Bosworth receives suspended imposition of sentence

KELOland news just reported that former 2014 US Senate candidate Annette Bosworth has been granted a suspended imposition of sentence in her case from Judge Brown,  which effectively removes her felony convictions from her record.

A Circuit Court Judge has signed off on her suspended imposition of sentence, which means she no longer has any felony convictions on her record.

KELOLAND News got a look at the court papers out of Hughes County today.

In them, it says because Bosworth had never been convicted of a crime, the court would exercise its judicial clemency and suspend imposition of sentence.


As for her medical license, there’ll be a hearing on December 4 in Lincoln County to decide what happens to that.

Bosworth says she’s hopeful it’s going mean her medical license will be reinstated so she can continue practicing medicine.

Read it here.

5 thoughts on “Bosworth receives suspended imposition of sentence”

  1. Better question, how much did this cost the taxpayers to bring felony charges along with hearing and a jury trial over a few signatures that were thrown out? How about a misdemeanor and a fine would have been appropriate.

  2. I am not a fan of the politics of Dr. Bosworth. But I was glad to see this. I do not condone what she did, but in a state when a EB5 scandal is only worth a $ 2000 fine, one needs to ask where our true priorities in pursuing justice are at? Plus, why was this issue of greater concern to the State, than the Bosworth lottery from a few years ago? In my opinion, that lottery was of a greater concern than her phony petition signatures….


  3. So this will let young Dr. Bos back into the news and doctoring and we can probably see more from her again? If she has gotten help and is less insaner than before, I even think she should run for things again.

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