Brock Greenfield endorsement for Lance Russell for Attorney General

State Senate leader Brock Greenfield is in GOP State Convention delegate mailboxes today with an endorsement for Lance Russell for Attorney General. Read it here.

Brock Greenfield for Lance Russell by Pat Powers on Scribd

29 Replies to “Brock Greenfield endorsement for Lance Russell for Attorney General”

  1. Richard Hilgemann

    Nice letter and a YUGE endorsement for Lance from my Senator. It will definitely be an interesting and a fun convention.

    1. Anonymous

      Mr. Hilgemann, Are you supporting Mr. Russell?

      Don’t you think with all his baggage that he is not electable either at the convention or if somehow he made it out of the convention, in the general?

      Don’t you think the Democrats would have fun pointing out all his ethical issues from the supreme court ethics opinion to being fired recently as the city attorney in Edgemont?

      1. Anonymous

        Am I the only one that is convinced that you are pulling your responses to LR from a set of talking points or pre-planned answers? Find a new word besides “baggage.”

        And the ethics issues – why don’t you read up on how Lance Russell recovered over $1 M by prosecuting a corrupt Mayor, and as a result – there was political blowback. As the saying goes, “No good deed, goes unpunished.” Lance as a State’s Attorney took a stand against the powerful, wealthy and influential – and he prevailed – but not without scratches along the way. The reprimand is cooked up B.S. Notably, even Patsy Poo-Poo here wrote about it at the time – noting that Lance had more than adequate grounds to appeal it further.

        Do your research. But my guess is, you aren’t interested – your spin-doctoring like a MOFO.

        1. Anonymous

          I am interested and willing to give Lance Russell the chance to talk about it. I want to hear his side of the story….but when you have a former Chief Justice investigating who has an impeccable reputation in the legal community and a 5-0 decision of the state supreme court….the evidence seems overwhelming….you have to claim that all of these people are somehow in on a conspiracy against him…that is a tough sell.

          Look at paragraph 51

          In recommending public censure the Referee recognized that Russell’s misconduct was mitigated by his lack of a prior disciplinary record, his cooperation with the Disciplinary Board, his relative inexperience in the practice of law, and his willingness to concede that his conduct was improper and he made mistakes. The Referee (and the Disciplinary Board) recommended that Russell be publicly censured.


        2. Pat Powers Post author

          Jordan, is there a reason you’re anonymously posting about a campaign you are being paid to work for, as well as engaging in name calling?

    1. Anonymous

      First? He got Stace Nelson and the mayor from the town he was fired as city attorney from???

  2. Anonymous

    Lance Russell the #1 preferred SDGOP candidate for SD AG by the Dems. Make it so! Engage!

    1. grudznick

      Are you suggesting that Mr. Russell, a handsome devil by all accounts, looks like that bald captain from the old Star Track movies, or that Mr. Seiler would stand head and shoulders above the GOP nominee should it be Mr. Russell?

  3. Anonymous

    I really like Greenfield but to endorse Russell is surprising. They might be friends but is Russell really the person for the AG job when he had problems as a City attorney smart?

  4. grudznick

    Fired as a city attorney and chastised with a wagging finger by the Supreme Court, but Mr. Russell plays by no rules except Mr. Nelson’s.

  5. Anonymous

    Russell is toxic to this the AG race, worst choice ever to run for AG with all his baggage. Not only was he fired and reprimanded by the Supreme Court, but he is also running for multiple offices to hedge is bet. Not the type of person one would want as an AG.

      1. Anonymous

        you forgot a few words….The Nelsonian Caucus would patriotically disagree WITH EVERYTHING.

  6. Anon

    Russell will have to surrender his campaign for Senate if he runs for AG.
    There’s no way Russell can beat Seiler, so Greenfield gets Russell out of his hair.

    Get it?

  7. Dave Z

    So, according to Sen. Greenfield, the Second Amendment is now “God given”? Let’s not go that far. Interesting interpretation of the Holy Bible, or is it the US Constitution, or both! Moses came down from the mountain with the 11th Commandment in hand that says “stand your ground”. Really?

    1. Anon

      We have a God-given right to self-defense. You can kill a burglar in your home at night but not during daylight hours