Release: GEAR UP Trial Lawyers Donate $11,000 to Sutton

GEAR UP Trial Lawyers Donate $11,000 to Sutton

The GEAR UP case was a tragedy in Billie Sutton’s backyard, devastating a community in his own district. Despite that, GEAR UP criminal defense attorneys padded Sutton’s campaign account with $11,000 in contributions, including $7,000 in 2017 –  the same year in which Sutton’s committee, the Government Operations and Audit Committee, was involved in the GEAR UP deliberations.

“Billie Sutton had a responsibility to uncover what happened with GEAR UP, but he chose to pad his political pocketbook instead,” said Justin Brasell, Kristi for Governor Campaign Manager. “How can anyone trust he will end corruption in Pierre when rather than fighting for accountability, Billie Sutton is funded by the criminal defense attorneys in one of the most tragic scandals in South Dakota history?”

  • $4,000 from lawyer Clint Sargent, who at the time was a criminal defense attorney for Stephanie Hubers in the GEAR UP case. (2017)

  • $3,000 from trial lawyer Clint Sargent (2018)

  • $3,000 from attorney Michael Butler, a defense attorney representing Dan Guericke (who just pleaded guilty) in the GEAR UP case (2017)

  • $1,000 from attorney Michael Butler (2018)

18 Good Reasons to vote Republican in the race for Governor. Elections have consequences.

There’s been some mention of the importance of the vote for Kristi Noem for Governor on the basis that the person who takes that seat in January will be making at least two appointments to the South Dakota State Supreme Court in their first term of office.

Those appointments are set to come due as a result of State Supreme Court Justices set to matriculate out of office due to the mandatory age limit of 70 placed upon them under South Dakota law. I spoke to one pundit about that, and they wryly noted that it could be important if you’re concerned about alienation of affection and estate matters being heard, but most are not too worried about it.

More importantly, the election matters because of other aspects of the Governor’s power of appointment. And it mattered 18 times under the supervision of Governor Daugaard:

Date of Appointment District Name Chamber Replaced Party
11/17/11 21 Kent Juhnke Senate Garnos R
11/17/11 21 Dave Scott House Juhnke R
5/13/13 16 David Anderson House Miller R
6/5/13 12 Blake Curd Senate Johnston R
8/15/13 25 Kris Langer House Hansen R
12/17/13 8 Chuck Jones Senate Olson R
1/13/14 32 Alan Solano Senate Adelstein R
6/16/14 11 Mark Willadsen House Erickson R
4/30/15 16 William Shorma Senate Lederman R
5/6/15 25 Scott Fiegen House Rave R
11/19/15 9 Wayne Steinhauer House Hickey R
11/18/16 34 David Lust House Dryden R
1/31/17 8 Marli Wiese House Wollmann R
9/2/17 10 Doug Barthel House Haggar R
12/29/17 34 Michael Diedrich House Tieszen R
8/8/18 10 Maggie Sutton Senate Netherton R
8/8/18 26B Rebecca Reimer House Schaefer R
8/8/18 32 Scyller Borglum House McPherson R

In each and every instance, Republican Governor Daugaard appointed a Republican to assume the seat.

Had the chief executive for the State of South Dakota been a Democrat, make no mistake, that would have been reflected at the time of the appointment, which could have had some significant consequences for the balance of power in the State Legislature.

The choices for Republicans this election shouldn’t be predicated solely on what ‘could’ happen with the next Governor and how they exercise the power of appointment.

But it is a good illustration of the fact that elections have consequences.

Kristi Noem for Governor stops for Today and Thursday

(You’ll have to forgive my late posting of today’s schedule – Things are a little busy around here – editor pp)

Noem in Webster, Groton, Aberdeen Thursday

WATERTOWN, S.D. – Kristi Noem will make stops in Webster, Groton, and Aberdeen on Thursday, October 11.


What: Meet Kristi Noem in Webster
When: Thursday, October 11 / 10:15AM
Where: Pereboom Cafe (13 US-12, Webster)

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Groton
When: Thursday, October 11 / 11:30AM
Where: Dairy Queen (11 E US-12, Groton)

What: Kristi Noem to Host Parent-Teacher Conference
When: Thursday, October 11 / 2:00PM
Where: Ken’s Fairway (2105 6th Avenue SE, Aberdeen)

Additional Information: All are invited, as Noem discusses her education agenda. Click here to learn more about Kristi Noem’s education plan.

Noem in Selby, Bowdle, Ipswich, Faulkton, Redfield Wednesday

WATERTOWN, S.D. – Kristi Noem will make stops in Selby, Bowdle, Ipswich, Faulkton, and Redfield on Wednesday, October 10.


What: Meet Kristi Noem in Selby
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 10:00AM
Where: Cloverleaf (3422 Main Street, Selby)

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Bowdle
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 11:00AM
Where: Drakes Place (7098 4th Avenue, Bowdle)

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Ipswich
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 12:20PM
Where: Main Street Ipswich

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Faulkton
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 1:30PM
Where: Senior Citizens Center (812 Court Street, Faulkton)

What: Meet Kristi Noem in Redfield
When: Wednesday, October 10 / 3:00PM
Where: Leo’s Good Food (602 N Main Street, Redfield)

Daugaard, Thune & Rounds remain among the most popular Governor and Senators in the nation

Morning Consult has released new standings this morning in how they rank the popularity of our nation’s Governors and US Senators for the third quarter of this year, and *no surprise* South Dakotans still love their Republicans in those offices. From Morning Consult:

US Senate Rankings:

And Gubernatorial:

Kind of hard to argue with that.

In case you’re interested on how these rankings were compiled, here’s more on their methodology: Q3 Senator Rankings, Q3 Governor Rankings

Apparently only “powerful” women need attend Sutton event. Sponsored in part by former Hillary Clinton spokesperson

I was just e-mailed this invitation via a friend of a friend which was sent out by a group calling themselves “a Gathering of Powerful Women” for Billie Sutton.


It might be just me.. but does that invitation come off as a bit “elitist?”

Well, when you’re a West River Democrat trying to collect checks from Sioux Falls, I guess that’s the way you have to be.

I would contrast that with the fact that every once in a while I run into Kristi or her husband at HyVee in Brookings.  Of course, HyVee is very much “non-elitist,” despite the fact that there’s a helpful smile in every aisle, and you most certainly don’t have to be powerful to pick up deli meat or a head of lettuce.

Honestly, I think that’s how most South Dakotans prefer their candidates.

I did notice that the invitation goes a long way to strengthen the point that Republican candidate for Governor Kristi Noem makes about the connection of the Billie Sutton for Governor campaign to Hillary Clinton.

If you look at the sponsor list, notice event co-sponsor Erika Batcheller. Who happens to have an interesting business profile…

Prior to relocating to Sioux Falls, S.D., Erika served as vice president in the Washington, D.C., office of Fleishman-Hillard, a leading global communications firm. She managed public education programs for a wide range of award-winning cause initiatives, including the largest ever Federal media campaign to prevent and reduce illicit drug use among youth.

Before that, Erika served as deputy press secretary and official spokesperson for First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Read that here.

The former official spokesperson for Hillary Rodham Clinton? Of course she’s happy to help sponsor an event for Billie Sutton.

But that’s how the “elite” and “powerful” roll. As they do their best to put Hillary’s main South Dakota supporter Billie Sutton in the Governor’s office.