Attorney General Jackley to Form Task Force to Address Marsy’s Law

jackleyheader2Marty JackleyAttorney General Jackley to Form Task Force to Address Marsy’s Law 

PIERRE, S.D. – Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today the formation of a Marsy’s Law Task Force to work on the interpretation of the law and to address issues surrounding  its implementation.

“As Attorney General I am working to implement the new rights for victims including preparation of the Marsy’s card and upgrading our state notification system. I have formed this task force made up of key members of the criminal justice system to further assist in providing guidance for the implementation of Marsy’s law,” said Jackley.

The Task Force will consist of representation from law enforcement, county officials, municipal officials, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, judicial system, victim representatives and Marsy’s Law sponsors.

Marsy’s Law went into effect on November 16, 2016. With the passage of the law, constitutional requirements were required to be met including victim notification cards distributed to victims via law enforcement. The Marsy’s Card outlines all the victims’ rights and the process to invoke them. The Attorney General’s Office is in the process  of distributing 100,000 copies of the card to law enforcement  statewide.

See the link below for a copy of the Marsy’s Card, which includes a full list of victims’ rights. Additional information will be added to this website link as it become available:

84 Replies to “Attorney General Jackley to Form Task Force to Address Marsy’s Law”

    1. Tired of the Haters

      Here we go, get ready for non-stop anonymous attacks on Jackley by Team Noem, the Dems and the Boswoth fanatics. Going to get old real fast…but every post about Jackley on blogs that allow anonymous posting will be inundated with people who have an ax to grind and are seeking vengeance.

      1. I'm a republican

        Team Marty is already on the attack but I don’t think this was an effort by anyone you mentioned Bosworth has disappeared from politics, other than Cory H the dems are complete unorganized and Noem hasn’t formed a team yet. Your accusations are an attempt to change the subject or shift blame. What it comes down to is Marty should not have hired this guy.

      2. States Attorney

        Marty should not have had a campaign manager pushing an issue that Jackley writes the opinion for. There are no attacks or haters here just the obvious conflict of interest that has taken place.

  1. Anonymous

    Marty should have joined the State Bar Association and come out against Marsy’s Law. We asked him to take a stand on this issue prior to the election. He could have made a big difference. I think this type of dealing cast doubt on Marty’s character.

  2. grudznick

    I looked at the pictures on Mr. Jackley’s web pages to see the information and in his picture at the top it looks like a bad storm is a’commin’ upon the statehouse.

  3. liar

    Is this guy playing stupid. He knew what the ramifications of this would be he writes the ballot measure opinions. I’m so tired of disingenous politicans.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s early in the 2018 race and I know I’m not voting for Marty. After reading these coments i think it’s time to drain the swamp. I’m all in for Noem

      1. Anonymous

        Marty needs to look like an outsider and he needs to stand up to people like Glodt and Daugaard with SB 70. He is too deferential to people with bad judgement. Break some eggs Marty. Glodt needs to be sidelined for a while. Challenge Daugaard on SB 70 with full repeal this session and look like you have some balls.

        I’m voting for Marty because I love the guy but he won’t win if he doesn’t grow a pair and tell these cronies to take a walk.

        Kristi has not offered one idea on why she is running in her video. Thanks for running but why? Republicans finally have a majority and it is too hard to lead?

        1. Anonymous

          Glodt should not be campaign manager. Make Pankratz the campaign manager. Glodt can do whatever but he can’t have that title.

  5. we demand answer Marty

    Angela Kennecke need to do a sit down with Marty and ask him what his dealings with Jason Glodt as campaign manager, Marsy’s Law, ballot question opinions, and time lines for all of this is. Because this whole deal stinks like an EB5 processing plant.

  6. Anonymous

    Another presser for the Jackley Journal big surprise. Read all about it AG Jackley puts out another meaningless press release.

    1. Anonymous

      …….and add in Gear up and EB 5…4 negative talking points for Noem to exploit or Democrats if Marty would win the primary.

