Big changes at Family Heritage Alliance

Big changes are afoot at the Family Heritage alliance. First and foremost, is the resignation of Dale Bartscher who has led the organization for many years, who is apparently leaving to pursue other opportunities.

An email came out tonight, noting in part:

Dale Bartscher has tendered his resignation. Dale is looking forward to a few weeks of rest and relaxation and then will be pursuing new career opportunities. As most are well aware, Dale’s unparalleled energy, enthusiasm, and networking skills catapulted the FHA organizations into a prominent role in South Dakota public policy and faith based activism. For that, we and this great state will continue to be grateful.  

The boards are also enthusiastic to announce some big changes in the rest of our leadership team. Ed Randazzo, who has served this organization faithfully for the last two years as our Public Policy Advisor, will assume the role of Director of Legislative Operations and will function as Chief of Staff. We anticipate Mr. Randazzo bringing to bear his exceptional knowledge of public policy and his many relationships across our state as we enhance our critical work in South Dakota’s political arena.

Stay tuned for more!

14 Replies to “Big changes at Family Heritage Alliance”

  1. Steve Hickey

    All the best to Dale. Amazing energy and attitude and he worked to build the FHA from scratch into what it is today. Looking forward to his announcement for this next career move. Perhaps he’s running for office? Perhaps he’s going to work for a national family group? Back to pastoral ministry?

    1. Anonymous

      The felon on the lamb known as the “Reverand Al Sharpton,” oops that’s the slimy black guy. Hard to tell the slimy opportunistic liberals apart.

  2. Al Novstrup

    Dale did an excellent job and will be missed if he leaves the legislative process.

  3. Troy Jones

    Thank you for your service.

    While we had met, two descriptions of him have always stuck with me.

    “He exudes good.” “He is patient and willing to build one brick at a time.”

  4. Chad Krier

    Dale is an honorable man who did exceptionally well the Lord’s work.

    Thank you Dale!

    1. Anonymous

      That would be a big shift. Ed isn’t a pastor like Dale. Scott Craig should step in. He’s a strong leader and would be a good face for FHA.

  5. Troy Jones

    My attempt to read between the lines is the press release seems to imply Randazzo isn’t assuming Bartscher position in whole and it is related to the fact Randazzo isn’t a minister.

    There are literally 100’s of political advocacy groups in the state but only a few who do so from a religious/spiritual perspective. If FHA’s face isn’t a minister, they run the risk of being one of 100’s and not one of a handful.

    1. Anon

      Agreed, I read the “more news to come” and the fact that Ed will be Chief of Staff to mean that someone will be brought in over him to be the face of the organization. Ed will probably take the lead lobbyist role that Dale had though.