Beauty queen gone bad in Brookings. South Dakota pageant queen arrested.

After all of last week’s drama over JFM, we should expect that the news cycle would slide back into boring normalcy.

Court documents allege Shania Ann Knutson committed repeat thefts at Walmart between October and December. Knutson allegedly stole a total of $554.54 worth of goods across 12 separate occasions. She was allegedly “‘skip scanning’ and/or ticket switching to commit these acts,” the documents state.

Knutson, of Brookings, was crowned Miss South Dakota USA 2022. Knutson was also Miss South Dakota Teen USA in 2018 and appeared in Miss USA 2022.

Read the entire sordid tale here alleging a beauty queen has gone bad.

… or maybe we’re not doing normalcy just yet.


5 thoughts on “Beauty queen gone bad in Brookings. South Dakota pageant queen arrested.”

  1. I had to google her and saw she has a few bible verses quoted and is affiliated with FCA. Weird, she must have missed the part about “thou shalt not steal”, almost as if she is cherry picking parts of the bible to follow and ignoring others…..hmmm.

    1. As my dear departed mom said, “the louder they shout amen at the dinner table the closer you count the silverware when they leave”.

  2. Another embarrassment for South Dakota! Come on everyone we are better than this kind of immoral behavior. I’m not a psychologist, but where does a beautiful girl get the idea that she needs to steal? She is enough!! More focus on mental health and social emotional development during early years with quality by trained teachers. As state and local communities we cannot continue to ignore young children in child care or day care. Who or what is being cared for? I prefer to think the child is the focus. Wishing all the best for Miss Knutson and her family.

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