Belle Fourche man said to be second Republican in for District 28 Senate Seat

img_2244.jpgI’m hearing tonight that the race for the District 28 Senate Seat is a little more crowded this evening.

I’m told Belle Fourche City Councilman Steven Ritch is throwing his name in the ring for the seat being vacated by Betty Olson, which up to today had former State Senator Ryan Maher as the sole competitor for the seat.

Ritch describes himself on Twitter as a “Common sense Conservative with an unquestionable set of morals undeniable loyalty and unintimidated.”  Ritch was also tweeting recently that “Governor Dougaard is quickly becoming an enemy to SD conservatives as he pushes his heavily moderate agenda.”

(I wonder if he’s going to tell us what he really thinks?)

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    1. Cliff Hadley

      Loyalty’s a two-way street. Hope “common-sense conservative” isn’t in the Trumpian sense, though.

  1. Anonymous

    Daugaard didn’t campaign on medicaid expansion or tax increases.

    But neither did the GOP super majorities.

    Feels a little like the 25% of the vote that Wismer got in the election was a powerful 25%.

  2. El Rayo X

    The Dirk Diggler of west river politics. I think a citizens grand jury better take a look at this guy.

  3. Anonymous

    the people on here are apparently so quick to judge…..let us hear from him…first get on the ballot and then let u hear where he stands on the issues…

  4. anon1

    Coming out against one of the most popular Governor’s in the state’s history is probably not a good way to start a campaign…just sayin’.

    Love the leisure suit though!! Wonder if he got it at John Travolta’s rummage sale?

    1. Anonymous


      You are obviously pretty close to this tax “win”. Dennis won because of who he was, maybe it was you that turned him into something else? Not impressed

  5. Troy Jones

    Obama (approval rating under 50%): All Democrats embrace him in primaries.

    Daugaard (Approval rating over 65%): Ritch pushes away in primary.

    Certainly unorthodox.

    We’ll see how it pans out.

    1. Springer

      If you took a poll after this legislative session, would Daugaard’s approval rating still be as high – (expanded Medicaid wished for and still on the plate, higher taxes for teachers this year and for roads etc last year, vetoing the sensible transgender bill). Just wondering. A lot of us are a little less enthused about his stances lately. Not to forget his support of Common Core.

  6. Steven W. Ritch

    First of all, thank you all for the comments, all criticism is welcome as long as it is constructive instead of destructive.

    I would like to address that I have been for as long as I can remember, a constitutional conservative. And no, when I say common sense i do not mean in the Trumpian way of thinking.

    I stand for small businesses, not only in my hometown of Belle Fourche, but all small businesses, who constantly feel bullied and ripped off by their government.

    I am not concerned with the politics as usual in Pierre, or anywhere for that matter. I am concerned with the everyday people that I represent, and the ones I would be representing if elected.

    I stand against Daugaards “raise” that will force cuts in many small school districts, and has SD seeing it’s largest tax increase in over a decade.

    I stand in opposition to Daugaards veto of the “bathroom bill.” This bill was not meant to be discriminatory but rather preventative.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    -Steven W. Ritch

  7. Tony Sayer

    I always find it interesting when some new guy or gal tries to throw a chunky shoe into a SD race how everybody reacts. There is almost this “how dare he” sorta attitude on behalf of the voter. My mind drifts back to simple psych college classes and the subject of Stockholm Syndrome. Is there a variation of that which is what is wrong with the voter in our fair state? Are we beholden to a tight-knit group of people allowed into Pierre because they have the handshake or membership card, and we’ll attack anyone that dare challenge our prairie plutocracy. Or perhaps a super-majority has eroded our praise of democratic competition in elections? I mean, let him run! He wins or he doesn’t but quit defending what essentially is “electoral appointments” and rather praise the tenets of democracy that allow for any citizen to seek the votes of the population.


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