  7. grudznick

    Ms. Noem does seem like a more attractive candidate given this Marsy Law business and Mr. Jackley’s involvement in it. I wonder if there are some cost dollars that are going to get added to our taxes we don’t know about yet.

    1. Anonymous

      Huge dollars. The Pennington Co state’s attorney’s office alone hired 4 full time employees because of this. That’s 4 extra salaries forever.

  8. Nony mouse

    Gang, you can point a finger at Mr. Jackley, Mr. Glodt, Mr. Nichlous, and Mr. Grammer, but don’t forget that our web host also gladly took the ad money and pushed the purple kool-aid. This is as fine of a piece of self-righteous, out-of-state, billionaire pushed, unfunded and under thought, trash as I have seen in a long time. Here is the interesting thing, SD had a great set of ‘laws’ to protect victims; on the books for more than 20 years. Now, we don’t know what the heck a victim is, and we do not know our heads from….I digress. I only regret that rather than drinking the purple “vote yes for victims” punch, an equally catchy “no, I am for the victims” campaign had been run.

  9. Anonymous

    I love Jackley. He probably has the worst advisors in the state. Every single one of them needs to go. I’ve been saying it for 3 years.

  10. we want justice

    South Dakota’s US Attorney Randolph Seiler needs to be notified of possible misconduct going on between Marty and his role with Marsy’s Law. The US Attorney office number is 605-330-4400. If enough of us complain he’ll have to look into it.

    1. Troy Jones

      US Attorney’s should absolutely never, ever respond to a phone campaign. Justice is not what the mob wants or what the mob chooses to ignore. Justice acts without regard to the mob. Justice acts according to the law. The minute it becomes mob motivated, we have become a banana republic.

      1. Anonymous

        What federal crime do you think the US Attorney office would investigate? Even if there is a “conflict,” it’s not a federal crime.

  11. Anon

    I always thought Marty was one of the good guys but this just makes me sick. I feel like all politicians are just out for themselves. I’ve known Marty for a long time and respected him as a man of honor but reading this really has broken my trust in him.

  12. Calvin

    This also looks a little fishy to me, combine that with Noem not getting much done in DC, will there be an alternative to these two? Someone does need to start asking about Glodt’s involvement in this and advising Marty at the same time doesn’t look good from a public perception standpoint. Granted the public did vote this in…

    1. Anon

      The AG’s office writes the ballot measure opinions he should have told the voters this was going to cost a significant amount of money to implement. He betrayed us to help his campaign manager make money. This is corruption!

      1. Anonymous

        The AG should not take a position on any of these issues if they are going to issue the statement. The LRC should be the ones that write the opinions anyway.

  13. Anon

    Just more corruption in South Dakota politics. I didn’t vote for an ethics commission but now I’m happy we’re getting one. Jackley should be the last guy making back room deals. Shame on you Marty.

  14. Troy Jones

    OK. I voted against Marcy’s Law and yes I think he muffed his AG explanations of this and IM22*. But, I’m so confused on what people think is “fishy” or warrants the US attorney to investigate? Let’s not insinuate such charges anonymously. Marty and the Office of Attorney General deserve better. “Public perception” isn’t a justification for investigations. As I said in another post, investigations should only be be started based on facts and evidence and not conjecture.

    * Sidenotes on explanations: I understand the existing law might not have made it easy to give better explanations but, because of that limitation in existing law, I think he should have said his explanation is limited by the law and advise people to read the law and not rely on the explanation. Such a comment is not prohibited.

  15. shame on Marty

    We need a taskforce to look into Jackley and Marsy’s law collusion. Has he received any money from the Marsy’s Law campaign or Mr Glodt? This is what gives republicans such a bad image in South Dakota. It may not be illegal but it sure doesn’t look legitimate.

    1. Troy Jones

      you can find that out by looking at his campaign finance reports with the secretary of state. A task force? Really?

