Back in the saddle again in God’s country. Looks like we may have a new advertiser coming.

After a weekend’s vacation to Florida to take a few of my brood to Disneyworld, I’m back in state with my merry troupe of traveling kids. Honestly, I’m very glad to be back.  We got both types of weather; punishing heat/humidity, and torrential downpours. In either case, you were dripping wet, either with sweat or rain. As you stood in an endless queue inching forward.

My boys had a lot of fun. Although, I let my 15 year old stand in line for 3 hours by himself for the new Avatar ride.  3 hours? Nope. Not going to happen. While he did that, the rest of us got cleaned up, and went to eat.

You don’t appreciate South Dakota heat for not being accompanied with tropical humidity until you experience it non-stop. I’ll take this climate any day over what they have.

Since I was on vacation, after lying dormant for quite a while my phone blew up.  I had a couple calls for printed materials, and a long, long dormant real estate client (think 4 years) popped up with a listing that had to be done that day. I had to pass it to a colleague, since I was not there, but that’s life.

One of the calls that did come in was for what I hope develops into a new advertiser for the SDWC. And a non-political campaign advertiser to boot.  (Still lots of space for all you political campaigns, btw).

So, it was a productive extended weekend… despite spending it standing in line.

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