Bolin – Three Jockeying for Governor (You know their names).

From the Sioux City Journal, State Representative Jim Bolin was talking about 2018 recently, and made note of some stuff he probably read here at DWC:

He said Republicans are already jockeying to line up support in order to become candidates in 2018 for the governor post, since Daugaard won a second term in 2014.

Since the state is so heavily Republican, winning the party’s primary in late spring almost guarantees winning the governor spot in November, Bolin said.


Bolin said three Republicans have a strong interest in being governor in 2018. He said the list includes Attorney General Marty Jackley, Sioux Falls lawmaker Mark Mickelson, a son and grandson of two former governors, and U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem. That latter name caught my attention, as Noem would be making a big move to leave the House for a state executive position.

Read it all here.

All this 2018 gubernatorial speculation will certainly guarantee one thing – we’ll continue to see all three of them attending Lincoln Day Dinners across the state!  🙂


19 Replies to “Bolin – Three Jockeying for Governor (You know their names).”

  1. Anonymous

    Noem is not independently wealthy.

    I don’t see her taking a $75k pay cut to run a competitive primary for governor or wanting to move to Pierre if she wins.

    She will win the house seat as long as she wants to be there.

  2. Anonymous

    If Noem doesn’t get in that race there are several others I could see considering it. Such as Matt Michels, Corey Brown, Russ Olson, Mike Rounds…

  3. Anon

    Matt Michels is a name that intrigues me. Haven’t heard much speculation on a campaign for him. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Anderbilt

      Isn’t it true though, that in polling of groups including SD Chamber of Commerce members, for all the talk there is of other candidates and no talk from or about Michels, that Michels name goes immediately to the top of potential Gubernatorial candidates? Very interesting.

      1. Anderbilt

        I know if ballots were available this far out, I’d vote Michels now without a qualm and be done with it. Just sharing.

        1. Anderbilt

          Or NOT changed as it were. A lot of names are tossed around on this blog, but as far as larger top-of-mind recognition, outside of Noem I think you’d be hard-pressed to have any general public awareness statewide on more than a handful of people. Michels, Dusty Johnson, Chris Nelson, etc.


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