As much as things may change… they may not. South Dakota Senate GOP Leadership could potentially (almost) stay the same.

With less than a week to go until Senate GOP Caucus elections, which are set to take place in conjunction with the Governor’s Budget Address next week, the stage is set for the possibility of big change…

Or they might stay fairly static, as what I’m hearing is that all of the GOP’s Senate Leadership team is running again for their same position with only one exception.

For the top office of President Pro Tempore, the current officeholder Senator Brock Greenfield is running to retain his position. However, a challenge has arisen from Senator Jeff Partridge, who also wants the Senate’s top spot.

In the race for Majority Leader, the current Senate Majority Leader, Senator Blake Curd is running, but the word is there’s a challenge from Senator Kris Langer, who served as a Majority Whip this past term, and is the only current caucus office holder attempting to shift positions (as of this writing).  One Senator I spoke with had not received a letter from Langer as of yet, but had it noted to him verbally by another that she was in.

The race for Assistant Majority Leader may be more fiercely contested, as there are several expressing interest in that job. I’m told Senator Jack Kolbeck, Senator Ernie Otten, and Senator Jim Bolin are all running.  And that the current Assistant Majority Leader Senator Ryan Maher is being encouraged by some to remain in his position.

Senator Josh Klumb, Senator Al Novstrup, Senator Bob Ewing and Senator Jordan Youngberg are all asking for their colleagues favor to serve in the role of Majority Whip, with Ewing and Novstrup having served in those jobs for the prior term of office.  (Update – I’m hearing  Senators Stalzer, White & Cammack are also running for Majority Whip)

That’s what I’m hearing in the run up to the GOP Senate Caucus elections. But don’t take that as a final by any means. It’s likely to be a fluid field with several days to go, and a weekend in-between, as people jump into the races or change their minds.

Are you hearing of any additions or deletions? Make a note in the comment section, and we’ll continue to monitor the caucus election as the campaigns move ahead!

6 Replies to “As much as things may change… they may not. South Dakota Senate GOP Leadership could potentially (almost) stay the same.”

  1. Anonymous

    Jack Kolbeck is not my district rep, but I have often spoken with him when several reps would meet at Hy-Vee for time with constituents. I’d recommend and support him for the assistant majority whip position. Every interaction I’ve had or observed with Jack, he’s been engaged, open to ideas – even ones that seem absurd, and respectful.

  2. Anonymous

    Any word on whether they will enforce the letter telling members that they have to pick a caucus? Will Sen. Nelson be allowed to vote in the leadership elections?

    1. Pondering

      Will Stacey Nelson vote for a Democrat leader? Is Stacey really a victim? Will he hold his caucus in a bathroom stall? Tune in next time for the latest hilarious episode of Fulton’s Folly – Mr. Nosh goes to Pierre


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