Attorney General files ballot explanation for ballot measure to have ballot information hidden from voters

From my mailbox, the Attorney General has filed his official ballot explanation for a measure created by Liberal Democrat Cory Heidelberger to hide ballot information from voters.

No really. That’s what the measure sets out to do:

Attorney General Explanation Released for Initiated Measure Changing Initiative and Referendum Requirements 

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley announced that an Attorney General Explanation for a proposed initiated measure has been filed with the Secretary of State. This explanation will appear on a petition that will be circulated by the sponsor of the initiated measure. If the sponsor obtains a sufficient number of signatures by November 2019, as certified by the Secretary of State, the initiated measure will be placed on the ballot for the November 2020 general election.

The initiated measure is entitled “An initiated measure changing initiative and referendum requirements.”

Under South Dakota law, the Attorney General is responsible for preparing explanations for proposed initiated measures, referred laws, and South Dakota Constitutional Amendments. Specifically, the explanation includes a title, an objective, clear and simple summary of the purpose and effect of the proposed measure, and a description of the legal consequences. The Attorney General Explanation is not a statement either for or against the proposed initiated measure.

AG Statement for Initiated Measure. Changing Initiative an Dreferendum Requirements 2018 by Pat Powers on Scribd

In case you don’t want to scroll…

So, Liberal Democrat Cory Heidelberger wants to hide information about the circulator, and let people convicted of petition crimes keep on circulating petitions.

He wants to hide information on the ballot telling voters what ballot measures will cost.

And most importantly, he wants to remove the requirement that the information above (the Attorney General’s statement) be directly presented up front to voters on future ballot measures, instead offering them a slip of paper with a “link” to a website with the explanation.

I could go on, but for what purpose would anyone circulate, much less sign a petition to make less information available to the voting public?

Unless, sneaking around is what they have to do to pass an agenda no one wants.

15 Replies to “Attorney General files ballot explanation for ballot measure to have ballot information hidden from voters”

  1. Anonymous

    Hamburglar is a skunk, that is for sure. He would have done well in the old Soviet Union. I wish he would pack up and move to California or Massachusetts instead of trying to bring his Fascist/Communist/Socialist “ideals” to South Dakota.

  2. Jon

    Well, to be fair, you can’t be an open an honest Democrat and get elected in S.D. At least not most of the time. He’s just trying to help his fellow socialists out.

    1. Anonymous

      Good question and who has standing to bring this matter to the Court…wouldn’t every citizen since it was an amendment to our state constitution?

  3. Brian

    Isn’t the last item Marty mentions unconstitutional?

    The Voters passed Amendment Z amending the state constitution to embrace the single subject…this IM does not override an amendment and thus would not override the Constitution….so isn’t that provision unconstitutional?

  4. grudznick

    Maybe having been dumped in the trough before the aforementioned Z this item is immune. Just wondering. Otherwise, people will laugh this one off the streets and out of the Walmart lots in which Mr. H circulates with his petitions.

  5. Anonymous

    2018-11-22 at 03:55
    I’m just dismayed that the comment from Mike from IA is still posted for all to see. The use of the R word is disgusting. My liberal arts college education taught me better..

    Cory Allen Heidelberger
    2018-11-22 at 06:51
    Mike does our cause ill with his choice of words. I recommend revision: the R stands for Regressive, Repulsive, Recalcitrant, Radical (as in tearing out democracy and American ideals from the roots), Reactionary, Revengeful, Ridiculous, Rude, and Ruinous.
    Oh yeah, and how could I forget Racist?

  6. grudznick

    Mr. Mike, who is from Iowa, is one of many out-of-state name-callers who frequent Mr. H’s blog and cast ill shadows over Mr. H’s reputation. As he wanders the streets of Aberdeen seeking votes for things, people likely remember the out-of-state name-callers most and associate them with Mr. H and his animated stylings.

    May all your bellies be as full as is grudznick’s belly.

  7. Troy Jones

    Of all Corey’s recent posts where called himself selfless. The guy is as big a narcissist as there is.

    But his recent list of “R” two weeks after the elections shows how bitter and angry he is. I hope though he keeps running. I also hope that he co-chairs the SDDP with Nicky, the guy with the boy bun.

  8. Anonymous

    Really? So we keep getting all these crap bills like we have been?

    Heidelberger is already at it…then add in the 2 redefining Crime and the pot smokers are at it again….

    I wish we would eliminate this process quite frankly….


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