Attorney General featured as someone to watch in 2017

The Rapid City Journal is highlighting Attorney General Marty Jackley as one of the “Black Hills Residents who may have a big year ahead” in today’s paper:

Throughout the year, Jackley will also raise money and build a team of volunteers for his gubernatorial bid in 2018, when he will face at least one opponent, U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem, for the Republican nomination to succeed term-limited GOP Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

Jackley said he will manage his schedule by prioritizing.

“I’m focused, No. 1, on being a dad and a husband, and No. 2 on being attorney general, and No. 3 on running for governor,” he said.

Jackley, 46, has several other Black Hills ties despite his job in Pierre. He has an undergraduate degree from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in Rapid City, and his wife, Angela, with whom he has two school-age children, is a graduate of Rapid City Central High School. When not at home in Pierre, the Jackleys like to spend time at one of Angela’s two family ranches near Rapid City, or Jackley’s father’s farm near Vale. Jackley’s parents still reside in Sturgis, and his sister, Jocelyn Hafner, is an assistant principal at Rapid City Stevens High School.

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21 Replies to “Attorney General featured as someone to watch in 2017”

    1. Anonymous

      Why would Mickelson take it…Noem is going to be the next governor….he would be smarter to pair up with her…

      EB5, Gear Up, Marcy’s Law, Bosworth, SB70/73 is what I think of when I think of marty

      Farm Bill, fighting human trafiking, beat Herseth, Ways and means is what i think of when I think of Noem

      1. Anonymous

        I agree….Marty has some baggage and never had a competitive race; is Marty really going to try and argue Noem is ineffective as she got the farm bill passed and moved up to the prestigious Ways and means committee?

        1. anon

          Marty has no accomplishments to stand on. He’s a whimp and not ready for a real race. Drop out Marty. Noem is going to make you look like the rookie you are.

      2. grudznick

        Marsy’s laws could be the albatross that Mr. Jackley must drag behind him like a dead goat tied to the bumper.

        1. cronies

          Marty Capone had many oportunities to distance himself from this but choose to help his campaign manager make millions!

      3. Anonymous

        Rode the biggest political wave in the past century to victory. This will be her biggest test because it’s on neutral ground. In fact Trump might advocate for policies that hurt her with some primary voters and her challenging him or disagreeing might hurt her with others.

        Momentum could be against her.

  1. Anonymous

    You know the South Dakota Democratic Party is dead when Marty Jackley is leading on cannabis reform.

    1. drain the swamp trumpet

      He’s SO Ineffective and useless alll he does Is put out press releases. We need less of the same and more of the difference Trump all the way.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    Marty Jackley is a good person, who’s done good work for our state. This Barnett-Kirby type back-biting above doesn’t serve the political agenda of its authors.
    Marty’s supporters, and there are many, are supporting him because he is a good person who will make a good governor, not to make side remarks about any other candidate

    1. Anonymous

      I think Marty will win in the end.

      A three way race with Mickelson benefited Noem. I think she probably has 40% of the GOP primary voters. Then there are probably 60% who vote for her because she’s the republican in a general election. They don’t have strong feelings either way.

      A two way race benefits Marty.

      Marty probably has a smaller percentage of diehards because he’s never ran a competitive race and his name id is lower. But he also probably doesn’t have the negatives Noem has from some republicans.

      Let’s say Jackley has 30% and Noem has 40. Yes she is closer to 50% but 100% of the GOP knows what they think of her. Probably 50% know what they think of Jackley.

      Marty has a chance to win a bigger portion because fewer people are opposed to him.

      Marty will win by about 5%.

    2. try to stand for something

      Spoken like a true tax-and-spend liberal who served as the governor’s lap dogI’m happy you didn’t run again

  3. SCP

    One should always ask “why” someone is running for office. Is it for personal reasons or does the person want to do what is best for our state? It is disappointing Noem quickly dismissed the idea of becoming Ag Secretary. She could of had a lasting impact on South Dakota’s number one industry and our state. I would agree that personally Ag Secretary isn’t appealing, but if you want to hold office, do what is best for those that have elected you. Now the selection will put peanuts and cotton before corn and cattle. Jackley makes tough decisions everyday that we may not always agree with but they are in the best interests of South Dakota. He has my support.

  4. anonymous

    Marty Capone Has never had a real race Noem took out Herself Marty on the other hand Has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth And then Placed in every position he’s ever had and never ran a real race He doesn’t haveThe experience needed to actually run for governor

  5. anony

    Marty’s had a lot of opportunity to make himself a great candidate and he’s missed all of them taking care of Rounds, and DD and his other crony capitol buddies.It’s too little too late for this guy. If the trump vote taught us anything it’s to toss out politicians like this piece of trash!