Bad Campaign Literature: Stretch it out – It’s a Font Party!

Being in the business of designing and selling campaign materials, I have to admit that sometimes something that sounds like a good idea, and something that looks attractive on the computer just doesn’t work.

I have to wonder if this is one of those times. Because I’m not sure what the designer was thinking.

No, I’m not stretching this out. This is how it really looks.

Spencer Gosch

There’s multiple fonts and miscellaneous type-styles used at random, such as the  “Commitment Honesty & Integrity” which pivots over to “that you can count on,” as if they needed to go randomly to a script font.

There’s also the part where what looks like the candidate’s logo is hiding in the upper right hand corner, as if to acknowledge that there is a logo. But, it’s not allowed to this font party, so it’s waving at the rest of the piece, asking to be invited in to the conversation.

And I can’t help but notice that someone ran over this nice man with a steamroller, squooshing him tall.

It has all the material present where a nice piece could have been done. Unfortunately, someone decided to have a font party instead, and his logo wasn’t invited.

(Disclaimer: No comments made have anything to do with how good a candidate anyone is.  They’re just the innocent victim of questionable campaign material design)