Argus talks to the candidates. Stehly once again shows her stripes. And claws.

In an article today about the City Council Candidates, the Argus gives the candidates the opportunity to discuss why they’re better than their opponent. And once again Theresa Stehly shows why she has the reputation she does:

Why are you a better choice for voters than your opponent?

My opponent is a First Premier Business Banker who has raised over $85,000 for this City council race, a position that pays approximately $19,000 a year. Big business already has a strong presence on the council. I bring a common sense voice for the average citizen.

I have a proven track record of standing firm on these citizen concerns: More funding for roads, including pothole relief; transparency in government; accountability in spending; reinforcing of public safety, including police; adequate funding for snow-gates and snow removal; affordable living by keeping fees and taxes low; Advocating for citizen’s rights and needs.

versus Alex Jensen’s response.

Why are you a better choice for voters than your opponent?

I am a best person to help navigate Sioux Falls through the budget shortfalls that are happening due to COVID-19. Every day I focus on helping small businesses in Sioux Falls navigate these difficult decisions, and it is through transparency and good communication that we are able to make a change for the better. This is not a time for distractions, but a time for action, working as a team and prioritizing how the Council can best utilize the taxpayers’ dollars.

Read it all here.

Stehly’s first reaction was to go on the hard attack for…. well, for Alex Jensen finding support for his campaign bid, at the same time she’s exhibiting the very combativeness that she has been criticized for time and again.

Not sure if she genuinely believes that’s a positive personality trait, or if it’s coming down to the wire, she sees the handwriting on the wall, and is just crabby because she knows her time on the council is coming to an end.

Stehly once again shows her stripes. And claws, as she keeps up the slashing against her opponents that she’s infamous for.

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  1. Since I don’t live in Sioux Falls and don’t have a horse in this race, I will just give an opinion. Jensen’s answer is a nice speech like a true politician. Stehly’s is not, its more specific on the issues though.

    Thinking back to the last administration, we saw just what a politically polished speaker accomplished, versus what we have now with Trump which is actual action based on business experience. I will take the latter anytime.

    That said, Jensen might be the better candidate, I dont know. But it isn’t good to base a vote only on which candidate is the better, more politically polished speaker.

  2. I know Alex Jensen is an advertiser on this blog, and that Pat naturally wants to support his customers. When I read the blog post, I shrug my shoulders and think the responses are as appropriate as they are accurate.

    Theresa has been attacked for a long time by some, and more recently by Alex and some of his supporters, so I expect she’ll be a little touchy and even defensive. She lists her areas of concern and emphasis, including budget restraint and focus on city services.

    Alex’s response is a little one-dimensional, as was the segment of the Downtown SF Rotary debate I watched. He prides himself on his budget experience as a legislator in Pierre, but he hasn’t articulated his vision for the city or why he is a better choice – with the exception of his implied rationale that he’ll get along with other city leaders better than Theresa has. With the possible exception of comparative temperament, Alex almost comes across as the “anti-change, anti-movement” candidate.

    1. Michael, Theresa tends to not be a nice person, and somewhat of a bully. If the low bar is not to use her office to attack her political opponents.. then she’s failed the test on multiple occasions.

      On the other hand, nevermind the fact he’s a former legislator with budget experience, Alex is a good and decent human being.

      Advertiser or not, that makes it pretty easy to get behind him.

      1. Pat,

        The only bully here is you. Your sniping and name-calling is evidence of that. Stehly is up front and has made the correct call more once while you have been trolling her all along using attack dogs and anonymous posts.

        Jensen is well- funded no doubt. His signs pollute our neighborhoods. He even has Daugard stumping for him. As a veteran this reason enough to vote against him.

        Jensen’s ad says he would make the council run more smoothly. What. A yes man? We have had it with bankers.

        Stehly is the only stabilizing force here.

    2. More reason to vote for Stehly. She is for the common folk. The rich have plenty of lobbyists, public perks, and people on the council. Keep that Theresa that represents all people especially the working class.

      1. Tara please come back to earth. Since when has a candidates financial status become a marker for qualifications. In this case we would all appreciate consideration, due diligence and well… sanity.

        Now’s where you discount this post because I won’t post my name. That is sad that we all know what you do when you can’t have a valid debate.

        1. Why do you think Trump is going to win again? The blue collar working class. He spent yesterday in Detroit engaging with room full of black people and just listening to them. The establishment career politicians did not want him to win including the SD establishment. Like I said the council has a majority of representation for the big money. Let’s keep the watchdog that will keep fighting to keep taxes and fees from increasing and will listen to the common folks.

          1. Tara, what are you writing about? Trump hasn’t been mentioned in this posting! Your stream of, whatever its called, is frightening, I suggest you finish that conversation with the people you started it with originally.

            TS is not a watchdog. She is a bully. 80% of what she does it to create media attention for herself. She isn’t keeping taxes and fees down. What happens, which happens to all of her like minded friends in Pierre, is she screeches, people look up and do the exact opposite because she never does any research, gives though about her actions, nor the ramifications it has on the people.

  3. The way she treated the auditor and her family disqualifies her for public office or management roles. In her in ability to control or emotions and hostility to those that disagree with her is inexcusable.
    She’s unfit

  4. This isn’t a Miss Congeniality contest. This is about challenging and holding government accountable and asking tough questions without worrying about offending someone. That’s the problem with government, to much cronyism and wanting to be liked. My Republican friends thought I was crazy for supporting Trump the day he announced. They waited until all their other choices were exhausted. Bold is good. That’s how I drink my coffee too.

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