Brookings Democrat House Candidate advocating for defunding police and decriminalizing drugs

With the primary election past, there’s no time like the present to find out more about the candidates who are up for election in the fall.. and it seems like State Democrats have a few who might be more comfortable in the “Seattle zone of anarchy” than main street South Dakota.

One of the more delusional seems to be District 7 Democrat House candidate Louise Snodgrass who regularly takes to Instagram with such pearls of wisdom as this:

And before you ask.. this is from June 2nd, where Democrat Candidate Snodgrass is broadcasting to her instagram followers that we need to defund the police, replace them with social workers, and decriminalize drugs.

I’m sure that’s a lot of comfort for a battered spouse, or a family living next door to a drug dealer.

And that’s just one of your South Dakota Democrats.

8 thoughts on “Brookings Democrat House Candidate advocating for defunding police and decriminalizing drugs”

  1. Your slander is noted. And when you’ve got trouble, a cop will answer the call.

  2. Wow, what a twit. I wish her no luck in her political aspirations. Does she think having pics of ballet makes her look sophisticated? It just makes her look like she is not serious.

  3. A De-funded 911 Operator: What is you’re emergency?

    Victim: Do I have the right number? You sound like the Microsoft computer scammer that called me from India last week.

    De-funded 911 Operator: Yes! We were shut down by you’re congress and president but we have a new contract handling all 911 calls out of you’re city now. What is you’re emergency?

    Victim: Two men broke into my apartment and are stealing my belongings, have guns and one said I deserved to die.

    De-funded 911 Operator: Take two deep breaths and remain calm. Please hand the phone over to the man who threatened you and I will talk to him.

    Sound of a man cursing, throwing the phone against the floor while laughing and a loud bang being a gun shot. Later the sounds of the two men ransacking, laughing while searching for valuables and then silence.

    De-Funded 911 Operator: Hello? Hello? click and hang up.

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