Bosworth hires attorney prosecuted by AG’s office, who later had charges thrown out.

I just caught this tidbit this AM, which came out of left field. Annette Bosworth has hired the attorney who had witness tampering charges filed against him from Aberdeen:

Bosworth is represented by Brandon Taliaferro, a former prosecutor from Brown County who was investigated for witness tampering by Jackley’s office. A judge threw out the charges against Taliaferro midtrial.

Read it here.

Well, that one threw me for a loop.

I had long been told that she had a different attorney for her criminal case. But now, Bosworth pops up with an attorney who obviously has some disagreement with Attorney General Marty Jackley.  It leads me to question what kind of defense she’s going to mount against the criminal charges pending against her.

And that’s been a bit confusing all along.

Bosworth has been very public and vocal about the criminal charges pending against her. And she has her documentarian, Lee Stranahan out there as well, who seems to be contesting every comment out there in the blogosphere on a tit for tat basis.  And now, we have Taliaferro, who one would expect has a bit of a beef with the AG’s office.

It seems to be that Bosworth isn’t gearing up for a legal fight, as much as a PR battle. Every step she’s taken seems to be designed for a political fight, as opposed to one in court.

Maybe some of the attorneys out there who do criminal work & read SDWC (South Dakota’s #1 political website) can fill us in, but it’s been my opinion that in a criminal investigation, the logical step to preparing yourself to mount a defense would be to NOT be in the media making statements that the prosecution can impeach. And to NOT have people speaking about things on your behalf.

In other words, you circle the wagons, lock things down, and prepare your defense.

But this seems like preparing for the complete opposite.

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  1. Jeff Endrizzi

    Is she trying to become a martyr by exposing herself to “bring down the house”? Her defense has been “I wasn’t trying to deceive” and “they’re out to get me”.

    The case itself, based on the existing charges, seems very clear. Pleading “not guilty” surprised me based on the facts that haven’t been disputed by Dr. Bosworth. Did she break the law? Yes. Her supporter keeps asking “but why”?

    It’s obvious Bosworth and Stranahan believe they have so much more to tell, his Twitter feed is full of posts concerning a story he’s trying to push nationally. Has this been someone’s effort all along, finding a willing tool like Bosworth to get into the race, providing an opening for a story line? Seems too complicated, and makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist….

    1. Anonymous

      Almost every defendant pleads not guilty to start; that allows both sides to do discovery and potentially work out a plea deal. The media always makes a big deal about how the defendant was arraigned and plead guilty, really non-issue.

    2. Roger Cornelius

      Dr. Bosworth needs to drag this out for as long as possible and will.

      The Bosworth Team recently created a defense fund for Annette and need to milk all the money they can from out of state admirers that are locked into the story line she has peddling.

      Look forward to one delay after another until her coffers are full, by that time Chad will probably need another Alaska vacation.

    3. Anonymous

      I don’t think this “finding a willing tool like Bosworth to get into the race, providing an opening for a story line? Seems too complicated, and makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist” is a conspiracy but I don’t think anyone else ‘found’ her. I think it was their plan all along to become the victim somehow and get publicity. Publicity is exactly what they wanted when they lived in the RV and I’m certain that’s all they’re after now. Publicity = sympathy = donations to them. Those poor kids (and I don’t mean financially)…

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    Where’s Jonny Cochrane when she needed him? If the petition doesn’t fit, you must acquit??

  3. Lee Stranahan

    Still no mention of the name Richard Mette.

    Pat : are you in favor of light sentences for child rapists or not?

    1. Pat Powers

      Lee (Stranahan, not Schoenbeck):

      That’s not on topic, and seems like you’re trolling.

      If you want to discuss or disagree with the assertion that Annette has a PR team, and not a legal one, great.

      If not, you have your own blog and you can talk about whatever you’d like.

      1. Lee Stranahan

        I beg to differ. It’s 100% on topic.

        Anyone who looks into her lawyer’s history will find that he was politically targeted by Marty Jackley, in a case that is so horrific that it’s impossible to defend.

        The Richard Mette child rape case is such a clear indicator of who Jackley really is that it puts his vindictive, unprecedented prosecution of Bosworth in perspective. Further, it exposes the corruption in South Dakota politics and makes it clear that Jackley uses DCI as his stromtroopers to intimidate.

        This will all be national news shortly. There isn’t anything conservative about light sentences for child rape, corrupt Social Services, or no-bid contracts.

