Bosworth arraigned today. And herein starts the Summer of Boz, which could drag on for a while.

Former US Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth was arraigned today, with her next court appearance taking place on July 15th.  Given at the pace things move in the legal world, herein starts the Summer of Boz, as there’s every possibility that this could drag out for months.

The South Dakota Attorney General’s Office says Bosworth signed as a circulator on some of her petitions to get on the ballot at a time when she wasn’t in the country.

Bosworth offered no comment after court Monday but said earlier this month that she didn’t ‘knowingly attempt to deceive anyone.’

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Attorney General Marty Jackley will lay out his case, with Bosworth being forced to respond to the inconsistencies that have been chosen. And I use the word chosen because it appears that the prosecution has picked what some consider the most egregious cases involved in the petition matter.

But, that doesn’t preclude the possibility that there are more out there.  Or the possibility more charges could be added.

Because the longer people look, and the more people dig, there’s a possibility that there are more petition inconsistencies that might be difficult to explain.

For example, of you look at what’s been numbered as petitions 157, 50, 80 and 132, they were all collected in early February, and all were attested to by Bosworth that she observed the signatures being collected.

But if you start looking at dates, 50, 80 and 132 had a significant number of signatures being collected from Meade County and Pennington County residents, likely at the stock show on February 5th and 6th.  But petition 157 had a significant number collected on February 5th and 6th from Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties. Completely across the state on the same day.  Hmm.

So, a number of signatures collected from the Rapid City area on the 5th & 6th… and also a number of signatures collected from Minnehaha & Lincoln Counties on the 5th & 6th, all signed off on by Annette as having been the person circulating them.

You know, you want to be generous, but it’s a pretty long haul from Rapid City to Sioux Falls.  Again, potentially difficult to explain.

And there’s also petition #31:

boz31Petition #31 has a preponderance of names signing from the Minnehaha County area, which were signed off as being collected on 3/20, 3/21 & 3/22.

So, it’s a safe assumption that that’s the area they were collected in.

And herein lies another instance where it’s difficult to reconcile.

Because there seems to be a bit of contradictory information regarding Annette’s whereabouts during that time period.   On March 21st, according to KOTA TV, it sounds as if she was in Rapid City:

Bosworth campaigns in Rapid City for US Senate

Posted: Mar 21, 2014 8:42 PM CST
By Robyn Estabrook

Physician Annette Bosworth made a stop at the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce, as part of her campaign for US Senate.

On Friday at a Chamber ribbon cutting ceremony, she told the group her number one priority is healthcare.

And according to her own facebook page, it seems as if she was in Sturgis on the 22nd:

So, how was it she collected a number of Minnehaha County names when it’s well documented she was out in the hills, including by her own facebook page?

There is an outside possibility that she could have driven back and forth from Pennington to Minnehaha county every night.  But, you have to admit that here’s another instance where it doesn’t look good.

With the next court appearance taking place on July 15th, the longer this drags out for Annette Bosworth, the greater that more inconsistencies and more charges could be heaped on her plate to try to reconcile.

And that could be a reconciliation that’s difficult to explain.

24 Replies to “Bosworth arraigned today. And herein starts the Summer of Boz, which could drag on for a while.”

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe one good thing that will come out of this “Summer of Boz” will be the further shining of light on the corruption, cronyism and mismanagement that has been going on in our state. Mr. Stranahan keep shining that light but just be very careful in that if someone asks if you would like to go hunting please decline out of your own safety. You don’t want to end up like someone else who dies mysteriously and ended up being the fall guy.

    What was it called in regards to corruption? South Dakota was like Illinois but with Antelope? I have not seen many Antelope East River but it’s funny in a way.

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah, that’s the Bosworth documentarian. He said the same thing while monopolizing one of the multiple Boz press conferences.

    1. Anonymous

      Annette will go to ridiculous lengths to deflect responsibility for her own mistakes.

      Even if it means spreading ludicrous rumors an disparaging good people and honest public servants.

      It’s sad.

    2. Anon

      Seriously stop with the Benda stuff. Nobody believe the crazy stuff but you crazies. Doesn’t change what the boz did.

  2. Nelsons Evil Twin

    The reason for this is simple. Boz was collecting signatures at her clinic at the same time she was out west river. My guess is that those were some of her patients that signed in Minnehaha. Though, people do travel so you never know, unless you interview them. At some of the gun shows there were people from all over the state.

    She also offered food and drink at some of her campaign stops, all signatures gathered then are either invalid or illegal.

    I think that our state officials have been pretty lenient on Boz, considering that almost all her petitions she handed in were photocopies of originals. That right there was enough to give me cause to think each sheet should be investigated. Why would they be photocopied? 1) the front and back were printed on separate pieces of paper and using a photocopier it is possible to amalgamate 2 copies into 1. 2) the sheets were faxed into an office where they were turned into one copy using the above procedure.

