“Big Bull something…” Dakota Posts busy tonight, poking at Senator Nelson again.

From Dakota Posts on Facebook:

21 Replies to ““Big Bull something…” Dakota Posts busy tonight, poking at Senator Nelson again.”

  1. Anonymous

    This may be the most accurate one yet! INTERNET TOUGH GUY!

    He is willing to post publicly on the liberal blog, but only posts anonymously here!

    1. Anonymous


      He is the biggest RINO of them all….

      Who has stood with Rick Weiland and criticized Republicans?

      Who has hid in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out to vote on an NRA bill?

      Who has never attacked a Democrat but constantly attacks Republicans?

      Who claims to be a conservative and has never gotten one conservative bill signed into law?

      That pretty much defines a REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY for me.

      1. Tara Volesky

        I am pretty good at it. I would say Stace is a true conservative. Just check his voting record.

        1. Anonymous

          has he ever passed a bill that he sponsored? (not co-sponsored where he jumped on someone else’s coattails)

    1. Anonymous

      Probably better than you could do, Ike. Maybe, unlike liberals, the Dakota Post is trying to exercise fiscal responsibility.

      1. Ike

        Actually, I can do better. I feed my family by selling my artwork. If cheap and crappy are your definition of “fiscal responsibility”, I won’t be attending dinner parties at your house anytime soon. 😛

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