  16. I'm all in

    It’s time to drain the Rounds swamp. Marty was appointed by Rounds. Glodt worked in the Rounds administration, along with Benda and Joop Bollen EB5, Melanie Schopp and Gear Up. All the leaders AG Jackley kept safe. It’s time for a change and I’m hoping Noem is it.

  17. all in 4 Noem

    I can’t get over how much this is costing our county. The fact that Marty hired this guy after he is costing us more for law enforcement, but not to keep us safe but for additional bureaucracy. What a waste of money for tax payers and a poor choice on Jackleys part.

    1. Anonymous

      This is a minor blip. Jackley does need to separate himself from this issue a bit.

      In six months or a year Kristi Noem will be unable to get a farm bill passed through a very conservative congress and a president that probably doesn’t like ethanol and ditto for his cabinet. A lot can happen in a year.

      Just watch Noem struggle when she has to get something done and doesn’t have any Democrats to blame her shortcomings on. Why else is she leaving so early?

      1. anonymous

        You’re making predictions about something that hasn’t happened yet to discount Noem and change to subject. The current subject is Marty and what he HAS DONE!

  18. anon

    You can’t have it both ways Jackley either he knew this would cost the counties money and employees and let it slid anyways for his campaign manager or he’s just incompetent. This reflects badly on the entire AG’s office.

  19. Brown County GOP

    I wish I hadn’t donated to him. I feel betrayed by his actions. He’s not getting another dime from me and I’m going to let him know it!

    1. Anonymous

      Looks like the Dems have taken over the blogosphere today by pretending to be Republicans and they sure hate Marty. Makes me like him even more!

      1. anonymous

        If all these comments included Nome and Dusty I would agree but again they don’t Marty has really had some missteps recently.

  20. Anonymous

    This is fine but I am just saying that Noem will not be able to get something done for SD in the coming year or two and she will not look good for it.

    This race is far from over.

    Right now I say Noem wins 53-47. If Marty gets it together and runs a good campaign then it’s even closer. If he gets some help and Noem can’t deliver in DC then he will win. this skirmish is inside baseball. Noem is the one on the big stage with all of DC going nuts and she has no idea what is going to happen in the next 12 months.

    Don’t count Marty out just yet.

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

    Although, the people behind Marcy’s law I think are good and well intended folks. This amendment will be extremely costly to local governments and will impede transparency in a state which needs more transparency.

    But sadly, given the parochial interests of the ownership class in this state which used the Republican Party to protect their interests by obsessing on their distain for amendment T and IM 21, has resulted in this amendment or Marcy’s law being enacted and thus waging greater financial burdens upon our municipalities and counties, while the ownership class remains protected…

    It is time the GOP in South Dakota started working for the people and not the ownership class….!

  22. anonymous

    I disagree that the dems took this over it’s more of a complaint on Marty hiring Jason Glodt because he pushed Marsy’s Law and it going to cost every county a lot of money and create more bureaucracy without improving genral public safety.

  23. anony

    I think it’s time for Mr Jackley to do some serious review of the people he has surrounded himself with. I don’t think they have either the experience or his best interest in mind.

  24. GOP

    I can’t believe Marty hired this guy. This really does look like a back room deal. This is not going to play well for Marty.

  25. 50 years of voting

    This type of thing is the reason Trump did so well. The voters are feed up with career politicians making shady deals. Go get a real job Marty the people of South Dakota deserves better!

  26. Anonymous

    Marty was no more responsible for Marsy’s law passing than Kristi Noem was. It’s just political hype and trash talk to smear him and make him look bad.

    By the way, get ready for similar attacks to come up during the lawsuits against IM22.

    In Marty’s position as Attorney General, he is required to defend IM22. That doesn’t make him a supporter, he’s just doing his job.

    1. anonymous

      The problem is that he hired the guy pushing Marsy’s Law. We all know he’s not responsible for it passing but he could have joined the state bar and apposed it.

  27. anonymous

    Every attorney across the state said this was bad for our legal system but Jackley stayed silent even after we asked him to come out against it.

