Friends of Dusty Johnson Committee Filed with FEC – Johnson: “I’m Interested in serving.”

This AM, if you notice in the feeds at the right of the page under our sponsors, there was a filing with the FEC for Friends of Dusty Johnson.

I spoke with Dusty on the campaign this morning when this popped up on my website feed, and he offered the following statement.

It’s an important time for our country, and I want to make a difference.  I think I’d be an effective voice for South Dakota and I’m planning to run for Congress. 

The election is a long way away, of course.  We are months away from parades and commercials and postcards and debates . . . thank goodness.  I’m not launching a campaign today, but I do want to be honest with people.  I’m not good at dropping political hints or being coy, so I will come right out and say it:  Our seat in Congress is important, and I’m interested in serving.

All I have to say is “Go Dusty!”

18 Replies to “Friends of Dusty Johnson Committee Filed with FEC – Johnson: “I’m Interested in serving.””

  1. Anonymous

    I feel like my senses are overloaded and dull to announcements. Usually this would be exciting but after the election we had I need to recharge.

  2. Pat Powers Post author

    As opposed to an official announcement, I think this is meant as a statement to go with the campaign filing.

  3. Anon


    Does this mean you’re fully supporting Dusty’s run? I have no issue if you are, just curious since you stayed neutral in the 2014 Senate primary and, by the looks of it, are staying neutral between Noem and Jackley.

  4. Gideon Oakes

    Dusty Johnson and Reid LeBeau. Man, seeing those names take me back fondly to TAR Camps of yesteryear. 🙂 Proud of you, Dusty!

  5. Anonymous

    Chill….Dusty is first…Pat gives him some hype…Noem declares he hypes it…give the others some time and I am sure they will get their day int he sun also

  6. Randy

    The Republican bench is pretty deep, I’m glad for the state that we are tapping into some of the talent out there.

    Dusty would make a fine US Rep.

  7. Troy Jones

    Randy is right.

    I could make a list of 15 people who would be viable Governor/Senate/House candidates from the Republican side without sacrificing having all three legs (solid campaigning skills and work ethic, experience and knowledge to perform the duties of office, and raise money) of what it takes to be successful. Maybe 20 if I really thought about it.

    Can the Democrats list three? If those three exist, they certainly haven’t run for office.

  8. Amanda H

    Through many years as a Teenage Republican, I have had the great honor to get to know Dusty. His dedication to the youth of the state is undeniable. I am proud to give my full support to Dusty!

  9. Troy Jones

    Amanda’s comment about her commitment to Dusty reminds of something from the Mickelson years and the Grand Old Lady who built TAR’s into a force (a position Dusty assumed from Vern Larson). Background: In the 1986, the primary opponents were Mickelson, Clint Roberts, Lowell Hansen, and Alice Kundert.

    One day, Governor Mickelson and I were together and talking about something where Alice Kundert came up in the conversation. The Governor’s comment was something to the effect: During the primary campaign, I tried to convert everyone regardless who they supported at the moment and tried to be at least their second choice. But, I don’t think I converted a single person for Alice. Even when it was coming down to Clint and me on who might get 35% and avoid a run-off and they said I was their second choice, they didn’t budge. That was their ship and they weren’t leaving for anything.

  10. William

    I’ve known Dusty for some time. Years ago he brought his kids out to my business to show them that world is not just filled with office jobs. There are real things that happen in this country that make it work.

    It told me that there is a sense of humility there, and he understands that everything doesn’t revolve around Pierre or Washington.

    I think he brings the right mix of entrepreneurial spirit and policy understanding.