Argus reports McGowan resignation related to sexual harassment allegations

The Argus Leader has filed a new story on Aaron McGowan this afternoon, noting that his resignation seems to be related to an apparent investigation over allegations of sexual harassment arising from the reports of McGowan asking to drink with a female employee in exchange for the day off :

The resignation of Minnehaha County State’s Attorney Aaron McGowan this week came amid an investigation that he sexually harassed employees in his office, the Argus Leader has confirmed.


“The female employee was interviewed and stated that McGowan did give her the day off, she bought the bottle of alcohol, he came over for a few hours and made her feel uncomfortable at times, but then he left on a bicycle,” the attorney general report said.

That incident, as well as others related to his duties in office, prompted a second investigation by the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance at the request of the county. The Public Assurance Alliance insures the county, and its duties include risk management. Dave Pfeifle, the alliance’s executive director, did not respond to a request for comment last week. However, county employees who spoke on background to the Argus Leader due to fears of retribution, confirmed that employees in McGowan’s office were interviewed in relation to the alleged misconduct.

Read the entire story here.

(I think KELOland missed thanking their experienced reporters for this one).

6 Replies to “Argus reports McGowan resignation related to sexual harassment allegations”

    1. Anonymous

      You realize you don’t know the entire story, right? One would think you might wait to know more before you start mocking women.

    2. Anonymous

      From your post a couple days ago: “I try to be civil, but if I am not feel free to point that out.”

      Yeah, so much for trying . . .

  1. Realist

    KELO reported on the news this morning that Jeff Barth stated the County is currently not investigating Aaron. I wonder where the Argus is getting this from?