  28. Hmmm

    I would guess that most of the commenters above are the same 2 or 3 people who don’t like Marty or don’t like Glodt… Or alternatively, are big Noem supporters. Primarily game playing going on today.

    Definitely issues on this and 22 that need to be addressed but pinning this on Marty is a big stretch.

    1. Anonymous

      I doubt it…read the comment above yours….it says every attorney was against it…even after we asked him to come out against it…..sounds like a states attorney or at least an attorney that asked Jackley to oppose it to me….

    2. anonymous

      It doesn’t sound like someone that dislike either Jackley or Glodt but the perception of hiring a campaign manager that was pushing a ballot measure while Jackley writes the opinion of said measure for the voters. There’s an obvious conflict of interest here. R, D, or independent doesn’t matter wrong is wrong.

  29. Sufu

    Marty Jackley is just another career politician that now wants to be Governor and will do anything to get it include hiring a guy that made money off of Marty not informing the voters of what his campaign manager was pushing. I can’t vote for him. I hope the rest of South Dakotas voters find out about this.

  30. insider

    I have it on good authority that the Daugaard administration does not support Marty Jackley. Jackley has been telling legislators to hold the line for 2 years until he’s Governor.

  31. West River Conservative

    I’ve heard the same thing from other legislators. Marty’s telling them to stand strong against DD for two years until he’s Governor.

  32. anony

    That’s probably why the Governor doesn’t support Jackley. It’s a little early for Marty to fight the current Gov.

  33. Anony

    Marty is the reason why Mike Heuther will get elected in 2018. Marty is another John McCain. A lib in sheeps clothing.

    1. Anon

      John McCain is not a liberal. He’s also a damn good man who has sacrificed a lot for this country. Comparing Jackley to him is absolutely asinine.

  34. Anonymous

    I consider Marty a friend and I don’t believe any of what has been said. If you don’t have the guts to post your name to your comments than don’t post.

  35. Anonymous

    I’ve been following this post all day doughting what I had been reading, but it’s true Marty did hire Jason Glodt. I’m done with the Republican party it no longer stands for conservative values.

  36. legislator

    AG JACKLEY needs to resign. If he runs for Governor it will ruin his professional reputation and the GOP’S chances at winning not only the Governors seat but will have a trickle down effect on every office across South Dakota. Marty do us a favor and sit this one out.

  37. Anonymous

    Say what you want about Glodt, but the fact is he hasn’t lost a race that he worked since Barnett in ’02.

    The Noem people know that and they’re using the old Democrat game plan of shoot the messenger and change the subject.

    The other fact is that Marty has extensive executive experience and Kristi doesn’t have any. As long as we’re talking about other things, that lack of resume’ gets lost.

  38. not attacking

    No one is attacking Mr. Glodt for passing Marsy’s Law. The problem I’m seeing is that the Attorney General writes the ballot measure opinion for Marsy’s Law while Mr. Glodt was acting as a campaign manager. The state bar voted unanimously to oppose Marsy’s Law and we asked Marty to take a stand on this knowing it was bad for our legal system and going to be expensive to implement. This all would not be a problem if Mr. Glodt was not already acting as his campaign manager.

  39. Anonymous

    Marty hiring Glodt does not seem like such a great idea right now.

    Speaking of interesting campaign manager choices, does anyone remember Kristi Noem’s first congressional election?

    She hired a guy named Josh Shields immediately after he ran a third place campaign for Blake Curd against Noem. Given his poor performance in that race it seemed like an odd choce for the job then, but makes more sense now.

    Most recently Shields worked on reelection bids for Noem and Thune.

    Don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to think that all seems a bit fishy, if not a little politically incestuous.

    The Thune political machine has its fingers in all kinds of races and this Gov’s race won’t be an exception.

  40. Thune supporter

    If Thune is supporting Noem that would explain Mickelson dropping out. Marty is toast. He doesn’t have the money, grassroots, or qualified campaign manager to even come close to competing with the Noem Thune machine.