Big batch of Legislative candidates turned in petitions yesterday

So, I spent yesterday in Pierre hanging out and working with a project I’m going to assisting with. And there were a number of state legislative candidates who turned in petitions as they rolled into town. Here’s the official list:

State Senator Jack Kolbeck REP 1/13/20 District 13
State Senator Joshua Klumb REP 1/13/20 District 20
State Representative Hugh M. Bartels REP 1/13/20 District 05
State Representative Ernie Otten Jr REP 1/13/20 District 06
State Representative Randy Gross REP 1/13/20 District 08
State Representative Rebecca L Reimer REP 1/13/20 District 26B
State Representative Dayle D. Hammock REP 1/13/20 District 31
State Representative Mary Fitzgerald REP 1/13/20 District 31

I was also catching that some races are getting more interesting.  I heard that current District 24 State Senator Jeff Monroe, who is precluded from seeking another term as a result of term limits, intends to run in the District 24 House race, expanding that primary to 4, possibly 5 people.

I heard that several races in Sioux Falls were possibly fluid.. and there will be more to come on that.

Had the opportunity to meet new District 19 State Representative Marty Overweg. Very nice guy, and in speaking with him, he’s getting up to speed, and is looking forward to the legislative session.

On non-legislative business, I spoke with an elected official who told a fairly concerning experience which underlined the need for an increased security protocol for the State Capitol.  Having gone through the new security screen on my way in, it’s less than a minor inconvenience, and less than what you have to go through to attend a major league ball game.

Keep on reading.. more legislative coverage to come.