Bollen Pleads Guilty to Unauthorized Disposal of Personal Property Subject to Security Interest

Bollen Pleads Guilty to Unauthorized Disposal of Personal Property Subject to Security Interest

PIERRE, S.D. – Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that Joop Bollen, 53, Aberdeen has pled guilty to one count of unauthorized disposal of personal property subject to security interest, class 6 felony, punishable by up to 2 years imprisonment in the state penitentiary and/or $4,000 fine.

“I am pleased that Bollen has accepted responsibility and admitted wrongdoing for the misuse of funds relating to EB5 and SDRC Inc.,” said Jackley. “This matter has been resolved favorably for the State, and Bollen has agreed to cooperate in the future if needed.”

Bollen was sentenced to 2 years probation and a $2,000 fine.
The case was investigated by the Division of Criminal Investigation and prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office.

157 Replies to “Bollen Pleads Guilty to Unauthorized Disposal of Personal Property Subject to Security Interest”

  1. Anonymous

    Joop got off so easy on this and it is too bad he was not put in a position to really let South Dakotans know what really happened and who was involved. Was this a surprise in how all this turned out in the land of Great Faces Great Spaces? Absolutely not!

    1. Winston

      Holy epic attack blitz by Team Noem in the comments below. Pretty clear it is one person. I’ve noticed the comment section on this blog has blown up with Jackley attacks ever since she got in the race. Boy does her team play dirty.

      1. Anonymous

        Instead of blaming team Noem if you’re a Marty supporter what are you trying to defend his actions. apparently if you don’t like the facts you just change the subject

      2. Marty Capone

        And how do you explain house concurrent resolution eight? The legislature has been so disappointed with Jackley that they have asked for an independent investigator. Theses are the facts.

      3. Marty Capone

        And how do you explain house concurrent resolution eight? The legislature has been so disappointed with Jackley that they have asked for an independent investigator. Theses are the facts The legislature is disappointed with him and his is in action.

      4. Anonymous

        I see these as well deserved criticisms because Marty didn’t throw this criminal in jail. I followed this case from the beginning and Joop Bollen has all the characteristics of a mobster. He took millions from the Chinese and South Dakota taxpayer funds for his personal use. And what is our legal system do you doing basically nothing.

        1. Anonymous

          Marty has lost my vote he’s supporting medical marijuana no one has been put in jail for EB5 or GearUp, his campaign manager ran the Marsy’s Law campaign while he writes the ballot measure opinions which is the complete conflict of interest, and he’s using his own State employees such as assistant attorney general Jerome Pankratz, as part of his campaign team. He had a fundraiser that had the RSVP to Jerome Pankratz. Marty Jackley is the definition of a corrupt politician.

      5. Mike T

        I agree- the vast majority of posts on this story are clearly written by one or two people. This wasn’t happening until Congressewoman Noem got into the race. Now that she is in, it has been non-stop attack posts against Marty. Her people are ruining this blog.

        1. Anonymous

          or Marty has been shooting himself in the foot after the election and people are commenting about it.

    2. show up at your Cracker Barrel

      Contact your local legislator and ask them why Marty let Joop Bollen walk free. Justice has not been served and we deserve answers. Bernie Madoff committed a similar crime and is serving life in prison. Jackley has some explaining to do and we deserve answers.

    3. Anonymous

      I can’t believe Marty let this guy off with a $2000 fine. He took millions of dollars from Chinese investors and South Dakota taxpayers. Bernie Madoff basically committed the same crime and is spending the rest of his life in prison while Joop Bollen got a fine of $2000 and has two years probation. AG Jackley has done a fine job protecting Senator Rounds buddy, this is crony capitalism, corrupt politicians at its finest. Marty is part of the problem and exactly what Trump fought against for the people of the United States are sick of this type of treatment. Voting for Marty for governor is like voting for Hillary for president it’s time to end this.

  2. Shame on Marty

    Wow, this is AG Jackley’s form of justice? Millions of dollars gone and Rounds’s buddy Bollen walks free. Marty Capone should resign for being corrupt. This is crony capitalism at it best!

    1. Red

      And here come the Noem Trolls. Their constant trashing of Marty reminds me of the 2002 primary. SD voters deserve better. The FBI investigated this and didn’t file charges, Jackley is the only one who brought charges and should be commended for it.

