rave chose to antagonize a group of passionate Republican women who support this issue?

  4. anonymous

    Can’t believe that this has been up for a day or so and Rep. Nelson hasn’t posted anything. That has to be driving him nuts.

  5. Troy Jones

    My first blush response to these bills is to think they are good (maybe there is information that should/could change my mind) because I believe parents will generally make the best decisions for their children and protection by the state should be cautiously exercised.

    This said, I get where Representative Hickey is coming from. One of the roles I think government can and should exercise is to be willing to err on the side of protecting the defenseless of which children in the womb are as defenseless as can be. Parental rights can be restricted to protect the inalienable rights of those in their charge.

    1. Republican Values

      SDGOP Plank
      3.2 “…We strongly support the fundamental right of a patient to choose their own physician and respect the importance of treatments focused on the patient?s well-being.”

      According to that, it would appear that supporting a bill that allows parents to chose the oldest form of child-birthing, is supported by the GOP plank.

      Republicans don’t advocate the government being the authority on what is best for you or your children.

      1. Group HUG

        Let’s all come together and have a big friendly hug. No more infighting and sillyness. We are all for the same things.

  6. Anonymous

    That plank says “physician.” The bill in question is about somone who is not a physician or nurse practicing medicine. In fact, if you read the bill, it would allow someone with almost no formal training to practice medicine. That is the basis of the argument. Hence, you are wrong. This plank does not support your argument.

  7. Name

    “7.6 The South Dakota Republican Party reaffirms its long-standing historic support and respect for the sanctity of human life, including the unborn, the elderly, the chronically ill
    and the terminally ill.”

    There are limits on the right for a parent to “choose” a life threatening option. An unborn child has no say in childbirth options. The state has a role in protecting those children.

  8. M.D.

    Let’s be clear. This is not about the children or parents to most hospitals. It is about money and control over how its spent and who benefits..

  9. grudznick

    These lists are not in line with the lists that we write on napkins at breakfast during the meetings of Conservatives with Common Sense. I question the validity of these lists and why this Mr. Fry gentleman can proclaim who is whatever percent Republican. Is this a law that Fry can make lists?

  10. insomniac

    I vote on individual issues not a list. In a way I have my own checklist I go through. Just cause I agree with someone doesn’t mean I vote for them. I mean what if that person is a jerk? Then I pass or hold my breath.

    Stace Nelson is a nice guy. He’s got a lot of opinions and so do his growing band of friends. I’d vote for him if I lived in his district because he is a fighter for that district.

    I’d also vote for Valentine aswell considering he is well respected and fends for his area also.

  11. Naugahyde

    Rave seems to be a rather unkept fellow. My reccomendation is that they buy him a razor and some clothes that make him look like he is a serious person.

    Secondly let’s all expect a little more out of him than what we are currently getting.

    (QUESTION: Since he is serving as Chairman and also representing the same district as Stace Nelson why didn’t he do something to soothe Stace’s feelings earlier? Why didn’t anyone cool Stace off? I’ve heard he can be difficult but he’s a good hearted human. I don’t like that leadership chose to sweep him under the rug rather than figure him out.

    1. anonymous

      I wouldn’t vote for Nelson and it is not because I don’t live in his district. I think his service to the country was great, but it doesn’t mean he gets a free pass on how he is acting now. First problem is he went “blog happy”, commenting and responding to things on different sites at a rate that was far too high for my liking. Maybe some people like it. He writes way too often and impulsively. Second, he comes off as a bull in a china shop – and lacking the right disposition to really accomplish much. Looks like somebody finally convinced him to lay off the blogs a little bit. My guess is Kloucek beats him. That will give Stace time to hole up with Sibby in a bunker and write their manifesto as to why everyone who disagrees with them is a godless, unpatriotic, communist, secular theocratic wussie.

      1. BF

        Brrr… Stace holing up with Sibby in a bunker? That’s an image I can’t wait to get out of my head. Reboot. Reboot. Reboot.

      2. Republican Values

        … because it is much better that legislators come on the blogs and post snarky anonymous comments about their fellow legislators.

        Only those that believe their own press releases (snarky anonymous blog comments) would think that the recent real press coverage hurt Nelson.

      3. caheidelberger

        I have trouble criticizing a legislator for engaging constituents and fellow South Dakotans in open and vigorous conversation online and being willing to say straight up what he thinks of your position… and doing so without hiding behind some silly pseudonym.

    2. Anonymus

      hey just tell me why you think getting involved with Stace who is on a rampage right now would be a smart move. If the Chairmen did this he would just crash and burn like Stace.

  12. BF

    “…it is much better that legislators come on the blogs and post snarky anonymous comments about their fellow legislators”

    If that didn’t happen here, I don’t think there would BE any SDWC, would there? Isn’t that this blog’s raison d’être.

    (…and no Stace and Sibby that doesn’t have anything to do with New Age Theocracy, the Knights Templar, OR California hippie singing raisins.)

      1. Anonymous

        Ah, so they didn’t send it to Mercer. Wonder how KELOland got the story?

        Mercer’s last sentences were interesting:

        “There also was some kind of hullabaloo in one of the Republican leaders? offices this afternoon after the governor?s speech. Shortly thereafter Rep. Nelson was seen returning to the House floor. Things are turning stranger by the day for some in the Republican ranks of the Legislature, especially in the House of Representatives.”

        Sounds like Mercer is saying stay tuned. Glad he’s in Pierre.

  13. grudznick

    Every once in a while a good hullabaloo is needed. I, for one, am glad that Mr. Nelson is willing to baloo and hulla.

  14. MC Post author

    I voted for Stace, and will continue to do so. Not because he is a Republican, or a Marine.

    Stace is not afraid to stand up for the people he repersents. He is not repersenting the Republican party, he is repersenting the people his district.

    Stace is not afraid to engage the public. He is spoken at several functions, he engages the blogs, and does the facebook thing.

    While I may not agree 100% with him, he will listen to my opinion.

    Too many legislators come out once every two years to run for re-election, after that you might hear something from them when the legislature is in session. Beyond that, we barely know who they are.

    Every legislator, reguardless of their party, should vote on every bill based its merits. Not on the title and not weather the person who sponsered it is a Republican or Democrat.

  15. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure the harder the leadership tries to squash Stace the stronger they will make him. I know SD is different than DC but lawmakers are not popular anywhere.


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