Bosworth Daily Devotional: Today, she watches our laws unfold.

13 Replies to “Bosworth Daily Devotional: Today, she watches our laws unfold.”

  1. Ethan Crisp

    How does Annette & her husband sleep at night? They put on the front of being holier than thou yet exploit our nations veterans in a raffle scam, fail to pay employees & break virtually every election law on the book.

    1. OneWhoKnows

      They sleep just fine, because they have no sense of guilt. They also have no sense of reality. In their world, of course Annette can be in two places at the same time, why would anyone have trouble believing that? Before we condemn her, we should give her a chance to demonstrate this skill.

    2. wallace

      My dear 98 year old mother, who is no longer with us, receives one to two ltters a week from Dr. Bosworth requesting money for her campain… we live in Califonia. On two occasions, I put a stamp on the envelope and requested that my Mother be removed from the list… well many more letters from Bosworth later, I suspect that this is a scam…

  2. Travis

    Even if she stays on the ballot, she will likely be prosecuted for multiple acts of fraud. I know Dr. Boz doesn’t like rules, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to follow them.

  3. Ethan Crisp

    From what I hear, she was called to Pierre today in reference to the petition challenge…could be the end folks.

  4. Anonymous

    I pray for the end.

    Ethan didn’t she oweyou some money did you sue her or what’s the status of that?

  5. EB-5

    Today will be an interesting day to see if the Bosworth 2014 Senate campaign continues or not depending on what the SOS will determine. What will Team Bosworth do if they are not on the 2014 ballot? Will they immediately announce or can they start a campaign for a 2016 national office spot to keep the income/donations coming in?

  6. Anonymous

    They obviously perjured themselves, Gant has already said that is a “No, no”. What other choice does he have other than to grant the challenge and refer the matter to the AG?

  7. OneWhoKnows

    I just pray that Annette and Chad will be prosecuted for something. I think that it might take a felony conviction to keep them from continuing to con Christian people into supporting and financing them. I think that they figure they’ll come out winners no matter what happens to the Senate campaign, because Dr. Annette Bosworths name will be out there. They’ve made connections now, and those connections will be contacted again to support her “missions”. Chad should be asked for proof that the Denny Haber School and Clinic in Haiti has been built. Chad made a big deal out of it at his dads funeral, going so far as to say that he(Chad) was to take the large check his dad had just given him and stay in Haiti until it was built. If it isn’t there, then the only conclusion I can draw is that he and Annette scammed his own father. (maybe the Haber family had very good reasons for not helping with the petition drive)

  8. WestRiver

    It’s not over. The AG’s office is the only one with the legal authority to prosecute the false oaths she made signing petitions while in the Philippines. The SOS did what they could do eliminating signatures that didn’t follow the rules but they left her just a little over 300 extras to make the ballot. Now when the AG’s office declares the others to be fraudulent then the extras will be gone and she will be too.