Bjorkman Broke Top Campaign Pledge, Took $$$ from Special Interest Lobbyists

Despite claiming he would not take any money from “special interests,” Republican Congressional Candidate Dusty Johnson is pointing out that the Tim Bjorkman campaign has reported raising thousands of dollars from Washington, DC lobbyists.

According to Johnson the lobbyists who have funded Bjorkman’s campaign advocate for the medical device industry, oil companies, health insurers, commercial banks, and mortgage lenders.

One of those cases of Bjorkman demanding that people do as he says… not as he does.

11 Replies to “Bjorkman Broke Top Campaign Pledge, Took $$$ from Special Interest Lobbyists”

  1. Anon

    Wish I could’ve seen the video when this was brought up. I bet Bjorkman shifted into a different gear of derangement.

  2. Thunder Valley

    Bjorkman will lose by 16 points. In a stunning surprise, Dusty steps down after winning and Gov. Daugaard appoints runner-up Ron Wiezcoreck to the seat.

  3. Troy Jones

    I think it is good people can be friendly, even friends with whom they disagree, even on issues each find fundamental. I have voted for people I do not want to spend a minute in their personal presence. I have not voted for people I have given the key to my house.

    Many people in politics generally like people and can usually find ways to speak well of their person. I am struck by how many of these people pause when speaking of Bjorkman. They sometimes can’t put their finger on it but when they do it is a derivation of they are not sure they see who he really is.

  4. Anonymous

    Which local news outlet will be reporting on this? KDLT? KELO? SDPB? Certainly the Argus will run with this story?

  5. One Who's Glad Not to Be There

    Troy-I believe you donated to my campaign on a couple occasions and to be perfectly frank (but don’t call me Frank) I’m tickled pink that I don’t have to spend a minute in your wobbly and weak go-along to get along establishment controlled presence. I also have zero interest in receiving the keys to your house and honestly, that’s also really kinda creepy. And if ur all wondering, Tim was a liberal democrat judge much like many many many liberal dem judges appointed over the yrs by Rounds and Dauguard and the establishment gang.

  6. Lincoln County Delegate

    I watched the KELO debate and boy did Bjorkman come off as nervous and unprepared. He looked like Nixon in 1960.


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