Billie Sutton expounds on why he didn’t want to run with a Dem on the ticket, running mate has a notecard so she’s ready for the question.

Democrat Candidate for Governor Billie Sutton is expounding on why he chose a Republican to switch parties to run with as his Lt. Governor instead of looking to his own party of failed ideas and failed candidates:

And it’s a move that has yielded adverse results for Democrat Scott Heidepriem, who ran with Republican Ben Arndt and came up short in 2010.

Despite that, Sutton said the pick furthers his promise to work across the aisle and to bring people together.

“This proves it unequivocally,” Sutton said. “We’ve chosen a well-respected Republican to join our team and shows that I’m willing to work with anybody as long as the idea is good.”


“It’s true, I’ve been a Republican for decades, but that didn’t matter when I met Billie,” Lavallee said at the announcement. “We share the same values and that’s all that really matters.”

Ahead of the news conference, Lavallee scanned through notes in a folder, which included her speech. Among the pages, an Argus Leader reporter spotted a note card with the question, “Do you consider yourself a D?”

Read it here.

Billie Sutton seems to spend an inordinate amount of time pretending to be like Republicans, when at the end of the day he’s still just a Democrat.

And Democrats are already on social media telling people they expect a convention challenge to Sutton’s pick who has to have a note card with “Do you consider yourself a D.”

4 Replies to “Billie Sutton expounds on why he didn’t want to run with a Dem on the ticket, running mate has a notecard so she’s ready for the question.”

  1. Troy Jones

    This is really weird. They met, they fell in love, they are going to move in together.

    At least with Heidepriem, there was a personal connection outside politics.

    Sidenote: Saw she describes herself as “socially progressive.” What does that mean? She talks to people at a party working herself from the outside in or the inside out? I read a funny satire editorial that it is just a dog whistle for “I’m not a meany like (fill in the blank).”

  2. enquirer

    i think the triangulation has been made that for the long term re-growth of the lost ground, democrats have to pro-actively try and rebuild the core of the ‘janklow-democrat’ and ‘daschle-republican’ factions. just a thought.

  3. Anonymous

    By picking an advocate of abortion, Sutton demonstrated that he will not stand up to the radical Left and will govern as they wish.
    Furthermore, Sutton claimed that Levallee is a “well-respected Republican”, but neither I nor anyone else with whom I have spoken about her knew anything about her before her selection as Sutton’s running mate.


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