Attorney General explanations released for two proposed constitutional amendments to be circulated for 2020 Ballot


PIERRE, S.D. South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg announced today that he has filed Attorney General explanations for two proposed constitutional amendments with the Secretary of State. The explanations were prepared after the sponsor submitted modified versions of similar amendments that were filed last year.

Each Attorney General explanation will appear on the petition that will be circulated by the amendment’s sponsor. The sponsor will need to obtain, for each proposal, 33,921 valid signatures, as determined by the Secretary of State, to place the amendment on the ballot for the November 2020 general election.

The proposed amendments are entitled:

  • An amendment to the South Dakota Constitution allowing people to buy, sell, or rent any property or
  • An amendment to the South Dakota Constitution requiring physical or monetary damage in order for conduct to be considered a violation of 

Under South Dakota law, the Attorney General is responsible for preparing explanations for proposed initiated measures, referred laws, and state constitutional amendments. The Attorney General explanation is not a statement either for or against the proposed amendment.

You can read the explanations at:


5 Replies to “Attorney General explanations released for two proposed constitutional amendments to be circulated for 2020 Ballot”

  1. Springer

    Ok, I read both of these and am confused. Who is bringing these forward? Even the explanation of the second is confusing.

    1. Lincoln County Delegate

      Outlaws victimless crimes and restrictions on the sale, use, etc of property. Drugs are “property” and to some a “victimless” crime. Wonder if its aimed at marijuana legalization?

    2. Anne Beal

      The second one will allow hunting out of season, as deer, pheasants etc aren’t going to file complaints.
      It will also allow the murder of unattached people who don’t have any friends or relatives who will miss them when they are gone. If nobody notices they’re dead, no charges will be filed.

  2. Anne Beal

    Prostitution, chelation therapy, assisted suicide are all services. For that matter, many services are only legal If the practitioner has a license. That could change.
    Drugs are property. So are animals: pets, livestock, endangered species, eagle feathers, pet turtles. I have two ivory necklaces my grandmother purchased in Africa a million years ago, when they were still legal. I might want to sell them on eBay.
    Whose idea was this?

  3. Anne Beal

    So the second one really is interesting. If a victim is unable to file a complaint, say, because he’s dead, or unconcious, or only four years old, who has standing to file a complaint on his behalf?
    Can somebody kill his whole family and leave nobody behind with the standing to complain?


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