Associated Press posts article noting that next Governor may be more conservative.

The Associated Press has posted an article this past week that has ran in a few publications noting that Republican Gubernatorial possibles Marty Jackley and Kristi Noem may be more conservative than Governor Dennis Daugaard, and take different positions on a couple of issues:

South Dakota conservatives stymied on recent high-profile measures by Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard are eyeing the end of his last term in early 2019, betting their preferred policies will fare better under either of two Republican front-runners looking to replace him.

Since his 2014 re-election, Daugaard has won a pair of tax increases, supported expanding the Medicaid health program and blocked gun-rights and transgender “bathroom” bills, much to the dismay of conservatives in this heavily GOP state. They’re predicting that the top two Republicans vying to succeed Daugaard — Attorney General Marty Jackley and U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem — will be more supportive of their ideas.


But Daugaard has supported some ideas backed by conservative lawmakers. This year, he signed a bill to give legal protections to faith-based organizations that refuse based on their religious beliefs to place children in certain households. In 2016, he signed into law a 20-week abortion ban.

“I’m sure there are some who see me as too conservative and some who see me as too liberal, and maybe that isn’t a bad spot to be in,” Daugaard said.

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I think it all depends on what your pet issues are, and Governor Daugaard has it pegged correctly. And even when some of the staunchest conservatives find themselves in the driver’s seat, they find that prior expressed personal views and ideologies run up against the realities and necessities of  governing.

In the article, it talks about Lynne DiSanto’s measure to allow permitless concealed carry. The reality is that there’s another side – primarily the state’s Sheriffs – who say that they don’t want that, because some people are too crazy to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon.

So, who should win in the personal rights/less government versus law enforcement/more government argument? That’s a good question, and ultimately one that stops with the Governor.

On concealed weapon permits, Governor Daugaard sided with law enforcement, and DiSanto sided with less government  When it came to a different issue, demanding drug tests of welfare recipients, DiSanto was taking the more government position, and Daugaard was for less government oversight.

Will a new Governor take a different view on those and may other issues than Governor Daugaard might have? Absolutely, and they’ll have to respond to the state’s citizens about where they sit on the various issues and why.

That doesn’t mean that the Governor was wrong. It just means that we elected him to make the call, and a different person may make a different one.

And that’s why we have elections.

10 thoughts on “Associated Press posts article noting that next Governor may be more conservative.”

  1. Perhaps these nutcases might figure out their extremism is not shared by the majority of South Dakotans.

  2. Those who are the insanest will be pushing Ms. Noem and Mr. Jackley to pretend to be insaner than most, insaner than they really are, and they will cater to these nuts who only need look to their own Ms. Hubbel to find exactly the candidate they are pining for. Ms. Hubbel could garner 34% of the primary vote if the people are not careful, and then Mr. Sutton will dance.

    1. The liberals are the insane crowd; they can look at Obama and say he was a great president. Now THAT is insane.

      I don’t think that limited government and not killing babies is insane, but then those without moral foundations would bet to differ.

  3. the dems are floating an unknown darkhorse in the republican primary who they are selling as a true centrist. OF COURSE the two odds on favorites in the GOP are extremist nutcases by their standard. soros has not gone away, not by any means.

    1. look for the dark horse to remain in the race despite the huge primary loss. the goal would be to split the majority just enough, ala the alabama senate outcome. a far right crank like hubbel hasn’t historically been able to do anything but make the republican mainstream look even better, even smarter than before.

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