Billie Sutton releases 2 weeks’ worth of e-mails after prior promise to release eight years’ worth.

Democrat Candidate Billie Sutton apparently accepted a challenge from the Rapid City Journal promised to release all of his emails while he has been a state legislator, a total of nearly eight years’ worth. and is now getting called out on it, because… because he has’t exactly delivered:

After he proposed legislation to expose government emails to public review, state senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton accepted a challenge from the Journal on Oct. 26 to release the emails from his legislative account.

But he has not yet delivered. His attempts to divulge his emails have been stalled, he has since said, by Legislative Research Council concerns about the potential release of confidential information.


Sutton, of Burke, added that because of the time involved and the lack of help from the LRC, he will release only a couple of weeks’ worth of emails.

Read it here.

“Promises made… but not delivered.”

Not exactly the narrative a candidate for Governor wants to communicate.

4 Replies to “Billie Sutton releases 2 weeks’ worth of e-mails after prior promise to release eight years’ worth.”

  1. Miranda Gohn

    I can only speculate that this is probably one of the busiest if not THE busiest time of the year for Billie Sutton working at the bank handling customer investments and other matters concerning the end of the year besides running for Governor. It was one of the busiest of the year times for me helping customers purchase or lease vehicles much of which was for end of year tax reasons.

    The release of those emails more than likely have been delayed.

  2. grudznick

    He should crack the whip on those LRC staffers he has and tell them to get to it. If Mr. Sutton cannot edit a handful of emails beyond 2 weeks how will 1000 social workers edit out all the confidential information from their emails every day and post them on the web? We may need to create a new department of Email Reading, Redacting, or Reviewing.



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