Bosworth’s PR Guy’s pornogrpahy past versus his calls against child abuse. Is it time for the Boz circus to leave town?

If you haven’t caught it recently, below I’ve done a couple of posts on aspects of the Bosworth case recently that hadn’t really been brought up before; cases not previously noted where petition signatures were seemingly collected on opposite sides of the state, and a few contacts I made with people I know who signed petitions she certified as having circulated, but they indicate she was nowhere in sight when she did so.

Suffice it to say that Team Boz didn’t like them very much.  Or at least her PR guy didn’t.  And since writing them, Bosworth PR Guy Lee Stranahan has been predictably lashing out at me on twitter.

Apparently, since I didn’t write about something back in 2011 – 2012 (nevermind the fact I wasn’t writing back in 2011-2012), Stranahan is bizarrely trying to connect me with a child abuse cover-up he’s fabricating in his head, the prosecution of Brandon Taliaferro (which was rejected by the court), etcetera, and so on.

Suffice it to say, much of this had me scratching my head, and doing a nominal internet search on the person who Bosworth has hired to be her public attack dog.

Formerly working on and off with Breitbart, and that ugly parting is well documented, there has been a nickname used in the comment section here at the SDWC that has more of my attention, especially considering his connection to Bosworth who has expressed herself as being an evangelical christian. In the comment section at SDWC, someone used the term “Pornahan” to describe Lee.

So, I looked it up. And let’s just say that opened up a world of NSFW websites.

One website, Lee Stranahan Watch, details large sections of his “erotic photography” past, reposts messages from a yahoo group, including one on how he and his wife were allegedly going to start an alternative lifestyles advice column with everything from BDSM to vegan cooking to… polyamory and so on,” and more than I care to get into.

There’s more out there, but I have bigger things to do than to dig into Lee Stranahan’s dirty pictures all day.

So, Annette’s PR guy previously had a life taking dirty pictures, and was hoping to be the Dear Abby of polyamory and vegan cooking? That doesn’t necessarily seem to be an image that an Evangelical Christian Republican one-time Senate Candidate would want to project if she’s trying to be the spokeswoman for hateful things said about women candidates.

Even more bizarrely, as Stranahan tries to justify the public crusading & posturing of the new team Bosworth, with himself, Boz, and Brandon Taliaferro, Stranahan brings up the following court transcription in defense of Taliaferro’s actions:

Let me get this…   In a case of child abuse, Stranahan is talking about pornography being evidence of something inappropriate going on, but he himself previously produced pornographic images.   So, some porn is bad, but Stranahan porn will just not be considered in this context?

Not that the advice is going to fall on willing ears, much like other advice given to Annette Bosworth over the past year, but Annette really needs to get better advice than what she’s getting now.

I suspect she’d be far better served by getting an attorney well versed in criminal defense who doesn’t have an axe to grind with Jackley. I suspect she’s be far better served by NOT having a PR person.  And I suspect she’d be far better off just going back to work as a Doctor.

We’ve all seen the show, and at this point it’s just painful to watch. You can only watch a person inflict so much misery on themselves.  The media circus is about out of attendees who have an interest. So, pull down the tent and go home and try to reassemble what’s left of your life.

2018 Update:  As websites come and go, I notice that many of the links used previously are dead. This website has some of the original material cited here. However, I’d warn you that it’s NSFW.

25 Replies to “Bosworth’s PR Guy’s pornogrpahy past versus his calls against child abuse. Is it time for the Boz circus to leave town?”

  1. Cinderboy

    I think you are on the right track Pat. Perhaps if War College and other sources will quit giving her any coverage, maybe she will take her lumps in court and simpy go away. She and her circle of misfits feed off of the attention. They are not worth tracking and not worthy of taking up space on this site. Let’s move the discussion on to something that matters.

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      Actually, his comment got caught by the porn filter.

      I haven’t decided if I’m going to ‘unmoderate’ it yet. Why? Because it’s funny saying that the porn guy’s comment got caught by the porn filter.

      That, and I’m not kidding when I say that the whole Bosworth thing is just painful to watch anymore.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks your post. Concurs he responded. Which I needed for a bet! Thanks for letting us know. PP

  2. El Rayo X

    In South Dakota, before you accuse someone of being a vegan, you had better have more proof than something off the internet.

  3. Anonymous

    Raise your hand if you are tired of anything Annette Bosworth… Go away Annette. I’m tired of reading about you.

  4. Anonymous

    Pat – I think what Anon at 1:37pm meant was that the majority of the rest of us realized a VERY long time ago that her candidacy was just a scam for publicity and money. I don’t think it was a slam on you. Just a realization period difference.

    She’s an extremely nice person and to her face it and even Chad’s it’s hard to believe the scams they conjure but it’s just reality. I’ve learned more about them from people close to them which I know to be fact than I ever could’ve wanted. I would’ve preferred it all be ‘potential’.

    But yet, as angry as it makes me and I know publicity feeds their fire and cause for those that don’t live in the state, I just can’t turn away…

  5. mhs

    The best part of this whole Mette case that these con artists will never say is that the Chief Justice thought the situation in the case was so important due to the local and ICWA issues raised is that he appointed retired Chief Justice Robert Miller to preside. Anybody with a clue about the justice system in SD (you can exclude the entire Team Bosworth) knows how ferocious Chief Justice Miller is about upholding the integrity of the judicial system.

    Stranahan tried to spin it was crony-political-Jackley-DCI-DSS persecution when, in reality, the state stepped in to clean up the mess.

    His silence here is deafening.

  6. Big Daddy

    You truly are a spineless weasel, Pat. Lee has said himself that he is not proud of his past, in that regard, and that all of that happened before he came to the saving grace of the Lord (which you conveniently left out of your twitter chat). Stranahan can be called many things, but in the eyes of the One that matters, he is washed and forgiven. You better do some business with God, and make sure you come out the same.

      1. BigDaddy

        That’s funny. Anyone posting anything contrary to the establishment line is automatically assumed to be Chad Haber. You guys really are the blind leading the blind. I suspect “anonymous” must be Mike Rounds…

          1. BigDaddy

            I couldn’t care less who anyone is, I’m simply saying that if you don’t tell the whole story, you’re deceitful. This is your site, not mine.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m always amazed by how finding god forgives everyone for their actions. Too easy. Try and make your right with those you have offended, now that is a challenge. If he really has found god that why isn’t he living by the big books code? His posts indicate otherwise

        1. nelsons evil twin

          since im undead i have no reflection… and i dont cast stones i cast doubt, now go forth and sin no more.

  7. Fleming

    Many weeks ago, after watching her “shoes” video, I urged both this blog and MVT to leave the whole Boswell thing alone out of compassion, because the woman is obviously suffering from mental illness.

    What I failed to mention was my experience working as an aide at Yankton State Hospital part time during my college years, and how I noticed that prolonged daily exposure to insanity tends to bring other (presumably sane) people into a kind of collective mania. In other words, mental illness can be kind of infectious.

    So yes, PP and Cory, by all means, please stop writing about her. If not out of compassion over her and her family, then for your own sakes and the sake of your audience.

    She’ll drive us all nuts.

    Let’s take care of ourselves and stop obsessing over her.

    Because bottom line, we can’t fix crazy.

    At least not on a blog.

  8. Bill Fleming

    Grudz, remember when I used to shave you on weekends when you were on the Ordway ward? Spooky times man. Later, when they moved you to Pierce, I thought you might be a goner. Glad to see they finally let you out. 😉


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