Boring politics, busy people, and my little yellow car.

I find myself staring at the screen searching for a topic that interests me this morning.  It’s not that there isn’t anything going on. There’s just so much that’s being so utterly overexposed, I’ve lost interest.

I did a post on Trump a couple down. The problem is I’m so bombarded with it in the national and now the local media, the thought of doing a post on it, has me going “meh.”

Lora Hubbel spouting off on nutty stuff (i.e., anti-vaxxer positions, muslims conducting pre-jihad at the Sioux Falls Airport, Chemtrails, etc.) happens so often lately that it’s like beating a dead horse.  (Although writing letters on the pre-jihad is always funny).

The other part of it is that I have been busy with work, writing articles, and trying to get a project off the ground at my day job.  And in the pre-work mornings, and pretty much all evening, I’ve been crazy busy with campaign materials.

I swear I’ve done as many signs in the primary election as I did in the last general, as well as plenty of postcards & palm cards. In fact this weekend, I’m going on deliveries, and treating my wife to a day out on the west side of the state for Mothers’ Day.  My only regret? I have to deliver some large signs that won’t fit in my latest vehicle purchase:


My kids had repossessed my Blue VW Beetle that I’d bought for a “fun” in-town car, because let’s face it; driving a full size Chevy Silverado pickup doesn’t make a lot of sense for school runs around town. It’s great for picking up and delivering signs, but to go a 1/2 a mile to get kids to school on time? Not so much.

Inevitably, after I’d bought it, it ended up being transportation for one kid to high school, to improve convenience for kid delivery. But when another child came home from college, it was more convenient for her to drive back, then to have me haul her back and forth on the 40 minute drive.

Dang it.

Thankfully, the Mini Cooper caught my eye on craigslist as being local, very inexpensive, and absolutely pristine in the interior. It is also less than 75,000 miles, which aside from the pickup is a rarity in my household of used cars. Given it’s status as a manual transmission, and a lack of that knowledge being passed down to my kids, I may be able to hold on to it for a while.  (Although my 14 year old son is asking me to teach him.)

If only I could fit 4×8’s on it, I’d be driving the mini to the Hills tomorrow. Which brings up the only interesting thing to me today: It’s set to be beautiful 70-86 degree weather all weekend. What are you doing reading a political blog? Go get your golf clubs out, scrape that grill, and enjoy those outdoors. Do something for your wife/mom on Sunday.

There’s going to be plenty of time for politics.

10 Replies to “Boring politics, busy people, and my little yellow car.”

  1. Troy Jones

    I’ve thought for at least ten years the Mini Cooper is the most attractive small car ever made and the only small car I’d ever consider driving if I gave up my truck. I do however admit that my attraction was initiated by Franka Potente in the Bourne movies. Good job.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      It was more that is was a good deal, and something I hadn’t owned before. Apparently BMW makes them, or assembles them. For such a tiny car, it’s high end on the inside.

      If it didn’t have a salvage title, I suspect it would have been far more than cheapskate me would pay for a spare “around town” vehicle.

      The color is a bit bright, but it actually works well for my campaign business, as my logo uses yellow lettering. I’m thinking of putting up window graphics, if I can match the colors to the paint.

  2. Anonymous

    Pat that Mini should really handle well and be fun to zip around town besides being very frugal on gas. Congratulations! 🙂

  3. grudznick

    Mr. H could easily ride shotgun in that thing for you. And what a parade vehicle!

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Liberal hippies are banned from my car. Although mini describes him well.

  4. Todd Kolden

    When I lived in Sicily in the 80’s, I had a ’73 Mini. Loved that little unit. 🙂

  5. Anonymous


    You just keep getting cooler with age. (I’m sure your kids would agree)

    1. Pp at the SDWC

      I’m not officially cool until I can find my long sought ’67 ford galaxie convertible