Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg Endorsed by a Majority of South Dakota’s County Sheriffs


Jason Ravnsborg of Yankton, South Dakota, announced today that 40 of the County Sheriffs of South Dakota have endorsed him to be the next Attorney General of South Dakota.

“I am humbled and honored to have earned the endorsements of the majority of the Sheriffs of our state as I seek to become the state’s top law enforcement official,” said Ravnsborg.

“I appreciate how Jason brings a fresh look to the concerns of law enforcement in both rural and urban settings and how he listened to the differences and how, while some programs work in some areas, they do not always work in other parts of our state.” said Lyman County Sheriff Steve Manger.

As the next Attorney General of South Dakota, Ravnsborg believes that law and order starts with the badge-wearing individuals working 24/7 all over our state. Support for law enforcement has to come from both the top and the bottom as officers work tirelessly keeping communities safe, tackling everything from traffic incidents to drug crimes to victim based offenses.

Ravnsborg states, “Law Enforcement Officers deserve our admiration and respect for their many sacrifices, and as Attorney General I will work to get law enforcement the resources they need to make their jobs easier in protecting each and every one of us, every single day.”

“I have seen how tenacious Jason can be in prosecuting cases. He met with me and my Chief Deputy to discuss a recent case and fought hard to send a dangerous sex offender away to prison” said Union County Sheriff Dan Limoges.

“Jason is clearly a hard working individual, with a strong background of leadership, who I know will work tirelessly for law enforcement. I look forward to working with him when he is Attorney General” said Brookings County Sheriff Marty Stanwick.

Ravnsborg vows to continue to seek the support of all law enforcement officials in South Dakota and plans to continue his visits with state, county and city officials across the state to learn what is needed in our communities and to work at developing solutions to these challenges as they are identified.

Jason is an attorney in the law firm of Harmelink, Fox & Ravnsborg in Yankton, South Dakota; a Deputy States Attorney in Union County; a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and a Lieutenant Colonel and Battalion Commander in the United States Army Reserves. Jason aims to bring this leadership, courage and dedication to duty to the office of the Attorney General of South Dakota.

If you would like to learn more about Jason please visit www.


The following Sheriffs have endorsed Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General

David Fink, Aurora County
Doug Solem, Beadle County
Paul Williams, Bennett County
Lenny Gramkow, Bon Homme County
Marty Stanwick, Brookings County
Darrell Miller, Brule County
Lacey Perman, Campbell County
Randy Thaler, Charles Mix County
Robert McGraw, Clark County
David Solem, Deuel County
Les Mayer, Dewey County
Jon Coler, Douglas County
Todd Holtz, Edmunds County
Kurt Hall, Faulk County
Kevin Owen, Grant County
Timothy Drey, Gregory County
Fred Koester, Haakon County
Chad Schlotterbeck, Hamlin County
Doug DeBoer, Hand County
Brandon Wingert, Hanson County
Wyatt Sabo, Harding County
James Zeeb, Hutchinson County
Matt Haugen, Jackson County
Jason Weber, Jerauld County
John Weber, Jones County
Kevin Scotting, Kingsbury County
Steve Manger, Lyman County
Mark Norris, McCook County
Mike Blom, Mellette County
Lanny Klinkhammer, Miner County
Troy Wellman, Moody County
Curtis Hamburger, Potter County
Kevin Schurch, Spink County
Brad Rathbun, Stanley County
Bill Stahl, Sully County
Carl Hunger, Todd County
Dan Limoges, Union County
Josh Boll, Walworth County
Jim Vlahakis, Yankton County
Gary Cudmore, Ziebach County

52 Replies to “Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg Endorsed by a Majority of South Dakota’s County Sheriffs”

  1. Anonymous

    First reaction WOW! that is just plain impressive!

    Second, I am going to go make some coffee and it will be interesting to see how his anonymous detractors try and spin this, GOOD LUCK.

    Third, it appears he has disproven another myth about him that law enforcement doesn’t support him, quite the contrary they do support him.

    Did I say WOW!

  2. John

    After some recent talk on here about others getting in, I think the field should contract after this….how would you like to be the candidate that has to campaign WITHOUT the support of law enforcement?! OUCH

    I think we should start a pool as to who drops out first….I have thought for a while a couple of them should….

    What a way to start the new year!

      1. Anonymous

        I disagree…McGuigan needs to drop out….remember he sent a letter out to the sheriffs apparently they signed with Ravnsborg anyway…that says a lot to me.

  3. Anonymous

    Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

    Ravnsborg’s biggest strength is his work ethic.

    1. Anonymous

      He does indeed have a great work ethic, but no one should underestimate his talents and intelligence. By the way, he is also a man of great character, service, and patriotism.

  4. Pat

    Impressive list of endorsements. With a majority of the sheriffs supporting him, I don’t see how the other candidates can’t catch him.

  5. Anonymous

    No Pennington. No Minnehaha. No Brown. So he’s got a tiny fraction of the total SD population here.

    Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Just like everything else with this guy.

