Attorney for School Administrators of South Dakota, Brookings School District, suspended by Supreme Court for “disrepute on the legal profession”

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Scott Swier, an attorney with clients including the School Administrators of South Dakota as well as school districts such as the Brookings School District has been suspended from practicing law for 1 year by the South Dakota Supreme Court for violations including “conflict of interest.”

According to the Argus Leader:

The court also ruled that Scott Swier must pass a multistate professional responsibility exam, complete a law office management course and reimburse the State Bar of South Dakota for expenses related to its investigation into his conduct.

The court’s ruling was a harsher punishment than the one recommended by the Bar’s Disciplinary Board, which wanted Swier to be publicly censured. The court’s decision was a unanimous 5-0 vote.


“Our review of the record left the Court with the impression that Swier ignored what he knew were conflicts, was too slow to take corrective measures, and showed no true remorse,” the court ruled. “Oral argument confirmed our impression of the record. Swier used his opportunity before the Court to promote himself and Swier Law Firm during what can charitably be characterized as an ‘infomercial.’ He lacked sincerity and remorse and any attempt at either was pro forma. It was hardly the central focus of his presentation to this Court.”

Read the entire story here.

Below is today’s decision by the State Supreme Court:

In Discipline of Scott Swier by SD Supreme Court by Pat Powers on Scribd

7 Replies to “Attorney for School Administrators of South Dakota, Brookings School District, suspended by Supreme Court for “disrepute on the legal profession””

  1. Anonymous

    I read the entire opinion of the Court. It’s a very egregious conflict of interest with no informed consent. This is very basic stuff every law student learns about in Professional Responsibility class.

  2. Anon

    This guy has been putting on a show for years. I can’t believe the school districts hire him – anyone with half a brain can spot this guy coming a mile away. His reputation is not good.

  3. Caveman

    Swier was the guy suing multiple SD County Assessors and Treasurers for not giving out reams of documents covering land assessments taxes for free. Legislation was passed to help Counties recover labor and material costs because of him.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I’m sure that was an option, but they chose suspension instead. (It sure sounds like they had their frowny faces on.)


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