Brekke for Sioux Falls City Council in with a mail piece that didn’t help the campaign.

This mail piece is hitting mailboxes in Sioux Falls today for Janet Brekke, who is running for City Council:

Good gosh. Short of “Dear Occupant,” I can’t think of a more impersonal salutation than “Dear Fellow voters.”

And while I’m sure she’s a nice lady, the Brekke campaign using language such as “we need an elected Council working to help Theresa Stehly… Janet Brekke is that person” did not do the campaign any good. Because Brekke is now that person carrying her baggage. In tying herself to Councilor Stehly, she’s polarized those who aren’t Stehly supporters to absolutely vote against her.

There’s some language in the letter that would have come off far better if it had been bulleted, and there’s a fairly decent list of supporters on the letter. But I think the good in the letter is far overshadowed by the campaign gaffes.

Someone should have gotten this campaign some professional help, because I don’t know that this campaign piece did the candidate any good.

In fact, it may have done the opposite.

18 Replies to “Brekke for Sioux Falls City Council in with a mail piece that didn’t help the campaign.”

  1. Tara Volesky

    Those are 2 good councilors to identify herself with. People are tired of cronyism and closed government.

  2. Anonymous

    I had someone ask me the other day about Janet Brekke, and I said that I didn’t really know anything about her. Now I know that she wants to be like Theresa Stehly – that’s enough for me to vote for the other guy.

  3. Tara Volesky

    You are in the minority . Stehly is the best thing that has happened to the Sioux Falls city council. Theresa “Transparency” Stehly.

    1. Blogger123

      Clearly you need to keep your opinion in Mitchell. I live in SF and no she is not what Sioix falls needs. Stehly uses false narrative and fear mongering to push her agenda. But hey if you like her so much move to SF since your so good at making towns and candidates fail on the campaign trail đź‘Ś.

      1. KM

        Should Powers keep his opinion in Brookings? I live in SF and if I recall, Stehly was elected by the people and is currently serving the people. Fear mongering? She scares you? She certainly scares people who are keeping secrets.

        Shouldn’t use that emoji, you know it’s racist, right? Trump or something.

        1. Pat Powers Post author

          With 30 years of doing this stuff, I don’t think a person has to be from Sioux Falls to recognize a notably bad campaign piece.

          1. KM

            I don’t either. Just asking 123 if what they say to Tara applies to everyone, including themself. And, wanted to remind them there are plenty of residents who support Stehly and Brekke.

      2. Tara Volesky

        I graduated with her brother from Mobridge HS. Sorry. but I don’t think I have that much power to make a town or candidate fail.

  4. Randall

    Collusion with Stehly?? No thanks! Stehly cackles about “transparency” all the time but her actions are subversive and anything but honorable. She has situational support from Starr, but her egomaniacal antics have alienated the rest of the council. Brekke is just a more educated/smarter version of Stehly. Again…No thanks!

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