      1. Draft Michels

        Commended for letting this guy walk? Millions of dollars gone and he didn’t spend a single day in jail and you’re saying Marty should be commended for this. You’ve drank too much Jackley kool-aid.

  3. Anonymous

    This is why there should have been an independent investigator. Because Jackley is just another corrupt politician!

      1. Anonymous

        A lot because Marty’s a pretty easy target. He’s supporting medical marijuana what Republican does that that basically just painted a big X on his back. Change that X to a D for Democrat

  4. anon1

    Wow…Thanks a lot, Marty… Just when the legislature is dealing with a messed-up ethics bill, you let one of the highest-profile scandals in our recent history off with a hand-slap!!

    Not only was this a bad plea deal, but by releasing it now, you obviously could care less about making matters worse for the legislators…

    1. Anon

      Judges sentence, Attorney Generals prosecute. The people blaming Marty for the sentence are clearly politically motivated.

      1. Anonymous

        A class 6 felony and with the weak SB70 statutes that Jackley supported they knew by agreeing to it, he would get probation…this is a joke and I am no Noem troll.

      2. Anonymous

        Not politically motivated at all. Just sick of the scandals and cover ups yet no was is really held accountable. One of the scandals hit my hometown and know some of business and property owners who took a financial hit. Workers lost their jobs, Chinese investors got scammed making our state look bad, millions of dollars vanish, shady off shore banking & business entities involved. Makes one wonder what South Dakota Values really are.

      3. Anonymous

        This happened three years ago millions of dollars are gone and he couldn’t put together a case that put this guy in jail I consider that incompetence. So yes I do blame Jackley and not the courts.

    1. Cliff Hadley

      Actually, we don’t. IM22 wouldn’t have made any impact on EB-5 and Gear Up, which are self-dealing programs awash in federal cash and goodies.Easy to scam. Don’t like the deal worked out so far with Bollen? That’s short-sighted. There’s more coming most likely. He’ll pay a price. Benda already did.

    1. Anon

      Hey Noem staffer, get back to work. Marty doesn’t get to decide if he goes to jail, that is what judges are for.

      1. Anonymous

        Yes he does….wake up and stop hiding behind the judges….SB 70…class 6 ==presumptive probation

      2. Anonymous

        I’m a draft Matt Michels person. So I love seeing the Jackley staffers blame Noem staffers for Marty getting bashed for being a corrupt politician. Fight all you want when MM decides to run he’ll leave Marty in the dust.

      3. All in for Matt

        He Jackley staffers argue the facts. Defend your bosses weak punishment of Joop Bollen I’m sure the voters of SD would love to hear why.

      4. Anonymous

        The Jackley staffers can’t argue the facts so they continue to blame Noem for comments being made here. I’m not a Noem staffer and I think it’s offensive of team Jackley to say so.

      5. Anonymous

        That’s right Marty just decides whether not to prosecute Rounds buddies and how far to push it.

  5. Anonymous

    This will certainly strike fear and prevent anyone from ever considering stealing millions from this state! I hope he survives his 2 years of probation to tell a cautionary tale to others considering theft of South Dakota funds.

    1. Anonymous

      South Dakota will always be home with a love for the people, land and history both good and bad but everyone knows deep down it has and always will be “Pay to Play” here in the state.

  6. Anonymous

    A $2000 fine? Does that even cover the cost of prosecuting him? I somehow doubt it. Exactly how much of the stolen money was returned? WTF Marty?

  7. Marty Capone

    Marty Capone should run for Governor in Illinois where he would be in good company with other corrupt politicians.

  8. Anonymous

    It’s about as much as the guy who stole the state flag got:

    DeVries also was ordered to pay $1,500, “in lieu of a fine;” it is “to pay the costs to assist in the future preservation and protection of the ‘Original State Flag,’” Jackley said in the news release.

  9. Anonymous

    Marty Jackley should resign. Can the legislature investigate this or call for a special investigation? Millions of dollars gone and Bollen got a $2,000 fine.

  10. Troy Jones

    OK. Let’s not go off without all the facts.

    1) This was a plea agreement on ONE of the charges against Bollen.

    2) There are still other charges filed

    3) The punishment for this level of crime was deferred to the judge.

