Because Dems needed an even worse candidate for US Senate. Clara Hart to announce.

From the Argus Leader, apparently Dems needed an even worse candidate than Dan Ahlers to run for US Senate:

Clara Hart, a Sioux Falls resident who holds several leadership roles in the community, is running as a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Hart is expected to formally announce on Thursday her candidacy for the seat held by U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds, who hasn’t yet announced whether he’ll seek reelection. Former Democratic legislator Dan Ahlers of Dell Rapids is also a candidate for the Senate seat.

Read that here.

Instead of Ahlers, who has won maybe twice, she wants people to vote for herself, the candidate who has never been able to win at all.

Interestingly, in the article, Hart attempts to deride Rounds as a career politician. Despite her record of several attempts of her own:

She has previously run for the state Senate in 2008, Sioux Falls City Council in 2010 and for the state House in 2016. She fell short of receiving enough signatures to run for the Sioux Falls City Council in 2018.

Apparently she can accuse Rounds of being a career politician ….because he’s run for about as many offices as she has… but he’s actually been able to win?

I will give her this. Despite never winning, she knows how to spend massive amounts of campaign cash and accomplish absolutely nothing.

So, at least Hart, a fan favorite of Bernie Sanders, can say she’d fit in just fine with the other Washington DC Democrats.

18 Replies to “Because Dems needed an even worse candidate for US Senate. Clara Hart to announce.”

  1. Anonymous

    Why are you such an asshole to a candidate, that may have different beliefs than you, that wants to run. If she gets one vote in her campaign, I’m my opinion, that is seen as a successful campaign. Instead of criticizing candidates that are of the “other” party all the time why don’t you write about things that people actually can get behind instead of just trashing the Democratic Party and being, as your followers say, a puppet for the party. I know many people that don’t follow what the Republicans follow anymore, and it’s because of people like you. Even though I know you may not belong to this particular generation, “okay boomer.”

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Aside from the fact I find myself in the odd position of explaining to a triggered millennial that I’m not in the baby boomer age group, I write about things people can get behind all the time.

      Cheering on crappy candidates who throw out jingoisms, such as calling their opponent a professional politician, after they’ve unsuccessfully ran for 4-5 offices themselves might be what you can get behind, but somehow I cannot as it’s just weak.

      For crying out loud, she screwed up getting signatures to get on the ballot in her last attempt for city council. That does not inspire the amount of confidence that makes me want to elect a person to the highest legislative body in the land. It demonstrates a disorganized mess.

      I can’t help but note that you don’t even have enough confidence in her campaign and what it represents to put your own name to your defense of her candidacy. That in and of itself speaks volumes.

      You can go back to your safe space now.

        1. Anonymous

          Yes, be a little responsible for yourself instead of expecting everyone else to finance your life. I, for one, am not willing to pay another dime of tax so that everybody can go to college for nothing.

          I’m sorry, did that hurt your feelings?

          1. Anonymous

            Is that why our debt is at an absurd level and we are being bottlenecked because you guys still haven’t paid for the last 50 years? We will quit griping once you guys pay off the credit card you ran with. We don’t need a free education if we can get one at the price you got. Same with homes, vehicles, and just about everything you guys consider a luxury. You guys had it made and peed it down your legs. Step aside boomers.

        2. Jupiter Base Lansing

          Getting things free is great! Every fast food joint I go to I always grab all the toilet paper rolls after I use the mens room, grab all the condiment packs and napkins they have in the lobby and order the cheapest item on the menu and walk out. Government free things are even better!

          Kamala Harris – Bernie Sanders 2020 or bust!

    2. Anonymous

      Clara Hart supported Bernie Sanders, so I wish her no luck in running for office. The state and country don’t need Socialists gaining any power. You sound like a pretty sensitive type, but sometimes the truth hurts.

      Not of a bar you set if a successful campaign is getting one vote. I guess you are a big booster of participation trophies.

  2. grudznick

    It is, indeed, tough to get worse candidates than young Mr. Ahlers, but apparently they have done so. grudznick’s money is on Mr. Ahlers mopping up with this one in the primaries.

  3. Jackrabit1

    My take… Watching baby boomers and millennials bash each other is like watching your parent and the kid from their second marriage throw temper tantrums at each other. And you’re watching from a distance, rolling your eyes, thinking, “Whatever,” and going back to work. #GenXForLife

  4. Troy

    If Democrats want to expend money and effort on a candidate like Ms. Hart, it is their choice. Just don’t wonder why your party has absolutely no relevance. It is of your own making.