Associated School Boards thank Gov. Noem for proposed 6% increase to State Aid to Education

From the Associated School Boards website comes praise for Governor Noem’s teacher pay increase proposal:

Schools received a nearly unprecedented state aid increase proposal from Gov. Kristi Noem for the 2022-23 school year.

At Gov. Noem’s budget address this month she proposed a 6 percent increase in state aid for the 2022-23 school year. The 6 percent increase brings $41 million in new, ongoing funding to state aid.


“We’re incredibly thankful to Gov. Noem for the proposed increase,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said.

“It’s a much needed increase as schools are trying to keep in teacher pay with regional states, attract classified staff members and face increasing costs with high inflation.”

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6 thoughts on “Associated School Boards thank Gov. Noem for proposed 6% increase to State Aid to Education”

  1. Thank you for spending more on us… we will still never support Republicans but we will continue to whine about it until you give us more

    1. Buncha whiners. What the Governor needs to do is only give money to the best teachers and stop rewarding the below average ones the same as the good ones. The union will never go for that.

  2. By and large school districts are a government fed cash cow with little if any business managerial constraints. When a class of superintendents comes into play as micro-managers of all outlay dollars then and only then will we see a conservation of tax dollars. As it is today the requested dollars will always be greater than the appropriated mill levies. For starters check out the monthly spending published in every local paper for goods and services along with thousands of dollars being spent for teacher sub pay which doubles the cost of teaching. The number of opt-outs failing give a good indication of taxpayers revolting to unfettered spending. I’m bringing a bill which will allow any school board to hire anyone they find qualified to be a school superintendent. That person could be a retired corporate manager with private business acumen. Of course if the status quo is desired a certified candidate may also be requested. Either or.

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