Bob Ellis abandoned GOP because we’re not manly enough for him. Maybe he should be more like Princess Elsa and “Let it go.”

According to the latest at American Clarion, I guess some of us might need to add “dually” tires to our full-size pickups, spit more tobacco, and make more fart jokes. Because BY GOSH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ISN’T MANLY ENOUGH FOR BOB ELLIS!:

He’s exactly right. Weenies don’t fight. Wimps don’t fight. Wusses don’t fight. Oh, they’ll whine and bellyache all day long.  But have you ever seen a weenie fight a determined enemy? Have you ever seen a wimp stick his neck out to fight a vicious enemy? Have you ever seen a wuss take on tyranny?

I tried desperately (and in vain) to point this out in 2014 during the U.S. Senate race in South Dakota last year.


And some people wonder why I am no longer seen in “Republican” and “pro-family” circles and events anymore. (The smell of urine is overwhelming)

I desperately hope the people of the United States are much wiser with their choice of presidential candidates than the gutless excuse for “conservatives” and “Republicans” in South Dakota have been.

Read it here.

(Uh oh. Bob must have seen my ill-fated attempts to kill the fly pestering me at my desk while I’m trying to work today. Dammit. I wasn’t manly enough to take that sucker down. )

Between Bob’s comments today, his Rambo Jesus versus Wuss Christ declarations, and his endless obsession over gay sex, I’m just wondering how wimpified all the rest of you pasty man-boy Republicans have become to lose his support like this! Candidates – If you want his support in the 2016 election, you all had better get to working out to build those muscles, so Bob can see the pictures of you all manly & bulky and oiled up! (Thongs optional when you send those to Bob, BTW).

Seriously though, I can hardly stop laughing over the silliness of it all.  Have the Gordon Howie lapdogs like Bob Ellis just lost all connection with reality and polite society?  Between Bob Ellis talking about people being wussy, and Lora Hubbel talking about politicians needing “bigger balls,” I’ve kind of lost track of what grade we’re all supposed to be in.

Fine. They hate the Republican party. Bob voted against the Republican in the last election, and calls us all names, and Lora converted to indy. And calls us all names. We get that. Somehow, we’ll figure out a way to soldier on.

But if that going to be your position, why do they continue to rail on about it? Shouldn’t they by like the magic princess in “Frozen” (..which having a young daughter, I’ve seen far too many times), and just “Let it go.”  Of course, having mentioned that, I’m sure I’ll be told I’m introducing my kids to demons, since in the movie she has magic powers.

The point is that no one is forced to participate in Republican politics. Nope. Not at all. If a person wants to, they’re very welcome to. But don’t expect to be sat at the table when you spend your time calling people names like a 2nd grader. You’re far more likely to be mocked, and no one is going to want to play with you. Or take anything you say seriously.

There are a lot of Republicans at the grassroots who actually do drive the debate, and the direction of the party in remaining true to conservative roots. They do it every day in their communities, and as part of something bigger at the state level. But those who spend their time calling everyone names? Not so much.

They’re purely there for entertainment purposes only.

7 Replies to “Bob Ellis abandoned GOP because we’re not manly enough for him. Maybe he should be more like Princess Elsa and “Let it go.””

  1. enquirer

    i guess the hard right is really the hard right. seriously though it’s a shame the state’s far-right groups can’t simply get their bills passed without people pointing out the many problems with them. it’s a shame there isn’t a physical component to political in-fighting, like push-up contests or something. it’s a shame that chess can’t be played with a hammer in each hand, whack a mole style.

    1. Heisenberg

      Yawn… who cares what Bob Ellis thinks?

      I like your idea about the physical component, but have what I think is a better idea. Hey, we all have guns. Let’s just shoot it out like Rambo Jesus would have us do. Then the Republicans who are smaller and weaker would have equal opportunity.

  2. Per Curiam

    “Let’s just shoot it out like Rambo Jesus ”

    Next thing you’ll be calling Obama a Muslim!

    What an intolerant bigot.

  3. Sodak No.1

    Bob Ellis should start his own party… They could all meet in his basement and play their Orwellian game of ” ignorance is strength”… and eat cookies and arm wrestle…

  4. enquirer

    bless his heart, bob ellis just wants to help establish the best possible country for all of us to live in. however he loses sight of the fact that 95 percent of the population is going to continually make the place unfit for him to live in because they’re going to demand their piece of the freedom to do with as they wish, individually and collectively.