Back for another shellacking? The word is that Kathy Tyler is running for something….

The word on the street is that Kathy Tyler is planning on being a candidate this year. For at least one of the races in District 4.

What I’m hearing is that she’s carrying petitions for both the State House in District 4, and the State Senate. It remains to be seen if she’s going to drop one of them, and given her election in 2014, the case might be made for her forgoing the process entirely.

Last election had her finishing third in a field of four, about 350 votes behing John Wiik, and about 825 or so behind State Representative Fred Deutsch. That came after a bruising election for Tyler, in which statements that she made regarding…. Well, I’ll just point out the post which went into detail about the campaign that couldn’t shoot straight:

In looking at the case against the re-election of one of South Dakota’s worst legislators, Kathy Tyler, you have to consider that isn’t just one dumb thing she’s said.

It’s several dumb things. Much of it on tape.

First, there was the radio ad from the guy who Kathy tried to unilaterally overturn the court case he won on the phone, because she was a legislator.

Next, we had a re-visitation of Tyler’s explanation as to why she supported abortion – Because Jesus was pro-Choice.

And in the latest, which came out on radio today, Kathy Tyler explains that her vote against the new SDSU Swine Facility was actually “a vote of, uh,  a retaliation type of thing.”

Read that here.

Tyler_hatesSDSU1Tyler’s problem is that none of the dumb things she said are going to go away, particularly the “Jesus was pro-choice” comment she made in a legislative committee hearing.

Even two years later, it’s kind of difficult to explain that kind of thing away. And instead of campaigning with the power of incumbency behind her, she’s got the extra burden of convincing voters that they need to turn out the people they’ve chosen in favor of the “Jesus was pro-choice” – “retaliation vote” lady.   I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

So, the word on the street is that Kathy Tyler may be back running for office again.

Or at least, she may be back for another shellacking.

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