    When this investigation was launched, I estimated it would take longer to get a conviction on all the charges. I assume the investigation is continuing on the more serious charges.

    1. William Beal

      I agree this needs to be clarified, to fully understand exactly what this plea means.

      What I’ve seen on multiple reports is that Bollen plead guilty to one of five charges against him. I’ve nothing, at this point, that confirms this is either an ongoing process or the resolution of the case.

      I’ll add, IMHO the law regarding the maximum penalties for this type of crime appear to be weak.

    2. Cliff Hadley

      And, Mr. Jones, I think we can safely assume that Mr. Bollen knows where he and Mr. Benda stashed the millions. Maybe he’ll sing to plead down the more serious charges.

  11. Anonymous

    What millions are missing? This story has gotten so blown out of proportion it’s hardly recognizable. If there was proof of any of this theft the state and FBI would have been all over it years ago! Made up tabloid sensationalism!
    No big scandal to see here!
    If any of you have the proof, step forward!

    1. Anonymous

      Chinese investors had to put in $500,000 a piece to be a part of this deal that’s the millions of dollars that I’m talking about I’m sure they’d be happy to know that Joop Bollen didn’t even get any jail time and got a tiny little fine for screwing people out of money.

      1. Anonymous

        This is pretty much what Bernie Madoff did and he is serving a life sentence, but then again he wasn’t going to Rounds’s buddies so…

  12. Anonymous

    I have lost all respect for Jackley. There’s a reason the voters passed IM22 and it because of back room deals like this. Jackley is an embarrassment.

  13. Anonymous

    I have lost all respect for Jackley. There’s a reason the voters passed IM22 and it because of back room deals like this. Jackley is an embarrassment. Did Bollen contribute to Jackley for Governor?

    1. SD Conservative

      The repetitive attack posts by Team Noem are painfully obvious. We are a year and a half from the Primary and she is already in full attack mode. I am disgusted by her team’s actions.

      1. Anonymous

        and the repeative unfounded attacks claiming they are Noem people is even more ridiculous….you wonder why IM 22 passed it is because EB 5 and gear up look bad and it looks like GOP people like jackley are dragging their feet and giving away plea deals like this ….wooo one class 6

        1. Anonymous

          I agree I don’t think this is the team Noem. Marty has had many missteps in the last few months the latest being him supporting medical marijuana in South Dakota. I think a lot of these comments are coming from your typical war college commenters.

        2. Delegate

          I agree I don’t think this is team Noem. Marty has had many missteps in the last few months the latest being him supporting medical marijuana in South Dakota. I think a lot of these comments are coming from your typical war college commenters.

      2. Anonymous

        I’ve made multiple post and I’m team Matt Michels. Marty is a terrible AG and would make a terrible Governor. If MM doesn’t run I will vote for Noem.

      3. All in for Matt

        I’ve made multiple post and I’m team Matt Michels. Marty is a terrible AG and would make a terrible Governor. If MM doesn’t run I will vote for Noem.

    2. Anon

      IM 22 is about campaign finance laws, state elected officials, and “Democracy Credits” that the Republicans will use to fund their political campaigns with taxpayer money. Any idea that the Democracy Credits will be funding Democrats’ campaigns is delusional. What makes anybody think that?
      IM 22 doesn’t have anything to do with cash-for-green-cards schemes cooked up by the federal state department.

  14. Anonymous

    If Jackley wanted to be Governor he should have thrown the book at this guy. I think this ruined any chance he had at being Governor.

  15. Anon

    I take the “Bollen has agreed to cooperate in the future if needed” as an indication that this isn’t the end of the EB-5 investigation, or criminal proceedings for Bollen. But that needs to be clarified. If this is it, that seems pretty weak.

  16. Anonymous

    Jackley is just taken care of Mikey Rounds buddy Joop Bollen. Marty was appointed by Rounds and has to be loyal to him and his millionaire friends. Did you really expect anything different from Marty Capone?

  17. Fled to Red

    “Bollen has agreed to cooperate in the future if needed

    I would take the “if needed” to indicate “probably not”.

  18. Anonymous

    Our Attorney General should resign over this. This is completely unacceptable. He is a despicable politician that is not upholding the law. This guy stole millions and didn’t see a single day of jail time. Jackley should be ashamed of himself.

