Brookings Area Businessman John Mills selected to replace Fred Deutsch on the ballot.

This past weekend, the GOP county organizations which comprise District 4 met for the purposes of addressing Fred Deutsch’s resignation from the race for D4 House.  The counties met, and selected John Mills of Brookings County to fill the vacancy.


And that’s John Mills; formerly of Mills Construction, currently Mills Properties and Mills Development.

John should be a strong candidate, helping to move this district fully in the “R” column.

6 Replies to “Brookings Area Businessman John Mills selected to replace Fred Deutsch on the ballot.”

  1. Anonymous

    Moving the district “fully in the ‘R’ column” is meaningless except to the SD Republican Party. Is Mills a conservative? Will Mills reject the tax-and-spend attitude that seems to have become the majority view in Pierre? Will Mills adamantly oppose the governor’s plan to expand Medicaid? These are the important questions for which the voters in SD LD 4 must demand answers.

    1. Daryl Root

      The answer is…. who knows? All across the nation, including here, the “R” increasingly (pardon the pun) stands for (R)aising Taxes. Hopefully John will not be another Daugaard RINO. We have the third lowest tax burden in the nation and we need Reps and Senators, as well as a Governor, who will keep it that way. For now, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. We, the Constituents, will be watching. And I will be posting.

  2. Fred Deutsch

    District 4 voters will find John Mills to be a humble servant with strong conservative values.

    1. Just Watching

      Will he stand up for conservative values when pressed to do otherwise by the Governor?

    1. Anonymous

      What potty policing bill would you be talking about? Oh, the bill that banned guys from saying I think I’m a girl so I get to shower with the girls.