Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg involved in fatality accident; statement of cooperation issued

In a press conference this afternoon, Governor Noem and the South Dakota Highway Patrol announced that last night, Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was involved in a fatality accident on Highway 14, just west of Highmore.

The Attorney General’s office issued this statement immediately following the press conference:


“I am shocked and filled with sorrow following the events of last night. As Governor Noem stated, I am fully cooperating with the investigation and I fully intend to continue do so moving forward. At this time I offer my deepest sympathy and condolences to the family.”

Without knowing any facts at this time, I can say that knowing Jason, he’s as straightlaced as they come, so I’m guessing this is a horrible and unfortunate accident.

Please keep everyone involved in your prayers as the matter is investigated.

9 thoughts on “Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg involved in fatality accident; statement of cooperation issued”

  1. Why didn’t they include the AGs statement in the press conference? Saying “We can’t give the status of the AG” made it even more dramatic for 5 minutes wondering if he was dead or alive or what was going on. The press conference gave really no information but they can report on a 35 year old male who died in a car crash last night by Martin and a couple who died in a plane crash by Aberdeen this morning but no information on this accident?

    1. I agree. They left a lot to the imagination.

      Why did it take until this evening to hold a 3 minute press conference with no information on his health and safety?

      Prayers to our AG and the victims family.

  2. i love the comments on this post. 4 posts, 3 offering prayers for the AG or AG and family, while only 1 offering prayers for the victim’s family.

    I’m surprised that only 25% of the individuals posting on here, even had the conscious to think of the person who actually died or his family. Yes, the AG is a statewide elected official, but so was former Governor Bill Janklow when he killed someone. What the heck is wrong with the people who post on this?

    Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the person who was taken too soon. Hopefully, this was a tragic accident and there isn’t anything else at play here.

    1. Your criticism is legitimate. But I would say that the reason the focus was on Jason rather than the victim is that , just like me, many who comment here know Jason personally and know how straight he is. You are right though. The biggest tragedy is the loss of a mans life.

  3. Don’t know what happened here. An not going to guess. But sometimes it is just terrible accident. It happens. Tragic for All involved. No one should jump to conclusions. Let the Investigation run its course.

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