Ballot measure for fully legalized pot coming to SD. Somehow, I don’t think we’re “missing out” as sponsors claim.

Courtesy of South Dakota’s laws on initiated measure, first we had an announcement of someone’s intent to bring a measure allowing us to kill ourselves. Now comes a proposal to legalize pot for anyone who wants it, because the sponsors think South Dakota is “missing out.”

From the Rapid City Journal:

New Approach South Dakota will submit the proposal for an initiated measure to go to a statewide vote on the 2018 ballot. The group will submit the proposal to the attorney general’s office early next week, and it plans to begin gathering signatures after his explanation is released. A separate measure reviving the medical marijuana issue has also been submitted for the statewide ballot process.

The group says the tax revenues that could be generated if the measure passed would create millions for South Dakota’s education system and for general government spending.

Melissa Mentele, a leader of New Approach South Dakota, says marijuana is a $6 billion dollar industry in the county and South Dakota is missing out.

Read it here.

Somehow, I don’t think we’re “missing out” as sponsors claim.

17 Replies to “Ballot measure for fully legalized pot coming to SD. Somehow, I don’t think we’re “missing out” as sponsors claim.”

  1. Anonymous

    Melissa Mentele who is also on the SDDP Central Committee now the party of pot and assisted suicide. Whenever you have pro-pot proponents equate smoking pot to just another vegetable plant that has nutritional benefits it definitely builds credibility right there.

  2. Anonymous

    Let’s legalize hookers too; why not follow San FranSicko and legalize no-holds-barred public nudity? No standards, no morals, no roadblocks to unfettered idiocy; that will be great for our children, Melissa.

  3. Leonard

    What I’d like to know is how many pills have the doctors been prescribing you doubters and haters. List your legal poison here and now then let’s show where this plant heals and helps. I’ve had 27 surgeries and 5 heart attacks. I went from over 25 pills a day down to three and one is an aspirin because of CBD and THC. SO don’t you ever lecture on your views of what’s bad for everyone here, because some of us don’t care for pharmaceutical garbage and drug abuse.! The gateway drug is in your medicine cabinet.. REALLY IT IS !

    1. Anonymous

      so your self medicating and if is ok for you it must be ok for everyone else……………yeah good luck with that.

    1. Tara Volesky

      Good for you. But if someone else would like a natural herb, what’s wrong with that, and how does that affect you.

      1. Anonymous

        oh lets see when they crash their car into mine or someone I love due to being under the influence. Run over a pedestrian or cyclist due to driving while stoned. Being in a surgical environment and operating while stoned or operating heavy machinery. Show up to work stoned and is unable to do their jobs or is a safety liability. Unable to pay rent due to being chemically dependent to the “herb” which leads to being evicted and leaving the apartment with a foul odor and hard to remove residue from the walls and other surfaces. Family members who have the misfortunate of dealing with a loved one who is chemically dependent. Crimes committed and there are plenty of police reports where they were under the influence of the herb when they committed the crime. Lack of judgement? Increased social costs which outweigh the over inflated financial benefits.

          1. Anonymous

            Tara we just evicted a tenant that had family come to stay with them and were caught dealing only Marijuana and a fairly large amount. You should of seen this apartment. It was an absolute pit, very gross and took quite a bit of time and money to get it back to what is when it was initially rented. What is very ironic is that the tenant is a manager of a fast food restaurant which is pretty scary and I am sure if the photos of the apartment which will be used to sue for damages were sent to her supervisors she would lose her job. We are not slumlords!

            Many of those pushing this legalization just want their “fix” being chemically dependent or see the potential to male a lot of money with absolutely no regard to the consequences and real societal costs. This ain’t the same weed the flower children of the 60s or even the 80s smoked no more. It is far more potent!

  4. Springer

    I would not be against medical marijuana, strictly regulated like other medicines. We regulate and use narcotics, and if medical marijuana was treated the same, I would not have a problem with it. But NEVER legalize wholesale use of pot for recreation – there’s a big difference.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes indeed, who needs tens or hundreds of millions in tax revenue from regulating a market that is going to exist regardless of the law.

  6. Mel Mentele

    It’s a bummer that the culture surrounding cannabis has changed so much the expected righteous indignation normally expected for this type of news just isn’t there anymore. We are making progress. Pat we should have lunch & get to know each other a bit. I’m not going anywhere New Approach is here to stay and you are the only news face whose face I have never seen…lets change that. My treat.

  7. Charlie Hoffman

    Decriminalizing is one thing, total legalization totally another and there is a huge difference in attitude and control which goes along with both. I’ve said it a thousand times but here it is again; “You cannot eradicate any drug which can be grown in both your backyard and basement and used in it’s simplest form!”