Argus questions Huether support for public ed. Huether responds by pointing out support for two tax increases.

Well that’s one way to show it.

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader had an article yesterday questioning Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether’s support for public education, as a result of a proclamation for Catholic Schools Week:

Sioux Falls public school leaders expressed disappointment Monday with Mayor Mike Huether’s decision to promote a national school choice campaign.

Huether signed a proclamation declaring this week to be “School Choice Week” in Sioux Falls. The observance coincides with National School Choice Week, a campaign largely supported by groups that advocate for taxpayer funding of private schools.

“My first reaction is that it’s unfortunate,” said Kate Parker, school board vice president, of Huether’s proclamation. “Because I do believe that we have really great choices within our own public school system.”

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Of course, with former Democrat Mayor Mike Huether being one of the thinnest-skinned politicians in the state, that pronouncement triggered him, and forced him to send out an odd press release where he self-declared that he is a supporter of public education:

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Mayor Mike Huether wishes to clear up misconceptions created by a recent article published in the Argus Leader. Today’s article titled “Did Mayor Huether just take stance against public schools?” is not reflective of the Mayor’s feelings about public education, nor did the Argus Leader reporter ask this important question or other relevant questions in her email interview with the Mayor yesterday.


Mayor Mike and Cindy Huether have long supported and advocated for the public school system. In fact, they were the co-chairs of the last two opt-out campaigns to increase funding for Sioux Falls public schools, along with many other leadership and stewardship roles.

In a nutshell, in response to the Argus Leader article, Huether claims that the Argus article was wrong, because he twice chaired measures for the Sioux Falls public school district to raise taxes on Sioux Falls citizens.

Er, yeah. You go with that one Mayor Mike. Good luck.

2 Replies to “Argus questions Huether support for public ed. Huether responds by pointing out support for two tax increases.”

  1. Springer

    I favor school choice. If a public school is not meeting the needs of a particular student, that student and his parents should have the option of finding a school that will provide a quality education for him/her. We are lucky in SD that most of our public schools are good; they don’t have the problems of many inner cities where some of the schools are nothing short of a juvenile delinquency home and those kids really wanting to learn have no chance.

    Our kids attended a private school for grades K-6, at our expense while we still paid taxes to the local school system, because that was our choice and we were able to afford it. The students who need financial help if choosing other than public school should have the right to take part of the taxes their family pays in the form of a voucher to assist them. Education is not a one size fits all, and all families should have a choice.

    I was always amazed that one of the first things that Obama did when he was in office was to cancel the DC voucher program which was giving a few DC kids opportunities for a better education, while of course his daughters went to a private school of his choosing.

  2. Anon

    Ellis and other AL reporters have also been pointing out that Huether refuses to conduct phone interviews with reporters. He will only answer their questions via email. The AL folks have also made sure to note that this stands in contrast to Noem, Thune, Rounds, and Daugaard, who all allow much greater access to reporters when they have questions.