Bosworth still looking at race, and where did Cory get those papers?

I spoke with Dr. Annette Bosworth’s husband, who was at the Rhoden announcement today. A couple of noteworthy items came from the discussion. First, all the announcement activity seems to be doing anything but dampening her interest, and we may see further developments in her race in the very near term future.

Secondly, and a bit more intriguing…. Madville Times recently posted some papers from the Bosworth campaign mysteriously provided to him that Cory Heidelberger claimed had been prepared by an intern. However, Chad Haber indicated to me that those papers were in a locked desk in his office. And he’s not sure how they would have been obtained short of a little B&E.


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  1. Anonymous

    So Chad is the one that doesn’t know how to spell Butte or Meade? Did he tell you who they have hired outside of the practice to work on the campaign?

  2. caheidelberger

    I’ve never seen Chad’s desk. But if he is using that desk to store political campaign documents in his non-profit office, he’s got some explaining to do.

      1. caheidelberger

        The only reason how I got those documents would matter to you is if you were questioning their authenticity. Chad Haber just confirmed their authenticity. Why don’t you ask Chad where I got them?

          1. caheidelberger

            Sideshow to a sideshow. The real issue is you have individuals abusing non-profit status for political purposes. That’s the story that should set your legal sniffers twitching.

    1. Anonymous

      Does anyone really see her as a candidate going anywhere? Seriously I’d like to know and I know she is free to what she wants but what does she plan to achieve with this?

      1. Anne Beal

        I agree, she can run if she wants but to what end? I keep thinking of Christine O’Donnell’s interview with Piers Morgan. In case you missed it, he asked her-twice-if she masturbates. She ended the interview, and he turned up on every show he could find, claiming she walked out when he asked a perfectly legitimate question. He never repeated what the question had been, just that it had been a legitimate one. The liberal media loved it. I worry that Dr Boz will get the same treatment if she is nominated.

        1. Anon


          why do you have such a hard-on for Bosworth?

          Does her potential candidacy scare you, if she’s such a non-issue, stop talking about her and giving her oxygen.

          She’s a physician, your a nurse…is that what this is about?

          1. Anonymous

            Anne, Anne, Anne.. it should be about principles of Republicanism not the person or the dinner parties they will throw.

            1. Anne Beal

              If she gets the nomination, all anybody will hear about is her difficulties with the South Dakota Board of Medicine. The liberal press will make her look like a huge joke, just the way they did with Christine O’Donnell. O’Donnell had some good ideas about policy, but she never had a chance to put them out there.

              1. Anne Beal

                haven’t any of you been watching the interviews with Spitzer & Weiner? Nobody is interested in what either of them would like to do for the City of New York; all they are asked about is what they did with their junk. Even Spitzer’s opponent has been asked to comment on what Spitzer did with his junk. Nobody’s interested in policy or principles.

                1. Anonymous

                  I honestly would have less problem with Spitzer winning than Weiner.

                  Weiner is such a tool. And Spitzer only broke the law Spitzer is also more competent. How homophobic is NY? They would vote for twitter d*ck over a lesbian in a mayor’s race. Weiner was an embarrassment and now he might be mayor of NY. No wonder people don’t learn their lessons anymore.

                2. Anonymous

                  “Nobody’s interested in policy or principle.” that is the mantra of the liberal left, Republicans are ALWAYS about principle. Sad.

        2. Anon

          Maybe she should just come out and put all speculation to rest…and announce if she is running.

          1. caheidelberger

            That’s coming soon enough. They see all the instant attention Rhoden is getting; they’re ready for their share. (They… wait a minute, remind who’s running again, Chad or Annette?)

  3. Carey

    Run Doc run. You are the only conservative. Venner and Nelson can’t win and are afraid to run. We need the Boz!!!

  4. Anonymous

    501(c)(3) nonprofits may not support or oppose candidates for public office. However, your organization CAN conduct a broad range of activities on a nonpartisan basis to help your community participate and vote. Learn about the many ways your nonprofit can promote voter and civic participation while remaining nonpartisan. – See more at:

    Chad may want to check out this website to realize what he is doing could bring the IRS down on them in a heart beat. I am sure Rounds wouldn’t mind turning up the heat.

      1. Anonymous

        Then Bosworth would scream about the IRS coming down on her because she’s conservative and suddenly get 10% of the GOP primary vote.

        1. caheidelberger

          If that’s the calculus Chad’s counting on, he’d better rework his numbers. Rounds wouldn’t lift a finger against Bosworth unless everyone else dropped out of the primary and she by some miracle started surging from 5% to 45%. At that point, an IRS investigation would sink her candidacy, because the IRS would likely find she really is violating non-profit law.

      2. Steve Sibson

        Cory, I see you are talking about me at your web site as you continue your attempts to block me. Does that not place you among the top ranked cowards?

        1. caheidelberger

          No, just in the ranks of those who don’t have time for your thread-hijacking… which appears to be your intent here. Pat! Pull the plug while you still can!

          And Steve, call Annette, and brief her on the real conservative issues she ought to be talking about.

  5. donnie

    I don’t give two bits about her strange candidacy. I’d rather know how this gal can run a political operation out of a non taxed operation? Do we have law in this state?