Bad guys trying to roll back protections against professional out-of-state petitioners who are violating laws.

It’s a good time to remind people that if you see people out collecting petition signatures in the coming weeks to DON’T SIGN ON THE LINE – KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SIGNING BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

The Argus Leader has posted a story tonight, which originally ran in the Sunday paper, how some people are trying to roll back the protections against out-of-state petitioners who are abusing state laws which require signature collectors to be South Dakota residents:

Political blogger and former Democratic legislative candidate Cory Heidelberger is sponsoring the petitions he’s calling the “People Power Petitions.” One petition is for a referendum on House Bill 1094, which was passed during this year’s session to create a state registry of petition circulators and require them to wear badges.


Hansen said he believes Heidelberger doesn’t like House Bill 1094 because it keeps Heidelberger’s “out-of-state liberal allies” from coming to South Dakota to help with ballot measures. South Dakota Republican Party Chair Dan Lederman alleged that Heidelberger is working with out-of-state interests on his petitions to undo petition reforms that the Legislature has passed.

“Of course he wants to roll back protections that legislators have put in place to ensure that the people who are collecting personally identifying information on street corners are of sound mind and good character,” Lederman said in a statement.


Hansen said he didn’t work with the Republican Party on his bill this year. The idea for the bill came from his personal experience litigating a case where he said he saw firsthand that people had flown into South Dakota from California and Massachusetts to circulate petitions. Hansen was involved in litigation over IM 26, which would have capped prescription drug prices that state agencies pay but never made it to the ballot.

“It’s an egregious violation of our laws and it needs to be stopped,” Hansen said of the practice of using out-of-state entities to circulate petitions.

Read the entire story here.

So the bad guys are trying to roll back protections against professional out-of-state petitioners violating South Dakota laws? Don’t give them the chance.

16 thoughts on “Bad guys trying to roll back protections against professional out-of-state petitioners who are violating laws.”

  1. People pushing measures initiated are almost never telling you the whole story.

    Don’t sign. Or sign it with the name of an out-of-state name-caller trying to meddle in South Dakota.

  2. Demand to see the ID of any circulator, confuse them with questions, in general waste their time, and then walk away WITHOUT signing!

  3. Mr. Springer has good ideas as well. Ask your tough questions in the ear-shot of other targeted citizens so they, too, can see the wiggling of the petition mongers. And announce, if you choose not to sign, so all around can hear why you are not lending your big, bold, signature to the papers the mongers tout.

    Do not let the mongers lie about what their measures will really do. Remember the Law of Marsy? A measure, initiated, with lies and even had B-roll TV actors lying on TV to us.


  4. South Dakotans need to start living in the real world and join the United States of America as we are all Americans. SD is not an island.

    1. someone should be voted off the island…we do not want to be the failed blue states like Illinois and California! Please stay in your state and ruin it all you want we are a constitutional republic where states are the labs of democracy

    2. Yes of course.
      If we were an island that collection of anti-LGBT agitators from Mississippi never would have shown up in Sioux Falls, trying to pick a fight and cause a riot at the Pride Parade.

      The coincidence of those two news stories couldn’t have had better timing. Outside petition circulators and Outside agitators. Same thing. Bring nothing but trouble.

    3. South Dakota is a great place to live. Unlike many other parts of the country. They should emulate us.

    4. United STATES of America, pal. The “values” of New Yawk and Californication are not the values of South Dakota. If you think those two loony states and their ilk are the “real world” move to one of them instead of preaching to South Dakotans.

      Hamburglar is a little troll, and any idea he has is a bad one.

      1. If you dont like Murika, you can git out!

        It’s hard to tell what is parody anymore.

  5. Sadly, not even Rhode Island is an island.

    So, if you hope SD will become more like Chicago and Baltimore and Detriot — more murders, more debt, more taxes — then go sign these out of state petitions. It’s true: we’re Americans. Sunny Venezuela is part of the Americas. That scarcely means I want to live down in Hugo Chavez’s “socialist paradise,” eating zoo animals.

    Without walls, socialist nations like East Germany lose citizens. Folks flee tyranny and poverty, seeking a better life. Without walls, capitalist nations receive hundreds of millions of migrants, the “wretched refuse,” as Lazarus wrote, who yearn to breathe free. Food for thought.

  6. The latest bad IM came from our very own Mark Mickelsen.

    Whining about attempting to roll back changes the legislature made? Boo hoo. Now they know how we felt when they rolled back IM22 after voters passed it.

    1. Always, always going back to the unconstitutional IM 22. Not just in one item, but unconstitutional in a dozen or more. How sad! Then when W was proposed to be the shorter substitute for IM 22, less than 2 dozen South Dakotans donated money to support W. Almost 2,500 out-of-staters donated to promote the merits of W.
      South Dakotans are tired oF liberals from out-of-state trying to force bad ideas into SD laws or the constitution. ENOUGH!

  7. Illegal immigration is doing to this country what the initiative process is doing to South Dakota. The way of life as you knew it is being diluted by an outside influence and little is being done to rectify the glaringly obvious situation.

    1. That’s because AFP and the Chamber are for slave labor. Don’t let them fool you. AFP are against President Trump’s fair trade proposal.

  8. AFP will now be donating to Democrats. How will this affect an out of state group like AFP now?

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