  19. Anonymous

    I’m calling my legislators and demanding they look into this and question the Attorney General as to why he let this criminal walk free. South Dakota needs an ethics committee to review deals like this that absolutely stink of corruption!

    1. Already Tired of Noem

      The Noem Trolls are exhausting me. This crap wasn’t happening until Noem announced her run for governor, now her trolls are ruining this blog with their nonstop attacks.

      1. Anonymous

        Lets review…since the election Marty has come out for medical marijuana, agreed to a class 6 felony ….haven’t these events also happened by Marty’s own doing ….nothing to do with Noem, Marty is just wrong on both instances

      2. Anonymous

        Good response by team Marty, you can’t argue or defend what Marty did so you blame Noem for the peoples disgust with your boss.

      3. Anonymous

        That must be it… Jackley could never have made a deal this bad… It must have been Noem trolls…Give it up already!!

    2. Anonymous

      I agree the legislature should question Marty on why this guy walked. This is blatant incompetence and we should demand justice.

  20. Marty Capone

    Don’t forget his campaign manager ran the Marsy’s Law campaign and Marty writers the ballot measure opinions. He’s also using one of his state employees Assistant Attorney General Jeromy Pankratz who is paid $81,000 as the person to RSVP to for Marty’s fundraisers. Jackley is as corrupt as politicians come.

  21. Trump Support

    I can’t believe South Dakota’s Attorney General let this gangster off the hook. This is what wrong with South Dakota politicians and why the public doesn’t trust them. It’s time to drain the swamp at the AG’s office.

    1. Chris P

      The AG prosecuted him when the Feds would not. He didn’t let him off the hook he went after him.

  22. Anonymous

    This sentencing is laughable. Marty needs to pull a Mark Michelson and pull out of the Governors race. This is a dream come true for the Dems! Jackley has become a liability for GOP. If he wins the primary we will end up with Mayor Mike as our next Governor.

  23. Disappointed in Marty

    Medical marijuana and now this, I’ve lost all respect for Marty. I was an early supporter because he was the conservative in the Governors race, but now I see his true colors and they’re as blue as Barack Obama.

  24. Anonymous

    The Noem team looks scared that Jackley is getting guilty pleas out of this. Why else would they be flipping out?

  25. Anonymous

    This is ridiculous the Attorney General didn’t do his job and I agree with the other comments he should resign.

    1. Winston

      Let me get this straight. Jackley prosecuted Bollen and gets a guilty plea when the Democrat led Department of Justice investigated and decided not to prosecute…and now Democrats and Noem backers are saying Jackley should resign. These attacks are pathetic. I’m impressed Marty took on a tough case when the DOJ did nothing.

  26. Anonymous

    This is unexceptionable Jackley was elected to uphold the law and treat everyone the same instead he’s let Joop Bollen off with practically no punishment. I’m sure the Chinese investors that each gave $500,000 each would appreciate an explanation why their money is gone and the guy that is responsible received a $4,000 fine and no jail time.

  27. Troy Jones


    In general, whether they agree or disagree with my view, I consider anonymous comments most likely from people with an agenda and don’t take them nearly as serious as I do those who use a pseudonym or their actual name.

    That said, it is my personal observation they are rarely like an organized “Letter to the Editor” campaign (old school tactic) but one of the following:

    1) One person trying to give the impression the view is widespread (most common).

    2) Independent people who have decided the best thing they can do for their agenda is pounce on anything they can tangentially use to promote their agenda.

    3) More often than not their agenda is “anti” someone and not for someone. Thus, I don’t think they are part of “Team Noem” and may not be even for Noem. Just anti-Jackley.

    Now that I’m done with that. I think the rapid and quick denunciation of Jackley on this matter is unfair. This was always going to be hard to prove and became harder with Benda’s death. I’m not pleased after all this my friend is dead and Bollen is moving on. But, maybe it is just something I have to accept.

    1. Winston

      Troy- the rapid-fire attacks against Marty have been going on ever since Noem announce her run for governor. This is not a coincidence- it is an organized effort by her team to assasinate Marty’s character. It is disgusting, but this is how they play and it won’t stop. Unfortunately, we are going to have to put up with it for the next 15 months.

      1. Anon

        No kidding… the Noem people even stoop so low as to attack people that are helping on Marty’s campaign.