    1. Anonymous

      So the only parts of the state that matter are the 3 big counties? sounds like a Democrat argument of urban vs rural to me.

      Looks to me like if you count he has over half of east and west river, good geographic balance to me

      1. Anon

        The size of the counties doesn’t matter, what matters is how many delegates they send to the convention.
        If the counties do not have a party organized to send delegates, it won’t matter if the sheriff of that county supports him. So the next step is to get Republican parties organized in the counties which don’t have them.

    2. Anonymous

      Does that mean that they DON’T support him and are supporting someone else? My guess is that in bigger counties the Sheriffs are more apt to be concerned about backlash about supporting a specific candidate. If you have some facts please lay them out. Otherwise, try to make an intelligent argument.

      1. DR

        Milbrandt(Brown) has a re-election campaign to run against a very popular dist 3 legislator while trying to dodge questions on why he allowed one of his deputies to sexually harass a DCI agent.

  6. WR

    Yeah, I’m sure most people are looking for the big counties on the list, but he still has a lot of support.

    For me the biggest take away from this is that Ravnsborg is dedicated. I doubt many of those sheriffs are just passing out endorsements to someone they don’t know, so it appears that Jason has put in some time with each of these guys.

    After listening to him speak during his 2014 Senate campaign, i know Jason isn’t (wasn’t?) some super-charismatic, smooth-talker so he must have something of substance that is of interest to these sheriffs.

  7. Anonymous

    The sheriff’s association just met with Jackley a couple months ago. Most sheriff’s. McGuigan was there. He could be asking for support also.

    McGuigan is running? Either way it’s interesting.

    Law enforcement is clearly not aligned on who they want as AG.

    1. Pat

      Mr. Anonymous, how can you say that law enforcement is not clearly aligned? Ravnsborg has the majority of the Sheriffs supporting him and they were willing to put their signature on the endorsement. In my book that clearly shows law enforcement is behind Ravnsborg.
      If McGuigan was asking for support he would be producing signed endorsements, I don’t see any and he clearly won’t/can’t have the majority after this release.

      1. Anonymous

        I agree, Pat. With 60% we could have gotten an even better tax deal, but the Demos would rather tax the crap out of people than support something that would be a win for Trump and the Republicans.

        I think that the Sheriffs of bigger counties won’t endorse out of policy; they don’t want to catch flack for putting their name with a candidate, and I guess I can’t blame them.

        However, 60% support (so far) is enough to carry the day.

    2. Anon Jr.

      I note that, according to the Sheriff’s Association website, Mr. Ravnsborg has the current President, 1st Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Sheriff’s Association, along with 4 past-Presidents ( I believe) of that organization? Are we to assume that the sheriff’s don’t talk to each other thus making for this misalignment you speak of?

  8. Anon

    It will be interesting to see how many States Attorneys have committed to a candidate. Even more interesting will be how much influence Sheriffs and Attorneys have over delegates. Endorsements like these are more important in the general. Republican Delegates tend to make up their own minds based on relationships and the candidate’s qualifications.

    1. Anonymous

      If McGuigan had put this endorsement out it wouldn’t mean much. The fact that Ravnsborg did tells me law enforcement is not concerned about his lack of experience. It’s an important release.

  9. G


    Are you out there buddy? I’d be interested in your feedback. I always appreciate your thoughts.

    You mentioned one time, a lot of anonymous poster are attacking Ravnsborg and there must be a reason. I like you seemed to gravitate towards him, because yes I figured most of the attacks were unfair. It is clear to me the reason is he is ahead and has a lot of support and so they are trying to tear him down unfairly.

    I think this definitely makes anyone wanting to support the others have second thoughts.

    I also think that it undercuts a couple of his challengers a lot. I don’t see all of them going to the convention myself.

  10. Pat

    It looks to me that Ravnsborg is the total package. Lawyer: check, Leadership and management: check, law enforcement: check. He is a well-rounded candidate.

  11. Troy Jones


    I was just calling BS on the attacks on Ravnsborg by the same anonymous posters. They have a horse and were attacking to create room for their horse. Their comments weren’t well-intended in my opinion.

    It is an open seat and will make up my mind as the campaign unfolds.

  12. Anonymous

    It certainly is true that the Primary is a race of delegates and that these endorsements are value added in the General election. However, do you honestly think Ravnsborg would have worked this hard for sheriff endorsements without securing a substantial number of delegates along the way. Also is it truly likely that delegates won’t find the gravity of sheriff support significant in backing a candidate.

    1. Troy Jones

      I thought the same thing when I read the article. It is wholly possible his logo designer is his sister. I’m scared of my sister. He might be too.

    2. Anonymous

      I don’t get the dislike of the logo. You’ve got Mount Rushmore, his name, what he is running for, and they year of the election. Also, since the Republican party is the “red” party, that makes sense as well. The thing that doesn’t make sense is that the Republicans are the “red” party and the Dems are “blue”. The Democrats align very closely with Communism, and the Communists are the party of “red”, so I think there should be a change in that. Let’s put that on the ballot!

