Billie Sutton for Gov Campaign Finance Report. 200k from PACs, 135k from Candidate Committees, claiming 42k in goods and services.

Democrat Candidate for Governor Billie Sutton sent out a presser this AM trying to get ahead of his campaign finance report, and bragged up that he had raised $87k over the course of the last year.

Well, if you’re using “Billie math,” sure, you could say that. But his campaign finance report shows a truer picture:

Billie Sutton 2017 Campaign Finance Disclosure Report by Pat Powers on Scribd

Of this 871k he’s claiming, 42k of it is “goods and services,” where he itemizes every raffle donation. $135,000 of it comes from direct transfers from other candidate committees, including 100k from Tim Johnson. $7k are from county dem party groups. There’s $200k from Political Action Committees, $18k from businesses and corporations, $20k from Union groups, etcetera and so on.

The more important numbers are that he raised $383,000 from individuals on an itemized basis (over $75k of that came directly from family), and $55k on an unitemized basis. It’s ok, but far less impressive than the $871k total that the campaign is touting.

But, don’t take my word for it. Read the report yourself.

11 Replies to “Billie Sutton for Gov Campaign Finance Report. 200k from PACs, 135k from Candidate Committees, claiming 42k in goods and services.”

  1. anono

    my first blush, to be honest, is that $871k for any Democrat running in SD is a pretty solid effort. I don’t think it will matter come next November, but this is more impressive than expected

      1. Miranda Gohn


        Out of competitive respect for Marty Jackley and Kristi Noem along with the well oiled machine of the SDGOP they will more than likely far exceed any non SDGOP candidate for major statewide races in fundraising.

  2. Miranda Gohn

    When I drove to Burke, SD and met with Billy I was very impressed. He was totally focused, business oriented and knows what numbers he needed. Great unifying vision and people person that is grounded. Reminded me of a family member that is an investment broker. All positive!

  3. "Very Stable Genius"

    The anti-Trump crowd is motivated, what can I say. It won’t be a bloodbath for the GOP in SD in 2018, but their caucus will be smaller and their only opportunity to visit the Governor’s mansion in 2019 might only be as guests….


  4. anon1

    One of the hardest parts of running a campaign is asking for money. It seems it would be doubly hard when you ask a friend or family member to help fund a campaign when you know you have zero chance of winning. But, I guess the donors are grownups and can make their own decisions.


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