      2. Anon

        Do you have any proof of a coordinated effort? I think it is very likely that it is a coincidence. I’m sure most of the comments are from her supporters but that’s very different than her staff coordinating it. Your insistence that it must be coordinated because it started after she announced is ridiculous. Prior to her (and Jackley) announcing, Noem and Jackley were not opponents and therefore there would be no need for their supporters to attack each other. Once they both said they’re going to run for Governor, the sniping on this blog blew up. That can easily be considered a coincidence. I see no reason to believe that there is any type of coordinated effort. If either of their campaign staffs are spending their time instructing their supporters to comment on here, they’re wasting their time.

        1. Anonymous

          Let’s review the facts

          There is no proof that it is Noem’s staff commenting on here..many people like me are not Noem or Marty staff

          the sniping on Marty began after he starting making some bad decisions….

  28. Anonymous

    I am anti Jackley because he’s a corrupt politician and I don’t think he should be running for Governor.

  29. Anonymous

    Also anybody that really knows him knows that he’s an arrogant elitist. He’s a fraud and a fake around constituents. Ask any of the lobbyist what they think of them.

  30. Anonymous

    Troy Jones I disagree with you I think the people are disappointed with the outcome of this trial we expect Justice But instead what we see is the guy we got a slap on the wrist for what the rest of us he has a pretty significant crime.

  31. Anonymous

    I really hope that Michels runs. He’s not a career politician and has a great life story. Matt is a very intelligent man and a deep thinker and I believe he would serve South Dakota well. He would be the best alternative to Jackley.

  32. Anonymous

    Marty is lost my vote I’ve supported him for a long time but after supporting bring in medical marijuana in to South Dakota I can’t support him any longer very disappointed in him. There are drugs out there to treat these problems we don’t need marijuana in our state we are not Colorado

  33. Anonymous

    There’s no way Marty supported medical marijuana either share a link or I’ll take it as a lie.

  34. Anonymous

    Marty has lost my vote this guy says one thing and does another typical corrupt politician you can’t trust any of them.

  35. anon1

    Jason, you might as well give up on the “Noem troll” defense… No one is buying it. And, it’s not accurate. If this republican blog is that upset with Jackley caving into Rounds and his crooked cronies, he’s pretty much toast in the Governor’s race.

  36. anon1

    It never occurred to me until now, but the timing wasn’t an accident. The passage of HB1069 is dominating the news… Gives Marty a chance to hide behind it.

  37. Troy Jones

    For those who think Bollen should have been pursued similar too Madoff need to realize two things.

    1). The EB-5 securities were exempt from SEC type rule by federal law.

    2). The program is run by CUSTOMS whose skill set is border activity and not raising capital.

    These two realities are a formula for abuse.

    1. Tara Volesky

      So Troy, who are the people that benefited from millions of dollars. And how many companies and jobs did it create from the EB-5 visas.

  38. Anonymous

    With that being said you should agree that his sentencing was $2000 fine and that just isn’t enough. This guy should be in prison for what he did and Marty let him walk. It’s these kind of deals they give South Dakota politicians a bad name.

  39. Anonymous

    Joop Bollen spent $1,200,000 in illegally diverted funds on fine art, Egyptian artifacts, and luxury vacations. So Jackley thought that a $2,000 fine was sufficient punishment for such a minor crime. Joop is laughing all the way to the bank. If this isn’t corruption what is?

  40. Anonymous

    Also, $2,500,000 million of state funds are still missing. He raised $400,000,000 from foreign investors who have received nothing for their investment. A statement from the case was “his punishment was three years of the media dragging his name through the mud.” Come on Jackley do your job or resign this is unacceptable and lousy work as an attorney.

  41. Meade County Boy ashamed of MJ

    AG Jackley bark is much worse than his bite. Jackley let, Joop Bollen, a money laundering gangster who stole millions from South Dakota and hundreds of millions from investors off with a $2,000 fine. He has lost my vote and respect for the Attorney Generals office.

  42. Troy Jones

    C’mon, argue against Jackley based on the facts.

    1) There is NOT $2.5mm missing. It was invested in land, building, equipment and start-up costs of a packing plant. We know exactly where the money went. Repeating this is a lie.