      1. Ike

        The problem is that Mt. Rushmore is reversed – the shadows are white in the logo – makes the presidents look creepy and gross. The image should have been outlined in white (or on a white background) with the darker red as the shadows.

        As it stands, it’s patently awful.

  13. anono

    Impressive endorsement list. If I were the other candidates, this would bother me. I would be unveiling a State’s Attorney list soon, or a legislative endorsement list if I was Lance.

    I think the thing that is unknown yet about Ravnsborg is his legal ability. So far he’s proven to be the best campaigner and the most willing to work for it. That will get him a long ways. But in all seriousness, I would be interested in his experience in big criminal, civil, and constitutional cases. How many times has he argued in the SD Supreme Court? What about the Federal appeals courts? How many actual jury trials has he had? Has he done a death penalty case? Where does he stand on that issue?

    And to be fair, these questions should apply to all the candidates. I pose them to Ravnsborg since he is the main topic of this post… and frankly, because we know pretty well the experience of the other three candidates. What I know about Ravnsborg is very little, other than he appears to be willing to work harder than the other guys.

    1. Anonymous

      He does not have a real job. Think about it, a lawyer actively representing clients would not have this much time to devote to campaigning. He’s a fraud.

      1. Anonymous

        And you know this how? Are you familiar with Jason’s clients and have you confirmed with them that he doesn’t do any work for them? He is a lawyer and in the National Guard; He probably didn’t have a lot of time to work for his legal clients when he was overseas on one of his tours helping to keep America safe, but that is only to be expected.

        Next time, try to post something intelligent and back it up with actual knowledge, you fraud.

      2. Pat

        Mr. Anonymous, do you know Ravnsborg personally and everything he does every minute of the day, doubtful? Your comment is based on lies and no hard evidence which makes it a fraudulent statement.
        It sounds like you are either a hater of Ravnsborg or one that supports another candidate and jealous of all the law enforcement support he has earned.

        1. Anonymous

          Pat, I don’t think Anon 9:42 has a post based on anything, not even lies. It is just something to throw out there to try to score some point or other. I do know Jason personally, and he is a good guy and a good attorney. I think the haters need to try to do some homework and see if they can get Christopher Steele to throw together a dossier with a bunch of made up crap.

          1. KM

            It’s called projecting. Projecting garbage; whatever goes against truth and a white man. It’s not based on facts or even an educated observation. It’s the communist way or better yet, the Leftists’ way.

  14. Anonymous

    How many of us have seen him leave an event in all parts of the state so that he can go to court the next day? We have offered to let him stay with us, he is polite but says with all the things he has going on he has to go back to be in court or meet a client.

    He is simply out working them. I find it ironic that they are using the oldest trick int he book, use his strengths against him. He is hard working and successful in everything he has done in life it appears, but somehow he is not qualified. Barbara Streisand, like Rush says!

    Jason if the kind of candidate we should all support; decorated military veteran, attorney, tireless campaigner, pleasant and carrying buckets of water for the elephant.

    He has my enthusiastic support.

    1. annon

      11:10, I agree with you that Jason so far has shown himself to be the best campaigner, but I disagree with you that he is the “kind of candidate we should all support” because we don’t know much about his law practice qualifications.

      9:22 had the best and most important post:

      “I think the thing that is unknown yet about Ravnsborg is his legal ability. So far he’s proven to be the best campaigner and the most willing to work for it. That will get him a long ways. But in all seriousness, I would be interested in his experience in big criminal, civil, and constitutional cases. How many times has he argued in the SD Supreme Court? What about the Federal appeals courts? How many actual jury trials has he had? Has he done a death penalty case? Where does he stand on that issue?”

      I agree Jason is a hellva good guy, but I don’t want an AG that’s JUST a good guy. I want to know about his experience. Other candidates too.

    1. Anon Jr.

      Have you seen the signed endorsement sheet from each sheriff listed above? I have, all of them are included with the press release. It pretty clearly says that the person signing the endorsement sheet endorses Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General. So how are they not endorsing him?

    2. Pat Powers Post author

      The release was accompanied with signed endorsement letters. I just didn’t include with the post for brevity. – editor PP

  15. Not M. F.

    This morning, I sent the campaign an email regarding these endorsements. I received a wonderful note and an attachment with 40 sheets of personally signed endorsements. It appears to me that Jason physically received each and every signature. Impressive!

  16. anon

    2:42, I don’t give a squat about endorsements.

    Impress me with Jason’s experience with criminal cases, civil, and constitutional cases.

    Impress me with Jason’s experience arguing before the SD Supreme Court.

    Impress me with Jason’s experience before the Federal appeals court.

    Impress me with his skills and experiences as a prosecutor.

    Why should Jason be our next AG?

    1. Anonymous

      Ravnsborg actually works. He’s tireless. Guys like Sattgast keep going back to the trough for a career.

      Ravnsborg is a hard worker.


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