        1. sdsen_2014 Post author

          Actually, as I’ve been informed today by multiple people, Jackley’s office didn’t prosecute him. The Beadle County State’s Attorney, Mike Moore, was appointed as a special prosecutor.

          1. Lee Stranahan

            Well, you were informed wrong.

            Care to reveal who lied to you?

            Marty Jackley, the Attorney General, personally made going after Schwab and Taliaferro a top priority.

            The Attorney General’s office was directly involved in the decision to fire Taliaferro.

            Who lied to you, Pat? Tell us the names, please.

  4. Sodak No.1

    Pat your assessment is spot on……. all political show up to this point with all efforts poised at rebuilding Bosworth’s character…. I see a plea bargain with the charges lowered to a misdemeanor and Boz stating she is guilty of the crime but innocent of any criminal intent….. Only a lunatic would take this to a jury……

      1. Anonymous

        I do agree that Brandon Taliaferro and Shirley Schwab were politically targeted. It is just another example of the layers of corruption and those who have been victimized from it here in South Dakota.

      2. Sodak No.1

        The question is…. Is this about justice for Annette or is it about grinding axes?????

  5. William Beal

    “Only a lunatic would take this to a jury……”

    So, a trial still looks likely? 😉

  6. Sherlock Holmes

    What is the latest news on the land raffle & ATV chances that were sold?
    Perhaps the feds are waiting their turn?

  7. Anonymous

    So, was Boz’s attorney a conservative or a Democrat that Jackley went after him? Clearly the guy wasn’t an establishment party machine member.

    We’ll know Boz and Lee are serious about this when they file BAR complaints against Arends and sue him for legal malpractice. Until then, I am chalking it up to more PR stunts.

    1. Lee Stranahan

      Her attorney is someone who tried to stop a child rapist and was prosecuted by Jackley for it.

  8. El Rayo X

    Dr. Bosworth should be commended for hiring a lawyer. At least she is not using a taxpayer funded public defender to draw this case out any longer than it need be. South Dakotans paying for the prosecution and the defense would be insult to injury.

  9. mhs

    Mr Stranahan, you are stretching the facts considerably in your statement about him trying to stop a child rapist. Mr Taliaferro was charged for tampering in the case against Mette (the rapist’s wife), not him: from the Aberdeen News:

    “Richard Mette ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of rape and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He had once faced nearly two dozen charges, the most serious of which were rape and aggravated incest.

    Wendy Mette faced 11 abuse-related counts that were never as serious as those filed against her former husband and did not include rape nor incest. Moore said when the charges were dismissed that the actions of Schwab and Taliaferro could have clouded evidence in the case for the jury.”

    If you’re going to tell people to check the facts, you better not lie about them first.

    1. Lee Stranahan

      Are you saying Taliaferro was NOT trying to stop a child rapist?

      He clearly was.

      I never said what you said I said.

  10. Lee Schoenbeck

    Boz case is make a motion to exclude any reference to Mr Taliaferro’s issues with the state (I don’t know him – no aspersions cast in any respect there). That motion gets granted with two hands tied behind the moving party’s back – too easy and obvious, because it isn’t relevant to any issue in the Boz criminal case. The Boz jury never hears the story from Brown County, unless somebody violates the order in limine (and then that person gets a nice orange jumpsuit for a stay at the county’s expense – if it’s a bad violation)

      1. Lee Schoenbeck

        Well that’s kind of funny, ’cause I thought her not going to prison in this court case was what you cared about.

        1. Lee Stranahan

          I can care about more than one thing at a time.

          Do you care that 3 girls are back where they were abused?

  11. WestRiver

    Spot on Lee Schoenbeck. And Lee Stranahan, make sure when you go national with this that you have all of the facts straight or you’ll be like the rest of the people who have left Annette in the dust only to realize that you were made an immediate an immense fool.

    1. Anonymous

      I think we have ventured past the fool part with Mr. Stranahan already. Or, he thinks we are all fools.

  12. charlie5150

    C’mon, how is this not brilliant on the OZ side? Even though Jackley may be on solid ground with OZ, he’s gotta be concerned about his own foundation which includes a lot of sand. It’s gonna be good show, I hope the good citizens of SD are paying attention!

  13. Jeff Endrizzi

    When did Bosworth hire the attorney? Was he affiliated at all with her campaign?