  3. Anonymous

    ‘So, how was it she collected a number of Minnehaha County names when it’s well documented she was out in the hills, including by her own facebook page?’

    Lee Stranahan will likely have a great excuse for this. Come on Lee, tell us what the story is this time! Can she snap her fingers, disappear and then reappear somewhere else? Or did she hop in a jet and zip back and forth across the state?

  4. WestRiver

    This whole thing is such a scam. A total waste of taxpayer money because they will drag it out for as long as possible. Then at the end the truth is just going to come out: she was in the Philippines she could not of witnessed the signatures in South Dakota, end of story. No matter what point Pornahan or Chanette come up with, the bottom line is she wasn’t here.
    It’s not a scam, it’s not a sham, it’s not Marty Jackley trying to frame anyone; it’s a simple breaking of the law by falsifying an oath and then entering those petitions in at Gant’s office, therefore, filing a false instrument. It doesn’t matter who’s doing the prosecution, itdoesn’t matter what the witnesses say; and it doesn’t even matter about the stuff she’s bringing up about Arends. The petitions speak for themselves. All of the other stuff may mean something in another lawsuit but the fact remains the petitions speak, all alone, for themselves.

  5. Anonymous

    Ok under the law the state has 180 days to prosecute the case, so this will drag on for quite some time. Bosworth has no incentive to move quickly she is innocent until proven guilty and I believe ( correct me if wrong) the medical review board will not investigate her until she is convicted of a felony, so what is the rush from her perspective? NONE that I see, keep working until you can’t seems logical.

    My question is who was her attorney?

    I also agree with the other poster, You can be in the hills the same day and get signatures from ANY county; especially at big events lie stock shows. This is a lessor part of the case I would think as you would have to find these people and ask who they signed for and where? Lot of leg work vs. overseas portion of the case.

    1. Anonymous

      No. According to Facebook she was in Rapid City at 10pm 3/20 and according this newscast she was in Rapid City on 3/21 for a lunch event at the Chamber (clock visible at the 30 second or so mark and people eating give the time frame away). At most, 14 hours separates the two events. Rapid City and Sioux Falls are about 10 hours apart, round-trip. A glance at the sheet in question shows that the signers are neighbors, most likely indicating door-knocking: Larch Ave, Larch Ave, Larch Ave, Larch Ave, Larch Ave. Hard to fathom someone departing Rapid City at 10pm, driving five hours, arriving in Sioux Falls at 3am, door knocking from 3am – 7am and then driving five hours back to Rapid City for a lunch event. Sheet 69 has same conflicting date of 3/21.

    2. Lee Stranahan

      Pat didn’t mention her attorney, although the huge amount of detail in this article is interesting.

      Pat: did anyone assist your writing or research in this article? If so, who?

      I announced on a Twitter that her attorney is Brandon Taliaferro – the investigator that Marty Jackley unsuccessfully tried to prosecute in his coverup of the Richard Mette child rape case.

      1. Anonymous

        Mr. Stranahan did Bob Mercer or any other reporters here in the state ever get that autopsy report on Mr. Benda? There seemed to be so much stonewalling and coverup with this and the whole EB-5 scandal.

        Was Joop an employee of NSU or the state when he was getting commissions? Where are the records he took with them when he left his office from NSU’s campus? Were they not state property?

        Mr. Stranahan are you able to be “paid off” so you stop you keep digging and exposing this corruption? Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if someone offers you a great deal of money to just go and work on finishing your other film projects and forget about South Dakota. Would you accept?

        1. Anonymous

          we hope you are not “bought off, silenced” or something bad happens to you. Keep up the good work! South Dakotans need to know what is REALLY going on in our state!

        2. Lee Stranahan

          I have a long, proven reputation of continuing to cover stories. There’s no financial consideration that ever factors in.

      2. Anonymous

        Ah, yes, spin and deflect away from the main points of this post that makes your client look worse. Sounds about right.

      3. Laura

        Lee – when will you answer the questions raised above? How could she have gotten the signatures when she was not in the country?

        You seem to never answer the real questions but deflect and change the subject to other issues that don’t even relate to Bosworth. I think that you and Chad should go get real jobs and stop asking for people to support you and your families. I saw your video asking for donations for you to get back to the Middle East. Asking for a handout? I thought you were against handouts and subsidizes?? I get a slimy, car salesman vibe from you. Go get a real job!!

    3. Lee Stranahan

      Joel Arends was her campaign attorney and she submitted the petitions based on his advice.

      Pat Powers : did you have help writing or researching this post?

      1. Dicta

        …but she still submitted them. I see you are trying to attack intent here, but what does the law say? Does she have to submit what she knows to be false documents with the intent to defraud?


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