    2) The fact these investors lost their money is very real. However, holding Jackley responsible for not being able to pursue this loss is not his fault. The federal law of the EB-5 program exempted these securities from SEC and state security law, standards, and regulation. In the absence of these rules, the only realistic recourse is those who lost money to pursue their rights under a civil law fraud case. This is a civil matter not under the purview of AG and one doesn’t go to jail for getting a civil judgment against them.

    3) Judge Gorsuch said something when he was introduced as a SCOTUS nominee I found of interest: “A Judge who likes every ruling he makes is probably not being a very good judge.” The context was with regard to Judges don’t write the law but interpret and enforce the law and they must do so even if they don’t like the law. This analogous to Jackley’s situation in their regard: The AG can’t choose what laws to enforce (must enforce even laws they don’t like) or pursue people beyond the law (even if he thinks they deserve the book thrown at them). Sometimes an AG has to accept outcomes he doesn’t like. So it might be in this case.

    Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. Who I thought was the best governor candidate chose to not run. I’m not leaning to Jackley today. But, I think many of the criticisms of Jackley are hyperbolic, unfair, harm political discourse, and unintentionally are staining Noem. Nobody is winning.

    1. anon guy

      yes, nobody is winning this right now. From an outside perspective, this looks like a Noem and Jackley fight — way to many biased attacks on here. There are legitimate arguments on both sides of this deal, but it all looks very political. If this is what we’re in for the next 16 months, then it could very well be Michels winning, and he’s not the best candidate. So if you’re a Noem or Jackley backer, rethink your tactics. Both are good people.

      1. Anonymous

        I’m very disappointed with this outcome Joop Bollen stole millions and Jackley agreed to a plea deal and a $2,000. This whole thing stinks. I don’t understand how or why you think Noem is making these comments. I’m disappointed with AG Jackley and could careless about Noem.

    2. Tara Volesky

      You are so full of BS Troy…….OMG…..Major conflict of interest for MJ who was appointed by Mike Rounds to investigate his boss and cronies. He should have recused himself and called for an outside special prosecutor like they do in other states. It’s so obvious. I am not real smart, but I am not that stupid either.

  43. Anonymous

    Marty should pull out if the Governors race. He has had too many scandals over the last year that are going to be hard for him to defend. It’s going to make for a bloody primary and our party doesn’t need that. Noem and Matt Michels are better candidates that can keep it a clean fight. For the sake of the party Marty needs to bow out.

  44. Anonymous

    Troy – Joop Bollen is a thief and should have received a much more severe punishment. I feel like you are trying to defend what has taken place here. Do you have a personal connection to this?

  45. barry freed

    With the wonder of the Internet, when, for example, a Government Office, State or Local, buys a new Printer, it has a serial number that can be used to track it, cradle to grave, so to speak.

    The purchase orders for Printers are currently entered on Office Computers that should be part of a “Dynamic Website”. Anyone could go into these websites and see the purchase price of that Printer, any service work, and finally what it sold for when it was declared surplus and sold at public auction, as prescribed by Law. All of this information is currently entered on the Government Computers, what is needed, is a Website that makes this information available to Taxpayers.

    These Dynamic Websites are so inexpensive, many small retail outlets in our towns have them, and of course the Big Box Stores have them. They allow us to search by item, type of item, price high to low, low to high, or by any criteria found useful. One could, from the comfort of their easy chair, see for themselves, the records of that Printer. A non-winning bidder on the Printer Contract could review this information, in effect, giving Taxpayers a free audit of that sale. Auction goers looking for inventory would be able to make better purchase decisions when buying at surplus. Contractors looking out for their business and employees would be our free watchdogs, and no one looks harder than someone looking out for themselves. There would be no lingering questions, accusations of inside deals, or claims of favoritism. No reason to suspect corruption, the numbers would be there in front of us, if we care to look.

  46. Anonymous

    It’s time to drain the swamp at the AG’s office this crony capitalism him has to stop. The Marty Capone comments are very fitting to our current attorney general.

  47. Anonymous

    Marty is just part of the establishment he takes his marching orders from the governor this is no surprise.

  48. Anonymous

    Is there more to the story are they going to get the millions of dollars back that’s what I want to know? If Marty has not recovered this money and only gave this guy a $2000 fine he should resign.

