Attack on Noem’s choice for Lt. Gov choice remains a movement without a figurehead.

I’m hearing again this morning that Rep. Dan Kaiser is telling those close to him that he is refusing and refuting the crazy trying to promote him as a candidate.

The word passed on to me was flat out that “Kaiser wouldn’t be accepting any nominations.”  Period.

At this point, I don’t think there’s anything left but narcissism on the part of the people trying to gin up press about it, because it sure isn’t about electing someone who is refusing it

7 Replies to “Attack on Noem’s choice for Lt. Gov choice remains a movement without a figurehead.”

  1. Anonymous

    May needs to just say what she needs to say and get it over with.

    Rhoden will get 85% of the vote.

    May and stace need to stop hiding behind Kaiser.

  2. Steve Sibson

    So now we can add narcissism to the list of names used against those who want to restore the representative process to our political system.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Steve, how is it representative when the person they’re trying to promote has said he has no interest in it, and would not accept it.


      1. Steve Sibson

        Pat, I agree that if the person won’t accept the nomination, then that person is not an option. But that does not mean that we only consider the person Kristi picked. We should remain open to other options. The message that we automatically vote for whoever the gubernatorial candidate wants is not healthy for a functioning representative form of government.

        In the past I have had respectful conversations with both Kristi and Larry. Come Saturday, I will leave open the option to vote for Larry. But if another option comes forward, then I will seriously consider it.

        1. Anonymous

          The Governor picks their LT. Plain and simple. There’s not anyone I can think of who would do a better job or any person or collective that could pick a better candidate than Kristi. You Stacey Nelson minions need to keep your hands out of the cookie jar and get a clue

  3. Anonymous

    Can they even nominate Kaiser at the convention if he says what he already said which was essentially, ‘I know it’s not me and I will respect Kristi’s choice, I’m sure she will make a superb choice’ which she did? Just seems like a waste of energy to me. AG is much more of a highlight needing politicking as we need the best one to beat the D. Afterall, isn’t the theme of the convention ‘unity’? We look ridiculous sometimes. Especially when the narrative is ‘we want conservative’. Well, guess what? She picked THE most conservative legislator. So that tells me it’s something much more because Rhoden has higher conservative voting records than any of the ‘we’.

  4. WD

    It’s pretty easy to see. This is all 3rd place Stace brainwashing his brain dead followers into helping him with his personal vendetta against the guy who took away his second place US senate trophy.


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