Breaking – Bosworth makes ballot.

Annette Bosworth made the ballot. Hang on for more..

An official statement is forthcoming.

Unofficially, Bosworth noted to me:

We are on the ballot!! With hundreds of the signatures to spare!! Awesome – GOD IS SO GOOD!!

Now confirmed by Secretary of State Gant. In reviewing the petitions, it appears they had in the neighborhood of 350 signatures to spare, providing a generous allowance, even if the complainant presses the matter further and seeks an appeal from circuit court on the question of signatures collected by Bosworth as alleged when she was not in country to do so.

Those signatures totaled 150 of the 350 signature margin, which would leave her still 200 over the requirement.

Today’s decision by the Secretary of State does not preclude action by the Attorney General in further investigation of the complaint, but it likely would not result in removal of Bosworth from the ballot.


  • Birds of a feather

    PP do the rejected signatures include the petitions that were signed when she was overseas in the land of the misfit toys?

  • Wtf did god have to do with this?

  • The law is dense with this one.

  • Amazing! She and her petition gatherers are shown to have perjured themselves, committing felonies, and Gant and Jackley look the other way! I didn’t believe the conspiracy that she was a Rounds decoy until now!

    Could you imagine if a Democrat had done this? Oh wait, that’s right! Gant denied a couple Democrats petitions for minor violations that not consist of felony perjury!

    • I’m not sure exactly how the law reads, nor how much discretion the SOS and AG have, for Federal elections.

      I’m pretty sure we’ll all learn more about that soon ;)

    • Why does everything come back to being a Rounds conspiracy?

      For all I know Rounds baited Nelson into the race because Nelson is so dumb he knew he would preoccupy his fringe 2% of the party so they couldn’t go to someone else that had broader appeal.

      • I’m not sure what is dumber

        a) Nelson telling his supporters all of the other candidates are plants by Rounds


        b) the fact that his supporters believe him and go around spreading the message

      • Maybe because of the ongoing federal investigation into the corruption that occurred in his administration OR maybe because a material witness to that corruption ended up mysteriously dead?

        Maybe because Rounds supporters Dan Lederman and Joel Arends have been helping Bosworth out?

        Maybe because it is obvious that having numerous decoy candidates like Bosworth draws the attention away from Rounds corruption problems and helps keep national conservative groups out of the race and keeps SD conservatives divided?

        • Please explain what you mean when you say”Rounds corruption problems” as I was not aware that Rounds was under investigation.

        • If Rounds was going to “plant” a decoy believe me, it would be one that had something resembling competence, and the ability to draw more than the two percent she will. Using your own supposed criteria, (incompetent candidate that won’t get many votes)
          you should be mouthing off about Nelson being a Rounds plant.

          • Nelson doesn’t believe in innocent until proven guilty. It’s a common theme with our “liberty” minded friends. Like not lying under oath about robo calls.

    • I think if she was a man it would be different too.

  • It’s not over. The AG’s office is the only one with the legal authority to prosecute the false oaths she made signing petitions while in the Philippines. The SOS did what they could do eliminating signatures that didn’t follow the rules but they left her just a little over 300 extras to make the ballot. Now when the AG’s office declares the others to be fraudulent then the extras will be gone and she will be too…not because she won’t still have enough signatures but because she committed fraud. At least we hope that our dense laws protect us from frauds like her.

    • It seems to me the SOS should have some authority over the notary. If she’s breaking that law than what does a notary stand for?

      • PlanningStudent

        The law says that the SOS investigates and the forwards to the AG any notary issues. The SOS has a very limited scope detailed in statute and administrative law..

  • D.C. Is her density.

  • We’re witnessing the worst in ballot tolerance right now. If, big if, we see any legal ramifications you can bet it’ll be after June 3.

  • I’m just curious but if Bosworth is allowed to stay on when is it ever worth challenging petitions in SD?

    Didn’t a bunch of kids get in trouble for notary issues back in 2004? Imagine if it had been John Thune who did what Bosworth allegedly did?

    I think there is a serious double standard going on right now.

  • I’m not sure she should be running a victory lap yet. She had 1300 signatures thrown out already- what’s that like 37% and now it’s in the AGs lap. He will no doubt get her trip info from US Customs and according to KELO it’s fraud if she was out of the country on the dates her and Arends signed those petitions. And then she is off the ballot not because of too few or signatures but because of fraud. Not looking good and far from over. PP, can you remember a time when 37% of someone’s signatures were bad?

    • Jackley hasn’t prosecuted her for the raffle scams. Keeping her in the race helps Rounds. I just don’t see Jackley doing anything. Not a smart move to remind people of his looking the other way for Rounds last year, now this? A good Democrat like Heideprim or Abdullah could run on those scandals and win.

      • Marty does a great job. If you don’t think so then run against him. Most of South Dakota strongly approves of his job performance.

      • “Keeping her in the race helps Rounds” please explain this statement

        • When was the last time you heard anything about the ongoing EB5 investigation?

          The more the candidates on the ballot, the more It benefits him because of name recognition.

          • You said Rounds. Rounds isn’t under investigation as far as I know. If you know something other than that please share.

            • Nelson is the only Republican in the race that helps Rounds. He’s an extremist windbag and voters don’t want that.

              • That’s why they got him on the ballot before all of the other candidates with month and a half to spare!

                Reality check.

                • Yep exactly. Nelson being on the ballot distracts the voters just like this circus of Bosworth.

      • Jackley hasn’t prosecuted her for the raffle scams, YET.

        Why take away the shovel, if your opponent is digging a deeper hole?

  • Second Act opening soon:

    PIERRE, SD –

    A formal challenge of the signatures to Dr. Annette Bosworth’s Nominating Petition was not successful.
    An affidavit was filed earlier this week calling into question the validity of some of the signatures on Bosworth’s petition.

    South Dakota Secretary of State Jason Gant says that of the 3,648 signature lines submitted it was determined that 2,305 were valid signatures.

    Bosworth’s name will continue to appear on the ballot.
    Of those 3,648 signature lines:

    795 were blank
    275 were registered to vote but not registered as Republicans
    125 were not registered
    148 were not valid due to other reasons such as duplicates, invalid date of signing, invalid notary, etc.

    Another issue in the affidavit cited that Bosworth was not present at the time of collecting signatures. The Secretary of State does not have the statutory authority to investigate the claims that were listed in the challenge.

    The issue has been forwarded with the affidavit and relevant petition sheets to the Attorney General’s office for their review.

  • Gant can’t prosecute the fraud. Makes sense to give it to the cops. Only question is timing. Tick tock

    • Why can’t Gant send it on over if there is a suspicion? I would hope his office has some authority when blatant foul play is suspected.

      Notary seal is an important thing.

  • Rhoden laughing.
    Rhoden laughing.

    • He should be! 21 years being a liberal Democrat and now he is pulling a Bosworth and scamming people into thinking he is a conservative Republican!

    • You mean someone woke Larry up?

      • Naaaah! He decided he wanted to get elected so he changed parties just to get elected.

  • Stop with the lies! Larry Rhoden is probably the most conservative of the bunch. The first and last dem he voted for was Carter. Just because he didn’t change his party registration until the 90s doesn’t make him a life long dem. Talk abut trying to distract people from the real issues. It goes to show how desperate Nelson is as he can’t find any dirt on Rhoden. Guess he’ll just keep beating that dead horse. I wonder how Nelson’s robocall lawsuit is coming. Any updates as to when he has to appear in court?

  • Her unofficial comment is much more mature than her official comments.

  • “pulling a Bosworth” is a new punch line around here