  49. Anonymous

    Maybe we should extradite Joop Bollen to China where those investors live I’m sure they would throw a much more harsh punishment at then AG Jackley has.

  50. Anonymous

    No way Marty will be our next Governor, he’s supporting the use of medical marijuana what a liberal.

  51. Anonymous

    Be sure to send your checks to Jeromy Pankratz at the Attorney General’s office he’s the assistant attorney general make it $81,000 while running the campaign

  52. Draft Matt Michels

    Marty is toast! He’s supporting medical marijuana. No jail time for Joop Bollen/EB5, no arrests made on GearUp and Melody Schopp still has her job, Marty’s campaign manager ran the Marsy’s Law campaign while Marty writes the ballot measure opinions, and he used his Assistant AG (a state employees) as the person to RSVP to for fundraisers. This guy is a corrupt politician.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m sure the list will grow Marty has surrounded himself with bad advisers and continues to make one mistake after another. I’m sure Kristi and Michels are laughing at his constant blunders.

  53. Anonymous

    Everyone I’ve talked to is disappointed with Marty’s recent actions. He’s definitely lost a lot of support in Aberdeen and Sioux Falls.

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  55. Anonymous

    After reading some of these comments I have to agree Marty does not look like it be a good candidate for governor anymore.

  56. Anonymous

    Didn’t lady that stole from the state fair get two years in prison. I really don’t understand or Marty only gave this guy a $2000 fine what a joke. I guess it really does pay to know the right people. This is our justice system at its worst.

  57. Anonymous

    Maybe Annett Bosworth could get a shirt that says free Joop Bollen. oh wait Marty didn’t put him in jail so never mind. I completely support an ethics commission after seeing the corruption that is taking place at the AG’s office.

  58. Tara Volesky

    Unbelievable…..Bosworth 12 felonies and loss of medical license….Bollen, pass go, collect millions, pay 2,000 thousand dollar fine.

  59. Troy Jones

    Tara: Jackley was elected twice as AG and took an oath to the people of SD. Your dismissal of this because of his original appointment by Rounds is insulting to our entire system. Do you say the same thing about Judges either in SD or nationally are unable to fairly administer justice against those who appoint them? If so, we have no system of justice.

    Anonymous: I have absolutely no connection to this and never have. I also am very displeased by this outcome. But, just because I’m displeased doesn’t mean I can summarily criticize Jackley. This program was designed and administered by Customs (what do they know about business development, lending and raising capital to do this? NOTHING) and the securities offered to these Chinese investors were exempt from SEC rules, regulations and standards by federal law.

    I don’t know if this is the case but it might explain why the feds have been able to prosecute anyone (here in SD or other places) because there is no crime if there is no rules or regulations to violate.

  60. Anonymous

    Between Joop Bollen weak punishment and Marty support of medical marijuana which we all know will soon be recreational if legalized I can’t vote for Marty I’m afraid he turn out to be just like our current Governor. He ran as a republican but at his core is a liberal democratic.

  61. Anonymous

    Wow, I am shocked that Marty supported medical marijuana. Marty needs a new PR person and some conservative advisers to help him. I think he can turn things around but he needs help.

  62. Anonymous

    What happened to being tough on crime Marty’s a fake he just lost my vote. This looks like payback for favors for Mike Rounds pure corruption.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree sadly…..his record could be sliced and diced badly in 30 second ads…by Republicans by asking if he really has good judgment and is tough on crime and I can just imagine Democrat ads focusing on the appearance of corruption….

  63. Anonymous

    I can’t believe this guy stole millions from foreign investors in the state of South Dakota and what does Marty give him a $2000 fine he’s lost my vote and my respect. Marty has to be one of the worst politicians in South Dakota State history this guy is by far the worst. Move to Chicago Marty where you belong.

      1. Anonymous

        The key word is”most”. So in South Dakota apparently that means you can steal from the state as long as you put back most of the money. Jackley should have to resign because of this.

  64. Anonymous

    Jackley lost my vote he took three years to prosecute him and in the end gave him a $2,000 slap on the wrist.

  65. Anonymous

    $167,000 still not replaced??? from William’s posting….that is outrageous…and he gets probation and a $2,000 fine…did anyone notify the state under Marcy’s law–because it looks like the state and us are a victim….maybe we should sue as taxpayers…this is outrageous