Big GOP Dinner tonight at the Ramkota in Pierre.

Hughes and Stanley County Republicans are having their Lincoln Day Dinner tonight at the Ramkota inn in Pierre about 7pm.

Kristi Noem, Marty Jackley, & Mark Mickelson will be speaking, and Chris Nelson has teased an announcement, which I suspect is that he’s running again.

This event is sure to be a big draw, especially given the speculation of Noem, Jackley & Mickelson being in the hunt for Governor in 2018.

Social hour is at 5:30 PM, and the dinner begins at 6:30. Tickets are $30 each, and available at the door.

There is talk that the Democrats are having an event tonight in Fort Pierre as well. It just depends if the big table at Perkins is open. 

Although, they may get kicked out if they don’t order something.

2 Replies to “Big GOP Dinner tonight at the Ramkota in Pierre.”

  1. Anonymous

    Please come and remind these Republicans that we don’t raise taxes and expand entitlement programs. District 24 was one of the biggest no votes for increasing taxes in 2012 at the ballot box and their representatives need to remember that. If they want to campaign on raising taxes and expanding entitlements then let’s hear why they disagree with our Republican platform!
    The candidates for Governor should also take a position on these two very important subjects as this will separate the candidates very clearly.

  2. grudznick

    The Democrat event is rumored to be at the senior citizens center in Ft. Pierre. What is that saying?